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Issue 2

  1. The issue begins with a teenage girl getting ready for school. Subtle enough.
  2. Won't be a monologue. The first issue had that. She is just living out her normal life (or at least, shows a normal life in the year 3200).

(it's building up a tension - it's a perfectly normal life, though everybody knows something is going to go wrong)

  1. Etc Etc she gets into her car. On the way to school, an rock updrift (eolith) bursts out of the car in front of them, the car screeches to a halt.
  2. Followed by many updrifts bursting out of the ground, massive ones. slicing some buildings in half.
  3. They then begin to rise, out of the ground, floating in the air.
  4. An urcron drop pod flies in from orbit, and suspends itself in the air, amongst the floating rocks
  5. they all drop down, causing further destruction. The pod folds out, transforming into a giant Urcron Zenerath kal. Though it is still partially folded up (not needing to reach full potential because, it's unnessesary), floating through the air like a giant sarcouphagus, it begins to advance. (Mental note: it plans to level a section of the city, and will then build a teleporting gate to which more urcron can enter through)


  1. It cuts back to the girl, who is terrified, along with her parent within the car.


  1. Luckily, there is a resident NACDF base, several squads of chimeras are sent in via a hover-cruiser. it flies through the air, and they are dropped down. followed by them deploying thrusters, and landing.


  1. Shows alex, nathan and val watching a monitor screen of the event. Closes in on alex, holding a file named only "Aquila Lucius"


  1. Crates are dropped, landing next to the Chimeras, which stamp their feet on pads located onto the sides of the crates. Large rifles are folded out and are popped out with a hiss of gas. The chimeras grab the weapons, load them, and begin firing, within a very fast amount of time
  2. The bullets are absolutley useless against the Urcron. The chimeras even fire tank missiles with no effect, with them simply being bounced away and exploding away from it. (Magnetism?)
  3. The Zenerath Kal knocks back several of the NACDF, as well as a wall of buildings with a gravatic blast. (it zooms in on head, which folds out, screeches - it's eyes flash, followed by the blast)
  4. A Hydrus Cyclops then has it's turn, it steadies itself and fired it's missiles. BUT THEY DO NOTHING!!!!
  5. It's eye's flash again, and the cyclops is launched in the air, and explodes (possibly a missile still mounted in it, i dunno)
  6. the car with the girl is flown back, rolling several times in the air
  7. The girl is flown out of the back windscreen, and is knocked dazed, with cuts on her face, clothes tattered
  8. GIRL SAYS: "Is.. this really how my life is going to end? Now? no.... this can't be it.. Please no"
  • small amounts of tears form around her eyes*


  1. Breanna Carter catches her, mid-air. Ghost_K has arrived! (have they predicted the invasion?)
  2. BREANNA SAYS: "You're going to be okay." in her cool and calm voice. No emotion on her face.
  3. Breanna and the girl land on the ground, ice scatters everywhere (used to cushion the landing). Breanna places the girl on the ground, and she supports herself on the ground with her arms, keeping her upper body raised.
  4. The only things the girl can say is "Is.. mummy okay?"
  5. Breanna just looks at her for a second. Opens her mouth to say something, but then stops herself, hesitates, and runs off, to fight the alien.


  1. The alien. still floating through the air. It's eyes flash again, and a considerable distance away a largy pillar-like explosion whoofs up in the air. Buildings all around crumble outwards
  2. Shows Breanna on top of a building
  • lifts out her hands, tenses them. Shows her eyes, in which are half clenched in concentration
  1. Huge ice shards materialize around the Urcron, from thin air, and orbit around it, all pointing towards it. They grow again, and then simulateneously peirce it.
  2. The ice can barley do any damage to it, but still manage to peirce it. (the alien's powers of magentism and gravity are useless against deflecting them)
  3. The alien screeches relentlessley
  4. The ice shards only get larger, expanding outwards as they draw moisture from the air.
  5. Breanna is tensing slightly in the face.
  6. She slightly exales "Mmmgh". Not even showing an ounce of fatigue.
  7. An explosion whoofs outwards from the alien, the ice shatters. The alien ceases hovering and crashes to the ground. Breanna is thrown back as her elemental control loses balance.
  8. BREANNA SAYS: "Gaahh!!" (gasps from the tension)
  9. The alien is pissed, the entire area around it (with a WHOOF) is cleared with a displacement of gravity, and it begins to fold out into bipedal from.
  • It's thorax part rises forward, exposing it's central spine joint. The arms extend horozontally and dangle downwards.
  • It's legs then push it's body upwards, as it's entire upper body droops forward from the weight of the arms as the legs continue to extend.
  • It's eyes flash red, and the head and entire upper body arches back, snapping into place, arms still drooping down
  • While standing bending it's entire body backwards, it's wings materialize, and it screeches
  • It then floats in the air, it's giant wings of light carrying it aloft
  • It shows it's head, it's mouth is wide open, the inside glowing, as well as it's eyes" (disturbing!)
  1. it roars, as if it's gasping for air


  1. The girl, walking through the streets. holding her arm in pain and limping
  2. GIRL SAYS: "Where are you daddy!!? (softer) where are you.. mm..m..(stutters)"
  • begins to cry, slightly
  1. A Chimera light hovership flies overhead, halting as they see the girl. It decends, and a Hydrus Medusus drops out and lands a few meters from the girl. The Medusus runs over to the girl and urges her to board the ship
  2. "You must evacuate immediately!
  3. "But i'm in so much pain! Where is my parents... why..."
  • Kneels on the ground.
  1. The Medusus grabs her arm, lifts her up and runs her into the side-door of the ship.
  2. The ship then levitates.
  3. A half-shot is shown of the girl curling up in the corner of the ship, crying.
  4. Ship ascends and flies off. (Alien is shown in background)


  1. Alien, again. Shows head side-on, where it lurches it forward, it grunts.
  2. Immediately followed by a sonic blast that echoes in front of it. Heaps of buildings just disintegrate into pieces and fly back
  3. Followed by a huge pillar-like explosion even further forward, levelling a large portion of the already devastated city.


  1. Breanna, she's making a call to ghost_k with her communicator (alien shown in background)
  2. "I need support, there's this... they're here earlier than we thought... hurry!!"
  3. "Understood" is the reply


  • BREANNA and URCRON fight is depicted on a monitor in background.
  1. NATHAN SAYS: A Zenerath Kal. just as we predicted.. Huh.
  2. ALEX SAYS: yes..with only a 2 year margain of error. The Urcron have finally come. We haven't much time
  3. NATHAN: then what in the name of the great spirit are we waiting for?! (pushes his chair aside, gets up and begins to walk out)
  4. ALEX: Breanna is there. Don't you realise the value of this situation - Nathan
  5. NATHAN: Pfft yeah, couple of hundred casualties Alex. I literally don't give a shit about the Aquila Lucis Project!!
  6. ALEX: Callateral damage. That's all it will ever be - history will only ever remember the victors. If we examine the relationship between the two it will mean less damage in the long run.
  7. NATHAN: ...we don't even have enough evidence to back up all this! (angry) but fine.. We will wait. But only for a little longer dammit!
  8. VALDEMAR: Despite all this she's still one of us, right?
  9. NATHAN: (Laugh of disappointment) haha, we have so little evidence it's hard to even state something like that.
  10. VALDEMAR: She's still human mentally! Even though she's.. (cut off)
  11. ALEX: Valdemar. I have reconsidered your position in this operation - you are of no more use to us in this state. I suggest you leave, and return back to your duty as a Guardian.
  13. ALEX: You are to treat the knowledge discussed today as being non-existent. You have been warned.
  14. VALDEMAR gets up, and walks out. He doesn't bother to hesitate.
  15. VAL SAYS TO HIMSELF: Those sods don't realise that I am not going to let them use Breanna like she's an object. I am too good of a person to let them do that, and it is a Guardian's duty to protect the weak, not exploit them. No matter what it leads to.


  1. MAC and JACK having a conversation in a canteen. Mac is on a laptop, whilst Jack is simply stooping, with a can of energy drink in his hand
  2. MAC SAYS: When's your next shift?
  3. JACK SAYS: (not looking up) No idea, when another issue needs addressing I guess. My sector has been relatively quiet lately. To be honest I'm bloody exhausted...
  4. MAC SAYS: Haha, so i'm guessing you're not fit for the job huh?
  5. JACK SAYS: Shut up Mac, you twat
  6. MAC: Bahaha. just kidding!
  • silence....
  • MAC'S LAPTOP *clak clak clak* typing
  1. JACK: Hey.. what do you think of the new girl?
  2. MAC: (Little startled - stops typing) Oh.. um, Lilly? Oh well.. um
  3. JACK: Oh come on Mac, it's just me... it's not like personal stuff is illegal here.
  4. MAC: Mhm..
  5. JACK: You seem to like her quite a bit.
  6. MAC: Well... she's. Cute
  1. MAC: Ahah!!
  2. NATHAN has a snigger on his face. Keeps walking, seen at a coffee machine in background
  3. JACK bursts out laughing
  4. NATHAN RETURNS - pulls up a chair and slumps down.
  5. NATHAN (smirking): so, Lilly huh?
  6. MAC: Hey shut up!!
  7. NATHAN: haha, dont worry. I totally heard nothing, okay?
  9. JACK: Hey nat, you been working?
  10. NATHAN: Oh.. (hesitates).


  1. The Alien, screeching
  2. BREANNA, on the ground, struggling, her arm has a cut and is bleeding onto the ground
  3. ZOOMS IN ON HER FACE: Struggling, mouth clenched
  4. BREANNA SAYS: Where... ghhnn... are they?


  1. NATHAN: no... i've just been compiling a few reports in my office. Nothing major.

(avoiding eye contact until he finishes sentence)

  1. NATHAN THINKS TO HIMSELF: This is simply ridiculous. I doubt that Alex even has head screwed on properly - Breanna is going to die. I'll have to rescue her myself. And put her into medical care!
  2. NATHAN GETS UP - SAYING: See ya guys...
  3. JACK SAYS: Leaving already??
  5. JACK SAYS: Nothing major my ass, looks like Nathan is a busy man.
  6. MAC SAYS: That's not it, s..something's up, he seems flustered almost.
  8. JACK: He didn't even finish his coffee (shows cup on table). Not like him at all.


  1. Armoury, nathan is strapping on his belt, grabs his sword, throws it around his shoulder, grabs an Rail Rifle
  • Loads them
  • A bump is heard - Nathan stops (looks sideways)
  1. Valdemar appears.
  2. VALDEMAR SAYS: Don't bother. I'll do it. It'll only look sus if you're seen going.
  3. NATHAN: Im busy enough without this mess, yeah. Still though, You are risking a lot here, val.
  4. VALDEMAR: (chilled and calm) Hey, the urcron fellows use magnetism - as do I. I know exactly what to do (Smirks/smiles a little)
  5. NATHAN crosses his arms, glances at him questionably
  6. NATHAN SAYS: fine, do your thing, you have very little time. There's a high-speed escape pod ready for launch in section E, it should take you there in sixty minutes.
  7. VALDEMAR: Aye. She's in safe hands
  8. NATHAN: I damn hope so


  1. BREANNA - She's gotten back up. She's not going to give up, succeeding is the only thing she's known.

(Shows alex, in darkness, watching Breanna - eyes calm)

  1. BREANNA SAYS: I'm... i 'm not... will... not..
  • Struggles back up, gets into ready stance (taekwondo ready stance)
  • Moved her hands foreward,
  1. BEREANNA: DIE!!!!!!!
  • Her arms shudder and hair gets blown outwards
  • Huge ice shards fly around in almost a cyclone, three huge ones form amongst the chaos, and in turn fly toward the urcron - one hits it's arm, followed by another
  • The urcron's arm is torn off, it crashes to the ground, the exposed points spill out with liquid, which quickly crystallizes into giant stalagmite shapes (on the discarded arm and around the shoulder of the urcron



  • Third ice shard flies in to impale the Urcron, but it misses, as the urcron rises up, screeching
  • ( Wings expand outwards, a disc-shaped halo forms behind them, and it flies up)
  1. URCRON SCREAMS (Wide shot)
  • Crosses it's arm over chest, and it regrows missing arm.

(Shows alex, in darkness, watching Breanna - eyes clench)


BREANNA: WORRIED FACE, but immediately clenched back to determination.

  • A small tear trickles down her face


URCRON: The halo behind it's back expands as it's arms are crossed

  • Entire area whoofs outwards, and is flattened


  1. URCRON floats right, falling, as VALDEMAR is seen, floating on metal that he's levitating

(Alex: "WHAT!?" - eyes wide)

  1. URCRON gets thrown against the ground, screaming
  3. BREANNA SAYS: Right!!
  • A Massive ice shard forms in front of Urcron, spears itself through chest
  • URCRON screams, as it is broken, the central organic chamber is shattered and the Urcon organism is exposed to oxygen
  • URCRON SCREAMS, crystal particles expand violently out from it's wounded chest, and it shuts down

(Alex stands up, slams both his hands down on the table, eyes very stern and disappointed in Valdemar)

  • It's wings are gone, and a red disc is seen floating in the air, glowing and releasing embers with displaced elemental energy as it slowly fades - it's the sign that an urcron has died.
  1. BREANNA COLLAPSES ON THE GROUND (Not to mention the fact that the building she was standing on is now ruins)
  • She is bleeding heavily
  1. BREANNA SAYS: gahh... gnnn.. (gasps in extreme pain)
  2. BREANNA SAYS: MY HEAD, it, hurts... so much..
  3. VALDEMAR strides over to BREANNA, presses a button on his wrist communicator
  • A high speed pod flies over to them, and lands beside them
  1. VALDEMAR SAYS: 'sall is good.


Breanna is shown in a PCU (hisses as it closes)


Breanna, side, lying down. Val's arm is only seen pushing the unit through a hallway




  1. BREANNA WAKES UP - in a hospital bed. Both arms and portions of her face covered in bandages
  • Shows her face for a panel - she's realising that she's safe.
  1. BREANNA SAYS: ...I'm alive.
  • Shows what she sees outside a window
  1. BREANNA SAYS: Why didn't they come and help me..
  2. They treat me like this all the time..
  3. It's.. It's because.
  • Tears forms in her eyes
  1. SAYS:I'm different.. I'm not like them... no. how can.. I be so. stupid.
  • curls up in a foetal position in her bed.
  1. SAYS: Everyone hates me. Everyone. hates me..
  2. Looks at her bandaged hand, lifting it in front of her face
  3. You're pointless Breanna. You're nothing.. Why don't you just die
  • (she snaps)
  • Cries*
  • Peers into window
  • very concerned look on her face - she can see Breanna is upset.
  • Opens door
  1. LILLY SAYS: Breanna?? Are..
  • quickly dries up her tears, turns away.
  1. BREANNA SAYS: what.. do you want.
  2. LILLY SAYS: You okay? (has both hands up to mouth, index finger on lips, in worry)
  • Breanna sniffs
  • Lilly sits down on bed, looks away.
  1. LILLY SAYS: Well... just know that i'm here. I'm happy to listen. I don't like it when people are upset..
  • Silence
  1. LILLY: Hmm... well I guess I should go now. sorry..
  2. BREANNA: No. Don't go. I...
  3. (looks at her, fresh tears are drenched over her face)
  4. LILLY: Oh no..
  5. BREANNA: I'm sorry. can you please just... stay a little longer? Please (looks down)
  6. LILLY: of course.

(smiles a little)

  1. LILLY: I have all day.. seriously basically no shifts are given to the new girl, it's like they hate me or something! haha
  • Breanna laughs a little
  • Lilly smiles
  • LILLY: I've.. Never heard you laugh before...

You should never stop. You know


Issues After

The Tragedy

  • A very close bond is formed between Breanna and Lilly. Even after she is discovered that she is an Urcron (and causes her to regress severely), she eventually becomes happy. She learns to smile. It seems like the beginning of what might be a happy ending
  • Alex drives the events he plans still. Nathan and Val try to stop him, but he is always one step ahead of them.
  • He pushes Breanna to her very Limit (as she thinks she's simply a spy sent by the urcron that isn't doing their job and rebelling, as if she is a weakness to them), eventually, alex mentions he wants to run a few tests (he knows that ghost_K knows who she is now), Breanna is happy to co-operate. She's hoping that one day urcron and humans will live in peace.
  • Alex puts her in a cyndrilical chamber, where she lies in eerie blue light. She thinks to herself how happy she is, she even cries a tear of joy at how her suffering is gone.
  • The chamber flashes with weird shapes, ( a very symbolic scene where she grows urcron wings - then morphs into her soul being infused into a giant metal needle-like device) Its hard to explain.
  • She dies.
  • Alex retrieves her soul and puts it in a metaphysical key, he leaves Breanna's dead body within the chamber, as her dead body will be useless for when the Aquila Lucis project takes place
  • Alex hurries through the corridors of Ghost_K, nathan corners him. He sees the key in his hand. He is too late.
  • "Bad move, asshole" He attempts to punch him out, Alex blocks it (Outer fore arm block, followed by as reverse turning kick as he attempts to knock out Nathan in the side of his head) - Results in a fistfight between them which then turns into an elemental fight

Eagle of Light

"Hey, where's breanna??"

  • There will have to be a part where nathan tells everyone else what Alex plans to do, and that he failed to save breanna. He turns away and detaches himself away from them all, saying that he's sorry.
  • Mac goes after him, put his hand on his shoulder, smiles.
  • MAC SAYS "You did your best.. that's all you could do" - Lilly of course is extremely upset. and angry!!!
  • However, she manages to thank Nathan too.
  • There will be a part where the Aquila Lucius project comes so close to completion that it's scary. It will the end finale to an extent.
  • Lilly's belief in Breanna, ever aided by Mac's unconditional love for her. He spirit is strong enough to break the rites that alex is playing out
  • There is a lot of supernatural Imagrey and energy that will be involved in this scene.
  • Mac has failed to tell Lilly that he loves her at this point. But this is going to come in handy .... :P
  • Lilly goes missing. I guess alex is almost sadistically chosing her soul to link all of humanity together, with the souls of the urcron, via the key he has which contains breanna's soul.

Random bits and pieces

Yes, i'm making a short comic book. It is supposed to be in time for christmas, being that i'm making it for a friend of mine.

First issue

It starts of with following the events of Lilly Ashton first joining Ghost_k.

  • Learns about how it works, also the readers get an introduction to the characters at the same time she does. (This is taking place before the Urcron Invasion)

alien's methods of fighting Ghost_k (Possibly in another issue, idk)

Realizing that the Ghost_k were a considerable foe, the Urcron soon launch metal attacks to the guardians. During one such conflict Jack Miles is injured heavily by an Urcron, and is knocked unconscious. His body is transported back to the Ghost k HQ. with his consciousness returning later on, his mind enters a REM pattern. Has a nightmare, creepy stuff happens:

  1. He is revisited by the haunting memories of his family being being killed. One of the hooded murderers then lift up their hood, and it's an Urcron head staring at him

and then is knocked in a paralysis while the nightmare attacks him

Chronological events of the manga...

Why are the aliens invading?

Why? Becaue they're badass cliche good-for nothing robots with nothing better to do than generically invade the humans. Well, that's what it used to be. Who'd read a comic about that? They need ESSENCE!!

Da reel purpose

  1. Originally thought maybe they were another intelligent life form on earth that evolved underground. They rose, and the humans presented them with technology


The Ghost_K storyline takes place in the year 3200, in a cyberpunk parallel universe of Black Forge, unlike the dark horror of the future that is Black Forge, humanity does not crush itself in the fires of its own violence, for this universe has had constant peace as the result of the Order of the Guardians, a group of six divine warriors that are blessed with control of the elements. Although humanity always quarrels amongst itself, because of this team, all wars have only spanned across weeks and months as appose to a multitude of years. The holders of the positions in the team, being human, pass away as their lives draw to an end, but they are constantly replaced over the millennia, with new warriors arising, sent by the Great Spirit himself, and the team has never faltered in its strength.

New interpritation of the storyline

The Urcron are in fact a

Old stuff. *yawn not unique*

The current Order of Guardiuns (Now with the modern name of Ghost_K), has been doomed with the momentous task of saving earth from the Apocalypse, for the earth falls under the soulless grasp of the Urcron, an utterly mysterious and merciless alien race. Earth has fallen into utter disarray, with the Urcron proclaiming themselves overseers of the earth's population. To them, earth is but another insignificant step in their dimensional conquest, and banners of Urcron propaganda and insignia are held aloft. The earth stands on the fine line between falling to the Urcron crusade, or rising up through the ashes into salvation.

More random stuff that goes through my head

  • Black forge would be a "PostCyberpunk". Its the result of that kind of Lifestyle bringing the end of humanity
    • So Ghost_K would be a "PreCyberpunk" though really it classes as science fiction despite the fact that a large portion of the earth is urbanized.
  • It barley makes it into the idea of "Cyberpunk", because it is not dark and evil focussing on crime, fear and murder with cybernetic implants, nanotechnology and complete computerization of information being a daily aspect of life. Like Ghost in the Shell ... or Deus Ex
  • Blah blah blah Mr. Freeman