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Enlightened Neo-Luminous Army
Flag of the Enlightened Neo-Luminous Army

Known Alternate Names

Church of Enlightenment Militia (formerly), Enlightened Neo-Luminous Army of the United States of America (formerly), Enlightened Neo-Luminous Army of America (formerly), ENLA

Date of Foundation



Religious paramilitary/terrorist force


Edward Lester


Flag of the United States2121 USA (American Branch)
Newmedinaflagnu New Medero (African Branch)
Flag of Israel.svg Greater Israel (Eurasian branch)

Known Activities

Domestic terrorism, "liberating" international territories


Psychological warfare, Guerilla warfare


Around 2500 in Sector I; a further 20,000 internationally

Political Ideology

Neo-Luminous Fundamentalist Christianity, Neoconservatism, Zionism, American Exceptionalism, White Supremacy, American Nationalism


God made the right stronger than might

The Enlightened Neo-Luminous Army (often simply abbreviated to ENLA) is a paramilitary force most active in the Middle East, North and Central Africa. Funded by the wealthy American businesses (most notably the Church of Enlightenment), ENLA is based around upholding and spreading a Far-right Neo-Luminous Christian ideology (popularised by the Church of Enlightenment).

Internationally recognised as a state funded terrorist force, ENLA have been responsible for numerous acts of arson, murder, lynching, beatings and destruction of property mainly internationally although some actions have occurred within their home sector. They have also been part of larger conflicts, moving into warzones to "liberate" its inhabitants by spreading both God's word and the tenants of freedom and democracy they believe America is based around. Most notably ENLA control the nation New Medero, located in the remnants of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa.

ENLA have been criticised due to accusations of racism, homophobia, discrimination towards elementals, nativism, atheophobia, Zionism, promoting antiscientific views, Islamaphobia, anti-Catholicism, anti-communism/socialism, xenophobia, American nationalism, anti-secularisation, child molestation, neoconservatism, American Imperialism, American Exceptionalism and spreading religious intolerance. They have been officially denounced as terrorists by various groups. ENLA has also been bolstered in recent years by Israeli Zionists, Afrikaner nationalists, both Australian and European (predominantly British and Irish) neoconservatives, and African Evangelicals thanks to a change in the organisations recruiting standards.



Originally ENLA were known as the Church of Enlightenment Militia, comprised solely of volunteers recruited exclusively from the ranks of the most loyal men in the Church of Enlightenment. This militia which were deployed in Colombia during the Great American War.

It was only after the militia were withdrawn from the war did ENLA properly form. In light of negative press the Church of Enlightenment received due to casualties taken in Colombia minister Frank Eisner dissolved the militia, which garnered him light praise. Officially a member of the militia, Edward Lester, left the church to form a paramilitary group made up of ex-militia members which had similar functions to the militia ("to uphold the principles of God's word and the American way by any means possible"), naming his new force the "Enlightened Neo-Luminous Army of the United States".

However ENLA was instead formed by Lester and Frank Eisner in secret. Eisner although being offered the position of the leader of ENLA, declined, stating he did not want ENLA's activities to damage either his or the Church of Enlighenments reputation. Eisner instead has financed the organisation in secret, while publicly denouncing the group and condemning its activities.

In 2113 they again changed their name briefly to the "Enlightened Neo-Luminous Army of America", before two months later finally deciding on the name "Enlightened Neo-Luminous Army".

Conquest of New Medero

In 2120 ENLA forces took territory in Central Africa, and established the "Lords dominion of New Medero". Completely governed by ENLA forces (who experienced membership boom due to mass recruition of resident African Christians) New Medero is considered to be one of the most repressive nations on the planet, with its theocratic rule insinuating widespread forced worship of ENLA's ideology.

However some of the more racist members of ENLA disagreed with the notion of inducting the local populace into its ranks and broke off from the New Medero colony, instead establishing their own territory further south in the portion of land known as the "Freeland" (named after the well known nickname of the United States, "the land of the free"). Freeland is as much if not more repressive than New Medero, but its rulers struggle to keep a hold of their small state.


At their peak numbers ENLA will be divided into field regiments, each numbering 5000 men and are further divided into battalions of 1000 men. Each battalion is spilt into companies of 200 men, which in turn are spilt into units of 100 men. Each unit is made up of squads of 10 men, who comprise of two 5 men fireteams. This structure is primarily based on the United American Strike Force (and unintentionally on most other armies on the planet).


ENLA overall are divided into three branches across the planet - the American branch (based in the USA, possibly in the state of Utah), the African branch (based in New Medero) and the Eurasian branch (based in Greater Israel). The largest branch is located in Africa with an estimated 15000+ members. The American branch numbers around 2500 members, with the Eurasian branch having slightly higher numbers. Each branch uses a hierarchical structure based on military forces.


The overall unofficial leader of ENLA. The Reverend-Director is responsible with ordering the other directors within ENLA. The incumbent Reverend-Director is Edward Lester. The Reverend-Directors insignia is a Neo-Luminous cross with six stars surrounding it.


There are 6 directors within ENLA who lead the organisation. All the directors are required to be ordained priests. Each director has different administrative duties, and rarely if ever take to the field. A directors rank is indicated by a Neo-Luminous cross with two stars next to it.

  • Director of Faith - Responsible for ensuring ENLA uphold the principles of God and the American constitution as well as holding the role of Reverend-Director. Position currently held by Edward Lester.
  • Director of Finance - Responsible for gaining funding and the distribution of money within ENLA. Position currently held by Bruce Masterson.
  • Director of Intelligence - Responsible for gathering and analysing information deemed either useful or threatening towards ENLA. Position currently held by Vietnamese-American Steven Xuân, the only director who is not of Anglo descent.
  • Director of Operations - Responsible for commissioning field work to be carried out within ENLA ranks. Position currently held by Raymond Bryce.
  • Director of Publicity - Responsible for creating, maintaining and updating ENLA's public image. Position currently held by Donald Ramsey.
  • Director of Training - Responsible for over seeing training programs within ENLA. Position currently held by Samuel Franklin.


Commands a regiment (1000-5000 men). Generally aren't allowed on the field. Identified with two gold stars.


Commands a battalion (300-1000 men). Identified with one gold star.


Commands a company (100-200 men). Normally the senior member allowed on the field. Identified with two red stripes.


Commands a unit (50-100 men). Identified with one red stripe.

Sergeant major

Advisor to senior member on the field. Can command up to 50 men. Identified by two blue stripes.


Commands a squad (10-15 men). Identified by a blue stripe.


Commands a fireteam (5 men). Identified by two white stripes.


Lowest rank. Identified by a single white stripe.

Ideology and beliefs

ENLA adhere to extreme, fundamentalist Neo-Luminous Christian practices, stating Light elementals as Gods prophets, and all who do not follow the Bibles word are infidels and heretics who should be punished with death. As well as this ENLA also support American Nationalism and White Supremacy.

ENLA believe that the humanity will soon witness the apocalypse predicted in Revelations (although a concrete date has not be preached by ENLA), and state their aims are to make humanity "pure" before the apocalypse takes place, saying that light elementals shall lead the way to humanities enlightenment. ENLA also state that America is the "true" promised land for humanity, believing North America is the last bastion of freedom and democracy, as well the only government to uphold the teachings of Christ.

Another core tenant of ENLA rhetoric is neoconservative and imperialist outlooks that asserts that all people should actively spread democracy by purposely "liberating" other nations. ENLA see that America is the model democratic nation with only Australia, Greater Israel and the United Kingdom comparable in terms of development. ENLA propaganda states that all other nations are either communist, an Islamic dictatorship, or (most commonly) both. ENLA have called for the American government to "invade all other countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity" and have criticised the American media as been "left wing commie propaganda" and being influenced by "liberal bias".


Regions in the HCD highlighted in dark blue, with Greater Israel outlined in light blue.

The overall aim of ENLA is too create an alliance of Christian states which they would call the "Holy Christian Dominion". The HCD would encompass the Americas, Oceania, Europe, Northern Asia, most of Africa, parts of South East Asia and China. Even regions that are mainly of another faith (eg. North Africa) are included, as they are deemed to be historically Christian territory and thus would be converted to such. With the exception of Lebanon however Greater Israel would become a protectorate, in accordance to ENLA's Zionist policy.

ENLA have also become a haven for white supremacists generally among the working classes. ENLA have often accused so-called "black communists" or "Arab Muslims" (examples commonly given include Nelson Mandela, Malcolm X, Saddam Hussien or Ruhollah Khomeini) as being the reason why America is "being influenced by pinko-liberal commies". Despite this the organisation also remain committed Zionists aggressively asserting Israel's "existence" and that its occupation of Arab states is "precaution to another Holocaust". This has upset numerous members within the group who see the Jewish people as blood sucking bolshevik capitalists that control the worlds banks. Critics describe ENLA's views on Jews to be "murky" with some aggressive anti-Arab Israelis serving in ENLA forces in occupied Arab nations whilst in some African divisions anti-Semetic actions are common.


As a small force ENLA are ill-equipped to fight large armies, and instead use terror tactics to de-moralise their opponents, as well as utilising guerilla warfare.


ENLA was first comprised of volunteers who received basic military training by ex-servicemen. This pattern of training has continued within the organisation, which has resulted in ENLA being unprepared for many situations. When faced with a task they are untrained for ENLA are taught to pray for guidance from God.


Originally a rather rag tag force, the increased funding ENLA have received over the years have resulted in them equipping their troops reasonably well. ENLA officially have been reported to seize stockpiles of weapons by force, but in reality are more gifted to them. All members of ENLA are armed with assault rifles, grenades, and handguns, with some more specialist members dealing with explosives (such as bombs and missile launchers). ENLA usually travel in what are designed to be nondescript armoured trucks, lacking an airforce or navy. International ENLA forces (especially those in Africa) buy imported weapons from Greater Israel.


Members of ENLA wear light grey military fatigues, made of nylon and cotton. On the left shoulder the insignia of ENLA is sewn on, and on the right their rank badge. Pouches for grenades, magazines and a combat knife reside on the belt at the waist. Black leather gloves are worn on the hands. Knee length boots, made of cattleskin leather and capped with steel are worn, and are intended to have good grip.

A pointed capirote is worn on the head, and draped in a grey cloth that reaches to the shoulders, obscuring the face, with two eye holes cut out. This not only hides the wearers face, but also gives them a distinctive appearance. The idea of wearing a capirote came from traditional dress of Nazareno priests in Spain, who wore them in traditional penance marches during Holy Week. Higher ranking members wear identical uniforms that only differ by being white rather then grey. Directors normally wear a type of dress uniform, being completely white and adorned gold aiguillette and epaulettes.

Notable actions


ENLA have a reasonable presence in Sector I, especially around the Deep South of America. Often ENLA have been responsible for numerous car bombings, murders and beatings as well as engaging in violent protest.

Arabian Embassy bombing

On the 16th October, 2111, ENLA terrorists drove a truck of explosive into the Arabian embassy in Washington DC. 18 people were killed (including the perpetrators) along with many more injured. This attack sparked nationwide reactions and was primarily responsible in raising ENLA's domestic and international prominence.

The attack was masterminded by Edward Lester and Steven Xuân, although neither took part in the actual bombing. A van filled with what is thought to be semtex explosives driven by two junior members of ENLA was parked outside the Arabian embassy around 12:27PM, before detonating after a few seconds. The blast killed 18 people (9 Arabs, 7 Americans and the two terrorists). Ambassador Abdullah al-Bariqi was wounded in the attack, as was around 40 civilians. Damage was also done to the embassy itself.

By 3:30PM ENLA officially claimed credit of the attack, citing they had done it as an attempt to help rid the world of the "tainted filth of Islam". On the 17th October in a press conference in the White House president Sebastian Hobbes declared the ENLA to be terrorists and that the government would take the necessary counter terrorism protocols to deal with the organisation. President David Kelly of the Republic of Australia offered support to the American Confederation over the attacks, calling ENLA's actions "disgraceful". President Shazad al Namer condemned the attacks, declaring ENLA "heretics" that should be executed, criticising the American Confederation for not taking immediate action.



ENLA is active in Central and Northern Africa, controlling the state of New Medero and having bases in Greater Israel that lead into Egypt. ENLA have made efforts to destabilise the lower regions of Africa, motivated by a desire to overthrow the People's Union of Africa due to its communist government. The manpower amassed by the African People's Union of Lower Africa has meant that ENLA have encountered sharp resistance resorting to guerilla warfare as a way to undermine the sector.

ENLA has encountered more success in the Democratic Republic of Africa, preying easily on the crumbling state. The few anti-Islamic groups in the region have voiced limited support for ENLA, seeing them as saviours. Muslims in the sector in comparison have shown outright contempt for the group, but the governments inefficacy means they have done little to oppose them. However ENLA know they have few friends in the sector, and resort to high profile bombings and killings within its boarders. ENLA claimed responsibility for the murder of Calypso Industries board of directors, but apart from a few scattered conspiracy theorists most refute this claim, pointing out that Calypso's American branch had a trade deal with New Medero. ENLA has also attacked states in Africa allied with the Divine Free Kingdom of Arabia.

  • Conquest of New Medero

ENLA's most notable (and some would say most successful) actions occurred in 2115 when ENLA deployed troops into the Central African Republic with intentions to forcibly take the Democratic Republic of Congo. Allying with several regional warlords, ENLA eventually gained control over a fraction of the northern territories of the DRC, setting up the state of New Medero. Over time New Mederohas proven to be a profitable venture for ENLA, as a way of spreading their influence further as well as result in increased funding for them.

  • Invasion of Impfondo

In 2117 ENLA forces stationed in New Medero moved through the Central African Republic to directly oppose the Republic of Congo, intent on disrupting Sector VIII's communist rule. On the 28th September ENLA troops marched into the country, crushing any how opposed them until they reached the town of Impfondo.

After seizing control on the town ENLA began to encounter serious resistance from the local People's Lower African Red Guards, which temporarily stalled ENLA forces. Impfondo became a battlezone as the relatively well disciplined ENLA forces struggled to press an advantage over the sheer manpower the PLARG possessed.

By the 15th January, 2118, the Central Military Commission of Lower Africa deemed ENLA presence to be a significant threat to the sector and ordered that the Lower African People's Army move into the Republic of Congo to wipe out ENLA forces. Soon ENLA were gradually pushed back, after facing significant causalities. By the 8th February ENLA commanders ordered an official retreat, with ENLA forces reeling back into New Medero through the Central African Republic. It is estimated that the ENLA lost over 8,000 men in the conflict.

Middle East

ENLA have several small bases located in Greater Israel and the pro-western Imperial State of Iran, and protect the interests of several companies within the region who fund ENLA. ENLA have entered agreements with the companies that as long as they do not endanger Greater Israeli interests. ENLA forces stationed in Greater Israel also use it as a hub to perform activities into League of Arabic Nations, which ENLA consider to be the Earthly embodiment of Hell. Despite the League of Arabic Nations strict governorship its weakening economy and increasing rebellions means that ENLA have been able to perform some terrorist activities within the sector.

Central America

On the 17th May 2112, ENLA forces where seen to cross the boarder into Mexico. Five days after, ENLA officially took credit for several bombings on property belonging to the Pulse Corporation, Ladolt Incorporated, and Shyom Industries. This caused the Central American government to attempt to mobilise its military against ENLA, on charges that the group were "American Imperialist dogs".

However before the military was even mobilised against them ENLA were massacred in the droves while engaging in several bouts of concentrated violence with various local gangs and terrorist groups, with ENLA foolishly believing they had free reign in what they deemed to be an archaic sector. ENLA ordered a retreat from the sector, with their forces weakened both from continued fighting and consuming water from local sources. By the 30th May, ENLA forces had been completely liquidated from the sector, with the few survivors safe in North America.

South America

ENLA when under the name of the Church of Enlightenment Militia fought in the Great American War, successfully occupying the city of Madrid in Colombia, fighting the Peoples South American Republic. After the Madrid bombing the militia withdrew from the country back into America.

Since then ENLA have preached that the communist regime in South America is a threat to humanities freedom, and that it should be destroyed. ENLA have tried to perform several activities there designed to undermine the government, but their ranks are rumoured to have been infiltrated by the International Worker's Union.

ENLA have even less presence in the Federal Democratic Republic of South America, with no troops reported to have been deployed there. The Federal Democratic Republic of South America have similarly done next to nothing concerning ENLA's activities, other then place them on their terrorist list after the Madrid bombing.


European law enforcement and intelligence services have been able to crush any ENLA activity within the European Commonwealth save for a few attempted bombings in Turkey. European law dictates that any known ENLA members may be killed for bounty. Since ENLA's string of failures within the sector the organisation has rarely entered the sector since, keeping to its activities in Africa and the Middle East.

Far East

ENLA have been able to conduct limited terrorist attacks within the People's Republic of Asia and United Federation of India, but have often faced failure due to both states strict policing and ENLA's limited personnel within the territories. ENLA has declared that the People's Republic of China (no distinction is made between the PRC and the other territories within the Central Asia Zone), India and Pakistan should ideally be purged for harbouring atheists, Hindus and Muslims respectively. The ENLA have been able to conduct attacks on Pakistan through Iran and American controlled parts of Afghanistan (despite many being killed by various militias within both countries), although they have been frequently apprehended by members of the Event Horizon Security Cartel.


Although the ENLA promote the long standing rivalry between America and Russia, their activity within the sector is extremely rare. Primarily due to the Federal Security Service's effective autocratic rule ENLA struggle to be able to make any real progress within the sector, with members often being caught on the boarders of Armenia and Azerbaijan. An effective punishment recently enforced within ENLA's ranks is rather then outright assassinating "problem members" they are instead assigned to a routine mission in Russia, where they will be almost certainly captured and killed.


Reportedly ENLA forces have conducted numerous terrorist attacks in parts of Indonesia as well as sections of the Philippines and Malaysia within the RWA controlled Eastern Alliance. Some right wing American news outlets contest however that these attacks may be from Australian Christian neoconservtive terrorist groups rather then ENLA, although any difference according to left wing critics are superficial at best anyway.

Notable members

  • Edward Lester - The "founder" of ENLA Lester was an idealistic member of the Church of Enlightenment Militia, leaving the church to form the the ENLA. Lester is currently the Director of Faith, as well as the Reverend-Director. He currently controls the state in New Medero as Defender of the Nation and the public face of the ENLA. 
  • Bruce Masterson - Another former member of the Church of Enlightenment, Masterson is the current Director of Finances. A brilliant yet neurotic man, Masterson despite his esteemed position in reality has little power in the organisation, with his skill in economics being fully exploited.
  • Steven Xuân - The Director of Intelligence, Xuân (a rabid anti-communist of South Vietnamese descent) is considered along with Lester as one of the more influential Directors. Xuân like Lester is a Light elemental.
  • Samuel Franklin - A former member of the Church of Enlightenment Militia as well as the United American Strike Force, Franklin is the current Director of Training.
  • Donald Ramsey - Director of Publicity Ramsey is a former journalist and member of the Church of Enlightenment.
  • Raymond Bryce - Director of Operations Bryce took over the position from Alexander Brandon.
  • Christopher Powell Jr - Responsible for the Arabian embassy bombing.

Public relations

Terrorist designation

The ENLA have been designated as terrorists in the following sectors:

Sector Date Notes
FlagIX People's South American Republic 13th April, 2111  Whilst still under the name "Church of Enlightenment militia"

Reprocessed under the correct headings after the name change(s).

FlagX Federal Democratic Republic of South America 9th May, 2111 Listed under the name "Church of Enlightenment militia"

Designation response to concerns over the groups actions during the Madrid bombing.

FlagIv2 American Confederation 17th October, 2111 In light of the car bombing outside the Arabian Embassy.
Flag of Hejaz 1917.svg League of Arab Nations 17th October, 2111

In light of the car bombing outside of their embassy situated in the United States of America.

Domestically executed as heretics under Arabian Law

FlagOceaniaX Republic of Australia 17th October, 2111 President David Kelly condemned the attack on the Arabian Embassy and declared that they would offer full support to the American Government in counter-terrorist operations.
FlagIV European Commonwealth 29th November, 2111

Report filed into the EAI Counter-Terrorist Division for undisclosed reasons

Public announcement limited to known members being input into the state bounty database.

FlagIII People's Republic of Central Asia 1st December 2111 After ENLA released anti-communist propaganda, with threats to attack Chinese embassy. Said attack never occurred, culminating in ENLA being ranked low on potential threats to the sector.
India-flag United Federation of India 5th December, 2111 Listed as a minor threat to Pakistan territories under EHSC security report
FlagXI Union of Centreal American Republics 22nd May, 2112 After several claimed bombings of property owned by the Pulse Corporation, Ladolt Incorporated, and Shyom Industries.
FlagVIII People's Union of Africa 18th March, 2115 Considered a regional threat to the northern divisions of the sector since the foundation of New Medero.
FlagРоссияNew Union of Russian Republics 14th July 2116 After two ENLA members were captured at the Azerbaijan border carrying explosives
FlagVIInorthwest Democratic Republic of Africa 12th March, 2118 Listed as such after the ENLA came forwards as one of the many organisations claiming credit for the attack on Calypso Industries



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