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Elise Räutenstrauch
Goggles girl by wolfantom-d6mrf2z
Elise, deployed to Cairo during the events of Limitless Sun.
Aliases Subject Accretion
Language(s) Swiss German, English
Role(s) Information officer, Ghost_K Second Division
Aligned sector IV
Nationality Swiss
Element SigilPlasma Plasma
Keidis rating Zeta minus by Delta plus (499-497)
Gender Female
Born 6th March 2102 (Age 18)
Died c.2120
Signature EliseSig
Physical Description
Skin colour Fair
Hair colour White
Height 5' 2"
Military Service
Service Branch Ghost_K
Years of Service 2116 - 2121
Ghost_K Second Division, Corporal

Elise Thurston (Born Elise Räutenstrauch) Is a member of the Ghost_K second division in Greenland. Whilst still young, her charisma and intelligence brings a fiery addition to the team.


Early Life

At a very young age, Elise Räutenstrauch's family were terminated by Ghost_K agents and she was handed over to Tertiary Division for use in Project Phoenix. Elise was transferred to Secondary Division in the aftermath of the Commonwealth Palace Massacre and the Fall of the Guardian Tower. Records of her transfer were found on Primary Division files after Secondary Division and Tertiary Division went dark.

For the next five years she would serve under Ömer İşnan, who would come to condition her in order to guarantee her loyalty to him and Ghost_K.

K21 - Limitless Sun

Sometime afterwards, Secondary Division would learn that their Commander-in-chief: Damien Anderson, had come to perish in Sector V. In response to this, Ömer sent out both Elise and Daymon Hiruman to investigate. The former's duty was to infiltrate Primary Division's previous headquarters, the Guardian Tower, in order to uncover any information that might relate to the commander's death.


Elise is a short, but primarily in good shape girl with white hair and deep, magenta eyes. She dyes her hair ice blue and keeps it slightly longer than her shoulders, wearing hairpins to keep it out of her face. Often, she tends to wear it in a ponytail to further minimise it as a distraction.

Abilities and Attributes

Elise is a skilled practitioner in the use of plasma energy and she is relatively powerful with a Delta (499)/Delta (497) rating. Primarily, her ability is used in an active combat role and she has been trained to use it with deadly efficiency for use in assassinations. Conditioned from a young age to be a soldier by the Phonenix Project and latterly Ömer İşnan, Elise is well disciplined and is adept in the use of complimentary weapons that synergises with her elemental power.


Elise is an extreme realist with a selectively cynical sense of humour, and can very often come off as brash or uncaring in her own bluntness. In odd circumstances she can demonstrate some capacity of genuine compassion, however this depends on the quality of her day and the treatment she receives from others.

Generally she maintains a friendly and professional persona, though with continued contact this begins to wear thin.

In required circumstances, Elise will not hesitate to manipulate people, typically either by gaslighting or emotional abuse. Personal and career issues are given no distinction in this matter.

Whilst intelligent in the practices of mathematics, information technology and science, her ability to garner information - often illegally - can at times violate others' personal security.


Ömer İşnan

Elise is fiercely loyal to her guardian and protector, regarding him to be a paternal figure in her life. Ömer has expressed a fondness towards her and the relationship has been noted to be far more than just professional.

Daymon Hiruman

Elise tolerates Daymon's presence and recognises his use in advancing the Ghost_K cause. They rarely spend long periods of time together beyond staff meetings and field exercises.



Live to serve. Serve to live. Fail to serve. Fail to live

–Elise's mantra.


You truly are magnificent.

–Ömer İşnan



  • Necrus is so original when it comes to naming characters. Especially with the last name that isn't taken from Eureka Seven.
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