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Eliisabet Kaisa
Eliisabet Kaisa
Portrait of Eliisabet (c.2110)
Aliases The Baltic Bear
Language(s) English, Estonian, Spanish
Role(s) Political Activist
Aligned sector IX
Nationality Estonian
Gender Female
Relatives Unknown
Born 10th June 2085 (Age 35)
Physical Description
Skin colour Caucasian
Hair colour Blonde
Height 6'3" (191 cm)
Military Service
Service Branch European Commonwealth Standing Army
International Worker's Union
Years of Service 2110 - 2121
Rank Cadet Officer (ECSA)
Worker Group Coordinator (IWU)
Battles/wars Madrid Airfield Bombing (2112)

Eliisabet Kaisa is an Estonian born political activist currently in the employ of the International Worker's Union.


Early Life

Eliisabet Kaisa is thought to have been born in the town of Kuressaare on the 10th June 2085. It is thought by the Euro Affairs Intelligence that she was born into a middle class Catholic family who were employed in IT services, and that both were supporters of the Estonian Conservative Party.


Eliisabet was enrolled into a state school for her early education, receiving extra-curricular education in the form of tutors. The Anti-Sectorial War saw her family move to the United Kingdom being able to bypass the tough immigration laws by being listed as skilled workers. As a teenager she joined the cadet forces of the European Army. The EA sponsored her to take a nuclear physics course at the Imperial College in London, where she attained a bachelor's degree in 2106. Following this Eliisabet signed up for officer training in the EA at the European Military Academy of Prague.

Officer Training

Whilst studying in Prague Eliisabet dedicated herself to rising through the ranks of the military, focusing solely on her duties. Being removed from the wealthy Western European families that dominated the higher echelons of the academy she chose to fraternise with various other cliques (often who were divided on ethnic identities and/or political beliefs) seeking to expand her own personal influence.

International Worker's Union

K21 - Judgement In Duty

K21 - Deceit and Disloyalty

She is present at the Exceptional Circumstances Emergency Meeting held in the wake of Agent 01's disappearance.


Eliisabet has blonde hair and a rather fair complexion complimented with soft sea blue eyes.


Shrewd and possessed with a low sense of cunning, Eliisabet professes next to no loyalty to those she serves, focussed only on advancing her own gains and dismissing duties she feels will not further her ends. This coincides with her lack of empathy and single minded ruthlessness.

Eliisabet is apolitical, having no strong beliefs in any ideology. She does however see Marxism, fascism and religious fundamentalism as counter-productive, if only because of the dogmatic nature of the ideologies that force one to fully commit to the cause, preferring instead to align herself with vague concepts that can easily be changed when the situation demands.



Agent 01





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