Summaries of the effects that "Elementals" have on the the particular "Elements" that are present within the Ghost_K Universe.

Amongst the human population there are those blessed with the ability to manipulate the physical world around them. Some use it for protection, some refuse to use it entirely, whilst others instead abuse and master their abilities, with some raising their abilities to such an incomprehensible height where it may be justifiable to deem them as something akin to demigods of life and death, able to on the slightest whim kill and terrorise entire populations.

Within the traditional sense it is a blessing, an evolutionary necessity born from the desire to protect and prolong life, but to the learned eye this is but a child's understanding. This is a world sharper and steeper than one could imagine. Like a vital organ, elemental powers cannot simply be removed or taken away from the living. It is a powerful weapon immune from confiscation, capable only of incredibly finite suppression in any attempt to curtail its destructive capabilities. It is a curse that has left life itself to become whimsical and frail, something easily removed with the click of a finger.

Elemental Variants

Primary Caste Elements

The primary caste elements are the most commonly occurring elements, each with the individual capability of mutating into a guardian gene.

Element SigilFire Fire SigilEarth Earth SigilWater Water
Physical Aspects

Conjuring of flames.

Heat displacement (e.g. melting substances, such as creating magma from rock)

Manipulation of superheated substances (e.g. lava)

Limited control over weather through increase in air temperature.

Absorbing heat. Immunity to fire and superheated substances.  (Requires Training and Mastery)

Manipulation of earth, soil and sand particles.

Conjuring of localised sandstorms.

Manipulation of large earthen materials such as rocks and concrete. 

Levitation of materials that allows for their use as projectiles or (in the case of larger rocks)  platforms.

Limited seismic control over the Earth's tectonics. (Requires Mastery)

Manipulation of water (Drawing moisture from the air or water sources to create pillars of water, including absorbing clouds, etc. Note: This cannot occur in moistureless environments)

Manipulation of ocean and river currents.

Ability to cause rain, even unnaturally heavy storms with the capability to crush people.

Ability to manipulate water within organisms (Requires Mastery)

Energy demand Medium Large Small
Difficulty to learn Easy Very hard Easy
Difficulty of mastery Hard Moderate Hard
Occurrence 15% of the population 17% of the population 15% of the population

Element SigilIce Ice SigilPlant Plant SigilAir Air
Physical Aspects

Freezing substances (Causing them to reach their solidification point)

Creation of ice from moisture in the air or other water sources.

Causing weather to drop to sub zero temperature.

Infliction of frostbite.

Immunity to cold.

Freezing water within organisms (Requires mastery)

Manipulation of water within organisms.

Death of plant cells. Limited decaying effects upon animal cells.

Manipulation of the PH levels within liquids.

Creation of poisonous gas/liquids from available biomass, where such vapour can then be heavily acidified or alkalised if desired

Creation of considerably destructive viruses and bacteria from available biomass (requires mastery for the greatest extents of offensive capability)

Manipulation of air currents. (Which can cause storms, tornadoes, shocks of air capable of piercing concrete, etc)

Ability to fly

Density of air within an area can be controlled.

Creation of vaccuum (Requires mastery)

Energy demand Medium Medium Large
Difficulty to learn Very hard Easy Hard
Difficulty of mastery Moderate Very Hard Moderate
Occurrence 13% of the population 13% of the population 17% of the population

Secondary Elements

Secondary elements are mutations to the existing primary caste elements producing the ability to control different substances. Whilst these mutations prevent the development of guardian genes, elements marked as secondary have been noted as still being very capable offensive powers.

Element SigilLightning Lightning SigilPlasma Plasma SigilGravity Gravity SigilMagnetism Magnetism SigilSound Sound
Physical Aspects

Manipulation over electric currents.

Influential control over basic electronics

Projection of high voltage electricity and invocation of lightning storms.

Electricity absorption, immunity to the effects of electricity. (develops over time)

Limited control over synaptic systems of the brain. (requires mastery)

Disruption of magnetic substances

Rapid Ionisation of substances.

Projection and manipulation of plasma medium as bursts, beams or rays.

Super-conductivity, immunity to electricity, heat and radiation. (develops over time)

Ability to cloak body in superheated plasma (requires mastery)

Manipulation over weight of objects to make them lighter or heavier.

Manipulation over gravity in a limited area.

Projection of gravity shifts (use as an offensive weapon).

Levitation and limited flight. (requires mastery)

Ability to crush objects by increasing the pressure on intended targets (requires mastery)

Disruption of electrical currents.

Ability to detect and attract magnetic substances.

Projection and manipulation of magnetic substances.

Limited levitation in highly magnetic areas. (requires mastery)

Directional projection of magnetic emissions, disruption of neurons in brain (requires mastery)

Increased hearing ability.

Capability of utilising echo location.

Extreme vocal projection and manipulation of sound waves.

Advanced control over sound waves for noise cancelling. (requires practice)

Projection of ultrasonic waves as an offensive weapon (requires mastery)

Energy demand Medium Large Small High Medium
Difficulty to learn Moderate Easy Very Hard Moderate Easy
Difficulty of mastery Hard Very Hard Moderate Hard Very Hard
Occurence 2% of the population 1% of the population 2% of the population 2% of the population 2% of the population

Abstract Elements

Abstract Elements are rarely occurring abilities which lie outside the primary table. They do not have the capability to mutate into (wholly) functional guardian genes, however they still have the capability to be extremely deadly nonetheless, especially if mastered by the bearer.

Element SigilLight Light SigilShadow Shadow SigilTime Time
Physical Aspects

Conjuring and manipulation of light.

Projection of light and directional targeting of ability (blinding light).

Projection of light in an extremely concentrated form (i.e. laser).

Absorbing light to amplify powers further, immunity to effects of light based attacks (requires mastery).

Instantaneous disintegration of targets (requires mastery and amplification of powers).

Conjuring of illusions and manipulation of shadows (requires darkness).

Conjuring of incorporeal materials (blades, etc.) 

Projection of incorporeal conjurations and ability to amplify physical attacks (requires training).

Limited temporal control, slowing down time, stopping projectiles (requires mastery)

Suppression of the elemental abilities of others (requires mastery and pitch darkness)

Temporal distortion.

Ability to freeze time.

Ability to travel backwards and forwards in time (requires extreme control).

Projection of temporal bubble to rapidly age or renew targets (requires mastery).

Immortality and rapid cellular regeneration (requires mastery).

Energy demand Large Large Unknown
Difficulty to learn Very Hard Very Hard Unknown
Difficulty of mastery Very Hard Very Hard Unknown
Occurrence <1% of the population <1% of the population 0% of the population

Elemental genetics and physics

Existence of elemental powers is theoretically due to string theory. A genetic marker in the DNA of some individuals gives them control over an "element". These genetic markers have been identified, but the source remains a mystery even to evolutionary geneticists and anthropologists.

Cause of the Guardians remains a factor that is both unpredictable and cannot be explained by science even in the 33rd Century. Only the result can be observed. No link exists between forebear and inheritor, with only the theorised mutation of a specific genetic marker that seems to develop at random. Some papers also suggest that perhaps an epigenome changing within the person's DNA activates such a gene, which then further explains the effects' hereditary nature due to some epigeonomes being capable of passing on to offspring.

From current research, science merely dismisses it with a hypothesis that the Guardians are the result of the "Butterfly Effect".

Keidis Scale

Basically, left is your maximum ability, and the right is how strong you are at the moment.

Eric Lysander explaining the Keidis Scale to Jacinta Hansen

The Keidis Scale is a method of listing the extents of elemental mastery that was coined by the Lithuanian geneticist Edmund Keidis in 1914, a time where the study of elements was still a very new field of science, relying upon the theorised existence of a mysterious "Aeothreal Particle" that was heavily believed to be the cause for elemental control. With further research into string theory several decades later by hosts of other scientists, the scale has undergone many changes, however the basic principle remains the same.

The scale is expressed with two parameters: one of mental capacity and the other of hypothetical capacity.

The hypothetical capacity is defined as the maximum possible power one can control. The mental capacity is defined as how much power one can wield. Exceeding either capacity has negative effects.

Hypothetical capacities are something of educated estimates, varying rather commonly by single or a few dozen digits in either direction of the scale all the way up to hundreds of digits in exceptionally rare circumstances. It is often a common practice to treat the limit as existing at 10-20 points lower than its actual value. Exceeding this capacity is something that can only be done either in the short term with the use of elemental power magnificators or in the long term through years of constant training, with the latter becoming art form in itself when compared to the easily improved mental capacity, taking even entire decades of strict dedication and sacrifice to strengthen.

Due to the unpredictably of both ability and strength over time, the scale is treated only as an estimation of a person's ability.

Heart monitor in K21/2 - I'm Through connected to Jacinta, showing her Keidis rating on the top left.

In Imperial measures, it is typically listed in two segments: estimated full capability against current extent of strength(X/Y), where each segment of one hundred Keidis units signifies a single category. The differentiation between half and full capabilities is often shortened to simple plus or minis for simplicity.

For example: Jacinta Hansen's Keidis rating is Eta (770)/ Gamma (331), which can be listed as Eta plus by gamma minus, or at its most compact "η+/γ-".

In metric, simply the whole numbers are used; therefore Jacinta's scale would be listed as 770-331.

Scales above Eta (700) are statistically normally only obtainable by bearers of an active guardian gene.

Immediate Negative Effects

In the event of exceeding hypothetical capacity, the user's body quickly results in shutting itself down (resulting in death). Exceeding mental capacity normally causes temporary and treatable negative effects, however it does potentially have the capability to kill the user if exceeded substantially without proper training and/or preparation beforehand. These effects include but are not limited to: fever, sickness, fatigue, breathing and movement difficulty, memory loss, mental confusion, fainting, and in extreme circumstances falling into a coma, hallucinations, cardiac arrest, and immune/nervous system shutdown.

These can be treated through re-hydration, inducing a mentally sedated/relaxed effect on the patient, or in worse cases an injection of a liquefied sedative solution.

These effects can be induced artificially, where it can cause a similar effect to that of electrocution, and is typically used as a form of torture.

Incidental Effects

In addition to this, incidental effects include dehydration, starvation, weight loss and muscle degradation.

Effects also vary depending on the element used. In some circumstances, usage of plant or water manipulation can potentially affect the user's own hydration. Plant also has the capability to damage surface-level skin cells, particularly around the user's fingers, toes and gums. Usage of fire, shadow or light can cause burning and flash blindness, whilst ice usage can inflict frostbite.

Scale Categories

  • 0-100: Null (␀)
  • 101-200: Alpha (α)
  • 201-300: Beta (β)
  • 301-400: Gamma (γ)
  • 401-500: Delta (δ)
  • 501-600: Epsilon (ε)
  • 601-700: Zeta (ζ)
  • 701-800: Eta (η)
  • 801-900: Theta (θ)
  • 901-1000: Iota (ι)
  • 1001-1100: Kappa (κ)
  • 1101-1200: Lambda (λ)


The elemental abilities of any individual are often represented by EQR (Element-type Quick Response) codes. These appear on drivers licenses, membership cards, documentation, and so fourth. As expected of a materialistic world, these symbols have also managed to make their way into the merchandise market for key chains and shirt designs and such.