An Elemental Conductor is a common psychic-mechanical interfacing device which is used to aid in the manipulating elements. They take many different forms depending on use and power, as well as many variants divided by price and quality alone.

Elemental Conductors are popular with weaker elementals due to their almost zero negative effects with lower Keidis ratings. With more powerful elementals, conductors require lots of practice to prevent exceeding either mental or hypothetical capacity within the extents of the Keidis scale.


Assault Type

Defensive Type

Assistive type

Known Models

E-Accelerator pE43.4

A rather simplistic assist-type fourth generation E-Acceerator pE (Plant Element) which is currently owned by Arianna Molière. This accelerator seems to be rather powerful despite its small size and form, capable of accelerating the growth of plantlife tenfold.

The object takes the form of a waistband made of braided plastic wires with a screw attachment to keep it together. Along with this, small metal and jewel trinkets that take the form of seeds mark the screw attachment, glowing a bright green when the accelerator is activated.

E-Accelerator fE55.4

Used in conjunction with a conductor blade, this older fifth generation E-accelerator fE (Fire Element) is known to be in the hands of the guardian of fire Alison Katsura. A conventional assist-type Elemental Conductor, it magnifies controllability, increasing both the power and durability her element, a tool which has been essential for her slow-developing elemental ability. The weapon resembles a black mechanical glove with a central magenta core in the centre of the outer hand, as well as twin elemental conductor rings that envelop her wrist, spinning with the aid of anti-grav plates. Also, on her belt are two elemental pooling devices, which are an essential component to the device's functionality.

E-Accelerator wE59.9

A top of the range assist-type fifth generation E-Accelerator wE (Water element) used by the guardian of water Laurence Valentine. The weapon increases controllability to increase both the power and durability his element. The weapon takes the form of a fingerless glove wirelessly attached to a bulky, silvered circular wrist band. Splaying outwards, suspended via anti-grav plates are three large elemental conductors, which change pattern depending on the type of water attack is used. On the right of his belt is also a small elemental pooling device, which aids in the effectiveness of the weapon.

E-Accelerator lE61.6

A newly manufactured sixth generation E-accelerator lE (Lightning Element) which is owned by a member of Ghost_K identifying as Li-Pau Nao. It magnifies his control and increases his overall conductivity, allowing the amperage (as well as voltage) of his attacks to increase tenfold. The device also allows for increased precision when directing lightning at a target by creating pockets of minimal electrical resistance from the caster to the target.

The object takes the form of a slimline metallic wristband that glows a faint blue colour when activated, which appears to be nothing more than a quaint fashion accessory when deactivated.

E-Accelerator sE80.0

Concept designs for an eighth generation E-accelerator sE (Shadow Element) exist on paper and blueprints for the device have been seized by Ghost_K Agents. It is unknown if the weapon was ever constructed. The potential destructive output of the E-Annihilator appears to be extremely high. Hypothetically it would permit a constant use of Shadow Elemental abilities no matter what the conditions.

Aeoskin Suppressor Suit (Unknown make)

A defensive type Aeoskin body suit which has been specially created for maintaining her mental state within a safe balance zone to prevent elemental sickness. One known model is used extensively by the guardian of air Miki Albraun.

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