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Elder Duma
Language(s) Arabic, English
Role(s) Elder of the Sector VII Oligarchy, Politician, Calypso Industries Merges and Acquisitions Vice Manager
Aligned sector VII
Nationality unknown
Element SigilFire Fire
Keidis rating unknown
Gender Male
Religious beliefs Islam
Relatives Mathieu Dalton (Distant relative)
Born 2068
Died 2121 (Age 53)
Physical Description
Skin colour Olive
Hair colour Black

Reginald Lorence (b.2068 - d.2121), or most commonly known as Elder Duma, was an Elder in charge of the Sector VII's Oligarchy. He was most iconic for planning and executing the assassination of the popular Elder Khoury in a greatly successful attempt to take over the Sector as a dictator, and almost seamlessly covering up the crime scene as an accident. However, this still failed to stop rumours about his own hand playing a part in his death.

Immediately, he also attempts a takes over of the then rustic Calypso industries with his newly-available government forces, planning in prosecuting them as the murderers in their so-called attempt to once again regain power. However, that same day spelt his end, for he wasn't the only one interested in playing a part in the Sector VII politics.


K21 - Prayer

Duma was eventually killed by the random hand of chance by what appeared to be an old colleague of his, which with later analysis by the escaped Ghost_K led to them believing that it was their long time enemy Claude Lasi-Faité himself.