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Elaine Campbell
Elaine Campbell
Elaine in her formal wear


Maid to Natalia Christelle
Escort (Former)





Blessed Element:

SigilLight Light

Other skills:

Financial Management



Blood Type



5' 11"


Premiers in

Elaine Campbell


From the moment she was born, Elaine was poor. She was born to a factory worker and a mother who died in childbirth. When she reached the legal age of consent, she found work as a state escort in order to help her family. When she was around eighteen, she discovered that she was able to make street lights burst by standing within a few inches of them. At this point, she was freaked out by light bulbs breaking near her and started to become slightly mentally unhinged.

Despite her unusual disposition, she persevered with her career until her father met his end in an industrial accident. After his death, she inherited a reasonable sum of money that allowed her to move to the European Mainland and afford an apartment in the city of Toulouse.

There she entered into the service of the newly reestablished royal family, after the coup d'état of 2110. Using her newfound wealth, she purchased finer clothing more befitting of the royal household.


While she might have been pretty once, Elaine began a cycle of comfort eating after her father died. Even with the strict rationing of her food by her employers, she is still fairly overweight. She has auburn hair and grey eyes. Her body is still moderately desirable by the means of European tastes.

Abilities and Attributes

She is a gamma level elemental and her powers are fairly useless, all she can do is make her hands glow, cause lights glow brighter within a small radius of her body. Occasionally this can cause these lights to break. She does however have a rich alto singing voice and spends most of her off time singing. Her escorting life and her life of poverty have taught her how to be incredibly tight-pursed as well as economical.


Natalia Christelle

Elaine has served as a maid of the Royal Princess since the destruction of the Royal Palace in 2116.




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