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Altered Paths

This alternative universe can trace a direct turning point back to approximately 4.4 billion years ago. At this time the Earth was still in a primordial state of chaos, having formed as the result of cosmic dust slowly compacting around a gravity well. This led to the formation of small clumps of rock, which collided, over time, with devastating force to create the foundations of the planet. The excessive amounts of heat and radioactive particles that became infused within the core of this celestial object resulted in the creation of a superheated core, as well as the molten layers which surrounded it.

However, it has been theorised that at this time, while the planet was young and barely cohesive, a colossal celestial object (named Theia) impacted the primordial earth resulting in the formation of Luna (the Moon) as well as slightly increasing the mass of the Earth roughly 4.5 billion years ago. Yet, this would not be the only time it would be subject to such an event.

Merely a 100 million years later, a second planetoid would collide with the Earth. This one was larger and appears to have dramatically effected the nature of the young planet. This theoretical body, known as Aether, smashed into the young Earth and the resultant catastrophic union caused the crust of the Earth to become imprinted with a high concentration of foreign elements not common to the planet prior to the impact. It has been calculated that this was what led to the formation of a quadratic crust structure as well as the slightly increased mass of the Earth. Yet, this would not be the end of Aether's legacy, for the death of this rogue planetoid would result in the birth of Earth's second moon, Gaia. The dust and cosmic debris, which were dispersed beyond the atmosphere of the world, became trapped within the Earth's gravity. This caused a thin visible ring to form around the planet.

Scientists in the 4th Millenium believe that had the impact of Aether never occurred, not only would Gaia have never been formed, but that the periodic balance of the Earth not be sufficient to allow for the creation of Guardians nor even any form of proficient elemental control. Thus, this point of impact is a significant defining moment in the history of mankind, for without it life would have been far different.

Elemental Potential

Under the correct circumstances, the universe appears to have the capability to sustain life capable of manipulating the finer points of creation. Light and darkness, as well as fire and ice, are but a fraction of the capabilities sentient life may possess the power to alter with their own volition.


See History of Earth

World Map


(Main Article World Map: Main Story)


(Main Article World Map: K21 Squared)

Major Powers

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Unlike today, where the USA is considered the most powerful nation, earth is driven by many, almost equally powerful nations. The term "western society" is now simply an ancient term.


170px Rustic and complex, after millennia of holding great power. Now stands at the same level as the rest of the advanced world, despite having less than 10% of it's population continuing education past year 10.

African Coalition

170px The lower portion of the African continent, finally pushing aside it's war and poverty issues and unifying into a single nation, has miraculously risen to become a major power on the planet.



The United European Confederation, founded in the 24th century the UEC is one of the leading western powers and a leader of research. They are the USA's military partner and co-run the North Atlantic Chimera Defence Force (possibly the second most powerful non Ghost_K defence force in the world, behind the Russian Iron Legion). The original founding members of the UEC were the UK, France and Germany, but eventually grew to encompass all of Europe over many decades with the exception of Russia. This was hailed as a great achievement of diplomacy as it was a large step forward towards a unified Humanity. The UEC is lead by an European Premier who is elected in a general election by the Public for a six year term.

UEC Economy

UEC is a fairly rich faction, consisting of many different countries. UEC used to be the leading producer of Gold, Silver and Coal, and Britain, Norway and Denmark also producing a lot of Oil. This has lead to the UEC being the leading power in electronics, computing and robotics research, meaning they were a huge driving force behind the Z.E.U.S Project and therefore many of the Chimeras are European, despite there being a heavy American presence in the NACDF. The UEC has a strong economy which has remained relatively stable due to a number of reasons including much of the manufacturing power going to China and India, however economic regenerations caused by advances in technology lead by the West (and in particular the UEC) have reversed this, meaning that the East are just on reliant on imports from the West as the UEC are on imports from the East. This has resulted in the best technicians, engineers and mathematicians in the world originating in the UEC, giving the state the much needed expertise and manpower to bring in money and purchasing power to ensure that the Chinese don't corner the global market.

UEC Military

The technological expertise has resulted in the UEC armed forces being equipped with the best equipment such as Mark 11C Polarion body armour, which provides extensive head, torso and limb protection, giving soldiers excellent explosive protection and bullet resistance as the armour is designed to stop rounds from coil weapons at around and over 200 metres, though armour piercing rounds and lucky shots to joints can penetrate the armour. The armour also features a visor with a HUD, though it lacks the targeting and sheer volume of analytical capability of the Morvari Blood Skins. The armour is powered using a small, but powerful solar cell and has an supportive ribbed exoskeleton which enhances movement and has numerous pouches for carrying ammo and equipment. The suits are only available to the UEC and the USA in large numbers, though Russia and China and starting to introduce and manufacture their own variants, The modern UEC soldier is equipped with a Heckler & Koch GPL 73 Coil Assault Rifle, which has a laser scope, advanced, textured forward grip and folding stock and fires a 5.75mm steel round, capable of punching through concrete walls of a 1 foot thick and will make most forms of human body armour redundant. Variants also have an underslung SP 304 Grenade Launcher and an infra red scope, which links to the soldier's HUD for greater resolution and clarity of sight. The UEC troops are highly elite and have the strongest navy in the West and a sizeable air force due to the large scope and variation of European landscapes and territorial waters. Also much of Elite Troops with training concentrating on operating in cold areas are being mostly recruited from Svalbard, Greenland and Norway, due to evolution making them more resistant to Cold. Most of the elites more concentrated on hotter places are being recruited from Spain, Greece and Italy. Due to the capability of the NACDF the UEC is creating armour regiments involving the same technology in Chimera/Hydrus creation, including genetically controlled battle-tanks which fire large coil weapons which utilise chemical containing rounds such as acid filled shells.

Relationships with other Great Powers

  • The UEC has a strained relationship with China, due to military tensions and economic competition, however communications remain fairly cordial as China respects the technology, science and skills available in the UEC meanwhile the UEC are wary of the economic powerhouse of Chinese industry and manufacture.
  • The UEC has a mixed, but overall negative relationship with the Russians due to the events of the 20th century and the Great Disaster, however some states within the UEC are friendly with Russia due to shared economic and military interests, especially now with the brunt of the Urcron invasion of Europe striking against north-west Russia.

Federation of Russia


Russian Economy

Russia itself is a fairly rich country, with many of the leading arms developers choosing to place themselves in a country with the largest military force, therefore demanding large amounts of weapons and armour while also involuntarily protecting the dealers. Russia itself has large amounts of valuable materials, wood and natural gases.

However, due to large wartime taxes, most of the non military population lives below the poverty line. The leading cause of that was that Russia had introduced "nonviolence taxes" which taxed each civilian who voluntarily left the military when their 18 months were up to encourage people to remain fighting. The military are not much better off.

Russian Military

Russia is currently considered one of the greatest military powers, having an armed force three times the size of the next largest (The Iron Legion as well as a considerable non-ZEUS force), and is always on standby to offer rapid support to other countries. This is due to extensive use of cloning, bio-augmentations, and modifications to the genetic code of said clones. The practice is considered to be incredibly controversial, and few countries have the wealth or feel the need to try it. However, due to the cost of raising those clones, Russia has less vehicles and aircraft than the US, in addition to the remaining vehicle's weapons being of lower quality.

Relationships with Other Great Powers

Russia has some fairly good relationships with other countries due to their involvement in defending Earth.

  • China is of some note, as they are currently somewhat less than friends. While China and Russia are in an arms race, Russia claims it is because China is the only worthwhile threat to its power, and is accusing China of spreading unnecessary fear.
  • The UEC and Russia are currently on uneven ground. While Russia is closely allied with some UEC countries, notably Germany, Russia is badly-received in other locations and accused of causing pointless collateral damage to further its own economy when the country turns to Russian exports for repairs, along with their actions in the 20th century and during the Great Cataclysm.

People's republic of China

The power of the Chinese has continued to rise since the 21st Century as its technology and economy advance and now has a much higher global purchasing power then any individual Western country, however their researchers aren't as advanced as those found in the USA and UEC. The State's population continued to increase, which has resulted in the extremely harsh reinforcement of the one-child policy. People still have no political rights despite, that the Government is no longer even pseudo-communist, but more of a pseudo-military dictatorship. Through a mixture of army conscription and construction plans, there aren't any official homeless people in China, though this is helped by that any wondering person with no home and few friends and family is kidnapped and sent to laboratories where scientists perform strange experiments and use human specimens for prototype genetic implants and organs, etc.

Chinese Economy

China is a rich country, due to the high amount of plastic being produced there. China is also very technologically advanced, and has high population, actually the highest population number on Earth. Much of the Chinese money goes to Science, Food and Military. Bamboo is the second best selling material being sold by China, with Plastic being the best selling.

Chinese Military

The Chinese Military is one of the more advanced, standing 3rd in Military might. They have recently tried to develop Super Soldiers, with little success on the first one. But they managed to create a new generation of Super Soldiers, and that time more successful. Most of the Chinese Military has a certain degree in Kung Fu. Also China has some of the most advanced Artillery available, and is currently developing a new kind of Aircraft, but due to the cost of this the troops Armour is of lower quality. However China is most known for their efficiency in combat, not the quality of their armour. Chinese Artillery have been made in an EMP variant, able to deactivate Urcron battle suits, but EMP shots cost a lot of money, so they are only used when in dire need. Due to the martial culture of China and its proximity to Russia, there is an arms race between the two which has lead to the Chinese attempting to create their own Chimera Forces.

Relationships with Other Great Powers

  • Russia is of some note, as they are currently somewhat less than friends. While Russia and China are in an arms race, Russia claims it is because China is the only worthwhile threat to its power. China claims that Russia will use their Technology for destruction after the Urcron and Morvare are driven away.

Other nations



Originally known as the First-Sphere colony, but becoming The United Federation of

Note: The dark areas are urbanised

Luna after gaining independence from the UEC in 2111, the UFL is entirely situated on the first "white" moon which orbits Earth. The nation is, like Gaia, to have a really different and detached society from earth, based on a society of great equality, trust and well-being. They are possibly the most religious nation on earth, praising the Great Spirit is integrated into daily life, and the following of his teachings of "Unity, Duty and Destiny".

In their entirety of almost over 400 years of independence, the UFL has been possibly the most peaceful of all nations on earth, only having one major civil war.

Biological Info

Gaia Second-Sphere Federation


Still retaining part of the colony's initial name (Second-Sphere Colony), after

Note: The dark bluish areas are urbanised

gaining independence from Russia and the US in 2301, Gaia is located on the second transformed "blue" moon of the same name.

It is a highly advanced and urbanised district, having a very stable economy. They speak a dialect of both English and Russian, with the differences between the languages becoming more and more blurry over the centuries.

Gaia is the largest of the two moons, but ironically being the polar opposite of Luna, having the highest crime rates, In fact an entire sub-denomination of Ghost_K operates on the planet, consisting of four powerful elementals, in case the worst were to occur.

The nation isn't scared of racial complexity. It is known to have a very large portion of African descendants, who often hold some of the richest positions on the society.

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