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Humanity is in ruins. People may not see it, but society and industry are all breaking the human race down. It is necesarry for our continued survival and betterment that we dismantle both of these factors.

–Excerpt from "The study of human perfection"

Donovan Hast






33 (Born 5th June 2088)

Blessed Element


Other skills

  • Superhuman Strength, Speed and Endurance
  • Skilled in Terror Warfare
  • Fanatic
  • PhD in Philosophy


IV, Austria.

Blood Type





Maria Hast (Mother) Iovan Hast (Father)

The infamous terrorist Donovan Hast has a long record of death and destruction, dating back to a time when the psychopath killed his own father at the age of five. Donovan Hast is designated as a top 10 priority on the international danger list. However, surprisingly, he is not known to side with any other terrorist group, and his most notable crimes are the stealing of children and forcing the parents into serving him for the future survival of his young hostages.


Donovan Hast was born into a dysfunctional family in the austrian city of Krems, where he was raised by a drug-addicted mother and a drunkard father. His father would often take to assaulting Donovan and his mother when the drunken rage came over him. Donovans powers surfaced early when his father, after having lost his job and had been refused social security, attempted to rape Maria infront of him. Donovan flew into a rage and, what was described by his mother as magically crushed his father into a bloody fleshpulp from across the room.

Donovan was then moved to another family who took to moving to Sector I later. There, the socially awkward Donovan studied at Harvard university, where he studied philosophy and litterature. He showed an interrest in such philosophers such as William Godwin and Mikhail Bakunin and their stances on anarchy. He wrote an essay on the subject dubbed "The study of human perfection" where he speculated that society and industry was retarding human evolution. This work gave him his PhD in Philosophy.

Into Action

Donovan's declining mental health grew parallel to his control of his powers, now identified by himself as the ability to control gravity. When he became 22, he had already become a world class body builder only by increasing the gravity around him, molding his muscles to the higher pressure.

In 2093, Donovan performed his first terrorist act by blowing up a car manufactory. He left clear traces that showed that the explosion was not an accident.


Anyone who talks with Donovan Hast will discover that he is indeed a psychopath and a great megalomania. However, it is also apparant that this is no simple rebel with a bad childhood. Donovan Hast is a very intelligent man, and one who has all his future ambitions planned out.


Donovan often appears as a brute, his muscles massive and he posseses a hunched form. He is relatively short as the amount of gravity he places on himself pushes him down no matter how much his body tries to adapt.


This character is inspired by DC comics Bane.

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