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Derek Theudobern








English, Welsh, German


UEC (Welsh)




Last seen in Manchester

Skills and Powers:

Skilled Swordsman and Musician




None, everyone calls him Derek

Derek Benjamin Theudobern(Born 20. January 3174) is a Welsh Male. Derek suffers from ADHD and emotional problems. Also he has 2nd Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Doo


Derek was born in Cardiff, Wales. He lived there in 12 years, and had strong relations to Cardiff, and Wales. Then his family moved to London. And due to Derek loving Wales so much, he begun having emotional problems, and his ADHD begun to give him outbreaks of Anger. He was sent to the Principal's office very often, and he got low grades, due to destroying most of his books. Eventually he was bullied and beat up, but he resisted and beat up the bullies just as much as they beat him up. At an age of 16 he begun with Street Fighting, and got very good at it too. He earned a lot of money, which he saved for when he needed it. After three and a half year of Street Fighting, an incredily skilled practicer of Tae Kwon Doo found him and took him in as his apprintice. Derek learned fast, actually superhumanly fast, and he had reached 1st Gup after two years of training. He made it to Second Dan before his Master was killed. Derek was to avenge his friend and master, and he went off to find and kill the murderer. When he had killed the man he was looking for, he found the man's children hiding. Their mother was dead already, and now they had noone to go to. The oldest was about seven years old. Derek felt sorry for the children, and he felt like a beast that killed their only parent. But he sent the children to his Grandparents in Wales, where the children lived out the rest of their childhood.

Two months later he begun learining how to use a gun. Almost all kinds. He purchased a variety of guns, too. He started working for the Military, as a mercenary. His employers were bugged by the fact that he wouldn't join their ranks permanently.


  • Derek's theme song is Immediate Music - Redrum 3