This page is to be used for theories and ideas about Daymon Hiruman and his skills

Pesudo-Guardian gene Theroy

Should Daymon's gene mutate in canon into a pesudo-Guardian gene, his overall potential could in theory increase through the Mu (μ) segment of the Extended Kiedis Scale' (which is the scale used for Kiedis levels above 1200) and into the Nu (ν) segment, however his estimated full capability would be capped at 217 because otherwise, his Fire Element could then enter power levels which only a proper Guardian gene would normally be able to reach. At this cap, his maximum Current Potentials would be as follows:

  • Fire: 797 (Eta Plus (η+))
  • Earth: 257 (Beta Plus (β+))
  • Water: 452 (Delta Plus (δ+))
  • Ice: 304 (Gamma Minus (γ-))
  • Air: 591 (Epsilon Plus (ε+))
  • Lightning: 446 (Delta Minus (δ-))

However, if instead the maximun Current Potential for each element is capped at 800, things would go a bit differently:

  • The Fire Element would be capped when the Current Extent of Strength is 218 or higher, as already shown.
  • The Air Element would be capped at 267 CES
  • Water would be capped at 332CES
  • Lightning would be capped at 336CES
  • Ice would be capped at 501CES
  • The maximum estimated full capability would be the cap for the Earth Element, which is 619 CES.

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