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Daymon Hiruman
Daymon, as he appeared circa 2120.
Aliases [Data unavailable]
Language(s) English, Japanese
Role(s) [Prior data unavailable]
Element SigilFire Fire (Birth element)

SigilEarth Earth
SigilAir Air
SigilIce Ice
SigilWater Water
SigilLightning Lightning

Keidis rating [Data unavailable]
Gender Male
Relatives [Data unavailable], Father - Deceased (Earth Elemental)

[Data unavailable] Hiruman, Mother - Deceased (Air Elemental)

Born 6th September, 2100
Died  ??/??/2120 - Near-Death (currently unconfirmed)
Physical Description
Skin colour Medium
Hair colour Black
Military Service
Service Branch GHOST
Years of Service  ????-2120
Ghost_K Second Division, Recruit


Believed History before Phoenix 

When Daymon was born in Tokyo, Japan, Sector III, he was seen as a unique child due to two things which was discovered about him. First, he was born with a small abnormal addition to the back of his body, which was hardly noticeable, (and therefore not notable enough to warrant an Inspection by Sector III) and second, the genes which would decide what his blessed element would be was mutated so much that it turned out that he was blessed with not one, but six Elements

While he was still a child, he was somewhat picked on for having his abnormal addition, especially as it made it hard for him to sit down properly, but such events only proved to awaken his elemental powers, especially that of Fire, a lot earlier than normal. When they first awoken, it left a few kids with some minor burns, but he ended up hovering on the brink of death for a while afterwards due to him Oversyncing when he first awoke to them. Eventually, after some special therapy. which led to Daymon's powers being concentrated in his [abnormal addition] in an attempt to reduce the odds of him Oversyncing again, as well as adding some wing-like devices which would help him not only control his powers as they awoken, but also allowed him to fly when his Air powers were high enough. Thanks to this, he was able to recover from it and live an almost normal life, although his new wings had a small downside: if someone grabbed him on them next to his back, they would shut down and would also cause Daymon's' 'current extent of strength to drop to 0 until they were freed.

True History before Phoenix

However, unknown to him, his memories are in fact false, as they were implanted into him as a safety precaution.

Project Phoenix

Transfer to Secondary Division

K21 - Limitless Sun


Daymon is really cautious around people who he doesn't yet know, taking to heart his Commander's instructions to "trust no-one". He also has a skewed opinion of what is right and what is wrong, however he is willing to hear other people's opinions out and maybe shift his own opinion as a result. He is also blindly optimistic, always trying for the best possible outcome - although he also has a short fuse which leads to him getting really pissed off when pushed too much. Finally, he can be a bit of a klutz at times, especially when he's not focusing on a task - which can lead to accidents - although when he focuses on  task, it's often solely that task, and nothing else.

However, there are times when Daymon just wants to do something 'Bang Out Of Order', as he sometimes puts it. They may go against his original orders, but when he does something Bang Out Of Order, he does it for the good of whomever he is helping... And to mess up his foes big time. While the chance of collateral damage is high, often that in itself is part of one of Daymon's Bang Out Of Order plans. Something which 'Flash' indeed likes to see happen.


Daymon has light brown skin with a typical Japanese build and look, black hair which he tends to let grow at the back, but he keeps the short top and sides, orange eyes and a clean-shaven chin. Due to his wings, he had to get his clothing custom-modified to work around that fact, although he has a special set of pajama tops which flattens his wings so that he can sleep on his back like a normal person can. When outside of Ghost_K uniform, Daymon normally wears a white t-shirt, dark blue shorts or trousers depending on the time of year, a dark orange jumper during the colder months and a pair of sandles nearly all the time, barring if it is really wet outside in which case he switches to some smart white trainers.

Abilities and Attributes

Due to what he believed was a unique mutation of his genes before he was born, but was in fact thanks to the conductors he has due to his time as part of Project Phoenix, Daymon is best known for his ability to wield six elements at the same time. While this is useful at times, as he can in theory choose which element(s) to use in a given situation, it also has some downsides.

General Powers

With enough focus, Daymon can shift the balence of power within him to best suit the situation, but there are a few restrictions:

  1. Each Element must have enough power to keep it out of the NULL tier, meaning the lowest Daymon can have an Elemental power is at 101, with one exception.
  2. There is also a cap on each Element as to how much power it can have, and Daymon can't exceed this cap without improving his Overall Potential.
  3. Speaking of, his Overall Potential, which is derived as being his current extent of strength plus 505 units, as being needs to be either equal to or greater than the sum of each Element's Current Potential. Although normally, Daymon has his powers where his Overall Potential is maxed out.
  4. The only time where the Current Potential of all of his Elements can be in the NULL tier is if someone manages to grab his wings' weak point. as by doing so, Daymon loses his focus, and his Overall Potential, until his wings are freed, is treated to be 0.
  5. Also, Daymon is weak to attacks aimed towards him of the elements he doesn't have. Especially Shadow Elementals: due to how his Elements work, he can quickly end up having them supressed, like if his wings was grabbed at their weak point, should they try to supress them, even if they haven't fully mastered their Element.
  6. When focusing to max out an Element or a combination of two Elements, the (sum of the) maximum Current Potential for the Element(s) determines how much focus he needs in order to max it out. However, maxing out an Element's Current Potential allows him to use his special ability for said Element - and a combination of Elements allows him access to both the special abilities for each Element plus a special ability for that combination of Elements. But, if the Keidis needed to max out the Element(s) are more than a certain amount, (which is the sum of the maximum Current Potential of both Water and Ice) there is a side-effect where Daymon's powers will act as if someone had a hold on his wings' weak point for a period of time equal to how long he had the Element(s) maxed out for once he loses his focus, willingly or otherwise.
  7. Although Daymon's Overall Potential may be Theta (θ) or higher if checked on the Keidis Scale, although quite possibly in the Lambda (λ) range, this is not due to him having a Guardian gene. In theory, giving an Overall Potential of 1200, the maximum which Daymon could reach without having his genes mutate, Daymon would have the following maximum Current Potentials should his Overall Potential be maxed out:
  • Fire: 695 (Zeta Plus (ζ+)) (his true current extent of power)
  • Earth: 234 (Beta Minus (β-))
  • Water: 400 (Gamma Plus (γ+))
  • Ice: 274 (Beta Plus (β+))
  • Air: 519 (Epsilon Minus (ε-))
  • Lightning: 395 (Gamma Plus (γ+))

Fire Elemental Powers

Of the six Elements which Daymon can use, the Fire Element, which was the first Element which was awoken, is also the Element he uses the most by itself, mainly as this element has the highest possibility for Current Potential - in fact, this is the only Element which requires all the others to be at 101 power to max out fully. This is because this is his Blessed Element which he was born with.

Earth Elemental Powers

The fifth Element which Daymon awoken to, the Earth Element is in fact the Element he is weakest in, as his maximum Current Potential for this Element is the lowest of all the Elements. Even so, he is able to have it maxed out with nearly all of the other Elements, barring Fire. This Element represents his (weak) bond with his father, seeing as he didn't want anything to do with Daymon.

Water Elemental Powers

The third Element which Daymon awoken to, the Water Element has the third highest maximum Current Potential. This Element represents his family as a whole, plus his willingness to 'go with the flow' at times.

Ice Elemental Powers

Even though this was the last Element Daymon was awoken to, the Ice Element is somewhat higher in terms of maximum Current Potential compared to the Earth Element... but not by much. Even so, he is able to have it maxed out with nearly all of the other Elements, barring Fire. This is because Daymon believes in the balance of things, plus this Element is reached by a mutation of his mother's blessed element, but not his or his father's own.

Air Elemental Powers

The second Element which Daymon awoken to, the Air Element has the second highest maximum Current Potential. This Element is a bit easier to use than the other Elements due to his wings, but this element is the third most used element combination. This Element represents his strong bond with his mother, who looked after him until Ghost_K took him in.

Lightning Elemental Powers

The rarest of the Elements which Daymon has, he awoke to the Lightning Element fourth and it has the fourth highest maximun Current Potential, which is only a few units lower than the Current Potential for the Water Element - then again, these two Elements awoke almost simutaniously. Also, both of these Elements can be maxed out at the same time, but only if the other Elements are at 101 power, making the combination of Water and Lightning one of his popular combinations, even though he needs to focus more compared to when just maxing out his Fire Element. This, like Air, represents his bond with his mother, especially as Lightning can be a mutation of either his, or his mother's, Blessed Element.

Special Abilities

  • Fire's Special Ability is called Inner Fire. While this is active, Daymon's fighting skills are increased as if his soul is burning brightly, but in return he becomes weak to Ice, Air and Water attacks, which can cause him to lose his focus.
  • When Water is maxed out, Daymon can spend a lot longer underwater than normal. He can even use his wings to swim faster than normal, although it becomes easier the more he also puts into Air - but Water needs to be maxed out for this to take effect.
  • When Ice is maxed out, Daymon gets a slight resistance to low tempretures. This isn't as strong of a resistance as how an Ice master can reach, but it allows him to cope for longer in cold enviroments.
  • When Air is at a minimun of 350 power, Daymon can use it to fly with his wings. This is the only Special Ability which doesn't need to be maxed out in order to use, although the higher the power, the easier it is for him to fly.
  • When Lightning is maxed out, Daymon can not only absorb electricity, but he can then use the absorbed electricity himself. Although he has to be careful not to lose too much focus, otherwise the stored energy may shock him.
  • The combination of a maxed-out Lightning and a maxed-out Earth Element allows Daymon to use Grounded Charge: a skill which causes the ground around Daymon to be charged up with electrical energy - and, if there are metals in the ground, the range and charge of the skill is increased.
  • Combining a maxed-out Lightning with a maxed-out Ice Element allows for Daymon to create Charged Ice - which is basically ice which has been charged up with a static charge, allowing for it to have the potential to both shock and freeze anyone who gets in contact with it.
  • The obvious combination of a maxed-out Ice and Water Elements is useful, as it allows Daymon to use the Ice Element at a higher power level than he can normally use it at. However, the trade-off is that the Water Element's resulting power is decreased to compensate.
  • Combining a maxed-out Air with a maxed-out Ice Element, which is hard for Daymon to pull off, allows him to create Ice Projectiles which he can use to fire at his targets.
  • Maxing out both the Water and Lightning Elements, which is the hardest for Daymon to pull off, allows him to create a Thunderstorm. He has full control over said storm, and can direct the thunderbolts which it will drop to wherever he wants them to, not just the path of least resistance. However, he requires so much focus to do this that he is a sitting duck while he uses this skill, and just one small hit, no matter how weak, can cause him to lose focus.
  • The only Element where Daymon doesn't get a bonus from by itself is the Earth Element.



With his mother, [Data missing] Hiruman:

Even though he doesn't get to see or speak to his mother much anymore, if at all, Daymon Hiruman thought that she was a caring parent. This was indeed the case in real life, and was one of the things which wasn't modified as much in his false memories.

With his father, [Data missing]:

Daymon never really saw his father much, partly because his job, which he never told Daymon or his mother what it really was, had him away from home nearly all of the time, and partly because, when he was home, he treated Daymon badly - something that false memories couldn't erase easily if they wanted to, but they didn't.

With 'Flash':

Daymon gets on well with 'Flash', the scientist assigned to look after him and keep track of his progress while he was in the Phoenix Project... Which, considering that they share a similar surname, and both of them had been effected indirectly by their parents being murdered by the same person. 'Flash' is also very protective of his caree, and would stop at nothing to save Daymon given half a chance.

With Subject ██████████:

Even though Daymon can't remember much of his time with ██████████, he knew that the two of them were close... and ██████████ was even willing to give their life up to protect him and the rest of Projects Phoenix and ██████ during a certain incident which led to Teritory Divison's weakening and eventual breaking up.

With Ömer Isnan:

Daymon is a bit wary about the leader of the Secondary Division, and sometimes thinks he makes the wrong decisions. Despite that, Daymon is loyal towards Ömer, and tries to prove that, despite being a bit scatterbrained at times, he was a worthwhile addition to GHOST.

With Elise Thurston:

Daymon sees Elise as a sister which he never had, due to the fact that the duo knew each other (briefly) throughout the times they were together. Which can cause him to be protective of her, especially if someone threatens to hurt her while he's around.

With Scall Beirī

Daymon detests Scall despite not knowing who he really is, especially after finding out he was the one behind the deaths of not only his parents, but also the deaths of his assigned scientist's parents, AND Subject ██████████ as well! If the chance arises that he can do something to stop Scall, no matter how indirectly, Daymon might abandon all current objectives solely to put an end to this rogue Shadow Elemental.



Gah! Let go of my wings!

–Daymon Hiruman, after having his wings grabbed where they are weakest


A truly remarkable specimen. Undoubtedly he would have been the magnum opus of Tertiary Divsion had it not been for the incident.

Amala Nitwa Pillai

Pyre... No, Daymon... It has been an honor working with you. Now go - I'll take care of these fools... even if it costs me my life...

–-██████████, just before ███ █████ (From K21^2: The Phoenix Project)

Pyre is possibly the wildest subject of the Project, and not just in a bad way. He might be a loose cannon at times, but then again, SOMEONE has to keep the group on their toes. Good thing Damien Anderson agrees with this...

–'Flash', about Daymon's personality quirks.


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