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Danielle Lloyd
Aliases Danni (nickname), Wheels (Alias/insult)
Language(s) French, German, English.
Role(s) Vigilante, Chemist.
Aligned sector German
Nationality French.
Element SigilAir Air
Keidis rating Delta(472)/Gamma(333)
Gender Female
Born (age 32)
Physical Description
Skin colour Caucasian
Hair colour Red.
Height 5'6"

Yes, I am in a fucking wheelchair, I can also push you through that wall, don't try my patience, you will lose.

–Danielle Lloyd

Danielle is a user of the element of air. Once nothing more than a chemist, Danielle lost the use of her legs in a horrible car accident, which was orchestrated by Jack White, and is noticeable of being part of the hunt merely through Jack's guilt at her misfortune. Danielle is a character in the story K21 - Bitter Reality.

Character History:

Like every member of the hunt, the past is something Danielle has never really spoken about, however it is known that before becoming a vigilante, Danielle lived a normal life, being born in Munich, Germany, before moving to Paris in her early twenties and going to college for a Chemical science degree, before getting a job working behind a chemist counter.

However at the age of 30 Danielle was caught in a massive pile up when a truck belonging to a notorious human trafficker who was trying to transport several dozen people to Sector V had his tyres spiked by Jack White. The truck slammed into the front of her car before colliding with a one of the cheaper houses of sector IV, killing the human trafficker and most of the slaves on board, while the whiplash severely damaged her spine, crippling her.

At first Danielle simply tried to live with it, knowing she couldn't accumulate enough money to afford the extensive bionic replacement. However, as her disability began to affect her life more and more, she began to get desperate to fix her broken back. Buying a gun, Danielle eventually joined the hunt. Though picked on at first, the leader of a singular hunt group, seemed to take a shine to her, defending and even disposing of one of the vigilantes who opposed her association more violently. She began earning money from the vigilante runs, taking a share in any bounty she helps to procure. Currently she is now close to earning all the money she needs to fix her spine.


Typical of someone who doesnt want to draw attention to it, her chair is plain and unadorned, no details marking it different from any other. She often wears a long, black dress during the hunts, with bare feet. Her hair is deep, bloody crimson and her eyes are golden amber. She is exceptionally thin and has a tattoo of a bleeding eye on her right shoulder.

Abilities and Attributes:

Air Elemental Power:

Despite nobody knowing when she received her abilities, Danielle has a decent use of the element of air, hinting that she has had it longer than she lets on. Danielle has continued to improve it constantly through casual use. Her usage of them, however, is very odd. As opposed to using it to suffocate her victims or blasting holes through people, Danielle either uses it to propel her wheelchair forwards, or occasionally plays jokes on Florentine Faible by pushing him over. Her Keidis rating, at its last measurement, was Delta(472)/Gamma(333).

Other Talents:

As stated, Danielle has exceptional driving skills (so long as the car is altered to be usable by her) and has even used these skills in larger scale hunts, where running high profile criminals off the road was required. She has also developed a steady aim with a gun, probably because the use of a gun would be more useful for someone with limited access to some areas.


Danielle is, almost without exception, brash, impatient, petty, selfish and loud. She has been known to grate on almost everybody around her, and can often even been seen bullying other members of the hunt. The only member she seems to truly respects, is Jack, whenever someone else tries to tell her what to do she will often refuse venomously, though she does have some concept as to when to stop.


Andrew Sol

Danielle is rule, irritable, angry and constantly lashes out at Sol simply for having the mantle of FNG, often mocking him and lashing out as soon as Andrew opens his mouth. Andrew knows that arguing with Danielle is redundant, as Danielle doesn't listen to anybody and Jack will always defend her.

Jack White:

Jack knew sho Danielle was as soon as she became part of the hunt, trying to welcome her and let her, for all intents and purposes, run amok, while trying to curb her personality. Danielle isnt aware that Jack caused the accident that she lost her legs to, and so her opinion of Jack is pretty positive, actually meaning she listens to him.

Florentine Faible

Danielle sees Flow as the bottom of the social ladder and the odd one out (which, due to her disability, is a very hypocritical belief) and thus bullies him venomously, usually using her power to push him over or throw things at him. Florentine usually baits her because he finds it fun, always knowing that Jack or Matt will probably stop her before he is actually harmed seriously.

Matt Chant:

Of all the people in the hunt, Danielle is the only one Matt can't stand, as she can be violent, irritable and arrogant. Danielle knows that there isn't much point arguing with him, after Matt deliberately muted her sound waves on many occasions, much to her annoyance.

William McNeil:

Willaim and Danielle really don't get on, Danielle's personality grates on him constantly and he hates her for being weak. Danielle directs as much hate towards William as everyone else, though she has admitted that she finds him creepy.

Amy Young:

Like a lot of the gang, Amy finds Danielle a chore to deal with, often to the point where she prefers to stay away from her altogether. Danielle seems to have no beef with Amy, rarely bickering with her, in contrast to several other members.



Fuck. Off.

–Danielle, In response to when Andrew tried to help her up a curb.

Why am I doing this? I'ts simple really: cause my legs don't fucking work. I want to walk, I want to run, I want to fuck, and I want to get out of this fucking chair! Thats why I'm doing this.

–Danielle to a criminal when he begged for his life.

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