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Damien Anderson
Damien, in his favoured militaristic attire. Notably he wore the rank of his secondary role of Personnel Trainer instead of that of Commander.
Language(s) English
Role(s) Guardian of Earth
Aligned sector Sector I American Zone
Nationality American
Element SigilEarth Earth
Keidis rating Lambada Plus by Lambada Minus (1170-1125)
Gender Male
Born c.2063
Died c.2120 (age 57)
Physical Description
Skin colour Dark brown
Hair colour Black
Height 5' 10"
Military Service
Service Branch Ghost_K
Quebecois Special Operations Response Team
Years of Service 2073 - 2080 (Ghost_K)
2080 - 2095 (Q-SORT)
2095 - 2120 (Ghost_K)
Ghost_K Personnel Trainer
Ghost_K Commander
Battles/wars Nouveway Incident (2096)
Guardian Tower Security Breach (2110)
Holy Commonwealth Palace Ambush (2116)
A passionate, capable, and very determined man.

Mathieu Dalton

Damien Anderson (b.2063 - d.2120) was the Guardian of Earth for the Ghost_k team for several decades. Damien initially only ever knew life inside Ghost_k, after being discovered at the age of 10 to be the inheritor. However, at the age of 16 he abandoned the organisation to join what he decided was a better career path with law enforcement. Damien was notoriously stubborn and set in his ways, which also led him to be a proficient hunter as he would never give up the chase. He met his end at the hands of his most challenging prey, a man he had hunted for almost half his life, Claude Lasi-Faité.


Early Life

Damien was born in Kingston, Jamaica after it had become integrated within Sector XI. He and his parents moved to Sector I in 2066, and thus gained citizenship of the democratic American Zone, which he regarded as homeland right up until his death.


In 2073, at the age of 10, Damien's power suddenly manifested. The resultant seismic discharge leveled his local neighbourhood, killing his entire family in the process. Fortunately, he was picked up by Ghost_K forces before charges could be brought against him, as they had been present within Sector I for diplomatic reasons.


Damien became involved in police affairs at the age of 16, when he ran away from his adoptive home of the Ghost_K team back to his homeland. This had serious repercussions for the already troubled organisation but he didn't care enough to stay. He proved to be a more than capable recruit, particularly when aided by his formidable elemental abilities and quickly graduated to the rank of officer by the time he was 18.


After learning of the state the Ghost_K team had fallen into after attending the funeral of his original mentor, he decided to retire from police work and aid the team out of loyalty. In 2095 he assumed an active role within the organisation and worked to reshape it with the aid of his old comrade Ken Lysander. At the age of 33 he was given the role of police liaison officer for Ghost_K despite the ridicule it gained him from some of his former superiors.

Nouveway Incident

In 2096, having recently retired from active duty in Quebec, he was forced to return over the possibility of finding the next Guardian of Air. The woman he was investigating had suffered "mysterious internal damage" to her home. However, by the time he found her she had been murdered by an unknown street thug.

Enraged at having been denied the goal of a simple recovery mission, Damien actively set out to hunt down the perpetrator. In doing so he ruined the life of a former comrade and indirectly caused the deaths of four elite Quebecois Special Operations Response Team members who were felled by the man known as Claude in a firefight.

Coup d'état

Near the close of 2106, Damien (with support from Ken) elected to take over the Ghost_K team completely. The former leader, the Guardian of Water, stepped down from her position before mysteriously disappearing.

At this time, the Secondary and Tertiary Divisions were established. Damien realised a need to branch out in order to prevent the complete destruction of the Ghost_K Organisation from being possible. Thus, outposts were set up in the heart of the politically neutral "nation-state" of Greenland and upon the southern tip of India, the country that lay at the heart of Sector V.



During the March of 2110, Damien Anderson was interrupted during one of his licentious affairs by a young albino man who had wished to meet his acquaintance. The young idealist's pleas were ignored and his propositions laughed at as Damien elected to torture the man due to his apparent affiliation with the international terrorist Claude Lasi-Faité. That day Anderson foolishly made himself another enemy out of a man who could have helped him destroy Claude once and for all.

Palace Ambush

At the close of 2116, Damien Anderson lead a mission into the heart of Sector IV with the objective of eliminating Claude Lasi-Faité. Under the guise of a

This mission turned from an attempted assassination into a hostage taking crisis, with members of the Sector IV Royal Family being held as bargaining chips. All but one member of the Albraun family was executed by members of Ghost_K, with the youngest child being kidnapped as they did all in their power to escape.

These events lead to Ghost_K largely being vilified and branded as an illegal vigilante group intent on enacting their own twisted version of justice upon the world. The members of the Albraun family who met their end became martyrs in the eyes of the media, and a reward for the safe capture of Miki Albraun was publicly released.


Disillusioned with the world after Ghost_K had ended up a shadow of its former self (with more than 90% of the active staff being killed during the Palace Ambush), Damien Anderson began a listless journey throughout the globe. Blaming himself for the deaths of three Guardians (Zalmon Dejanović, Annemarie Engel and Laurence Valentine), he decided to seek absolution.

It is known he traveled to Sector I, Sector III, Sector V, Sector VIII and even Greenland during this time. For what cause and what purpose was only known to himself.

During his travels in Sector III he found a young Lightning Elemental by the name of Li-Pau Nao, to whom he decided to offer refuge. The Chinese national reminded him of himself in a very similar situation. In the end, the boy ended up being taken under the wing of the Ghost_K Commander. It has been rumoured that Damien started training the boy to be his successor.


For unknown reasons, Damien traveled to India to meet with his long term adversary. It was here that he met his end, felled by an incorporeal blade that severed his throat.

It is suspected, by Mathieu Dalton, that Damien may have already lost his powers and that he knew he was making a one way trip. He theorises that it may have been a last ditch attempt to help realise his goals of Elementals ruling the world. Evidence to support this lies in the fact Damien was far more powerful and was greater skilled in his abilities than Claude. Therefore, had the control over his elemental powers remained, the fate of the encounter would have been drastically different.


Damien left behind a distinctive mark on the Ghost_K Organisation. Due to his efforts they became more structured, more militaristic and more effective in their duties. In many ways he revolutionised the team. Two autonomous satellite divisions had also been spawned during his premiership with their mysteries continuing to thrive long after his death.

The darker aspects of his service and the morally questionable goals he maintained remain hidden from most members, and only scraps of anti-Ghost_K propaganda serve to tarnish his name. This is mainly due to the work undertaken by his protege, Li-Pau Nao, who has remained an adamant supporter of the man even with the knowledge of his past atrocities.

Tertiary Division of Ghost_K was set up by Damien Anderson and likely remains in service to the organisation. However, this cannot be confirmed as the division has not reported back to Block 441 in the last 5 years.


Damien is of Afro-Carribean descent and has a rather robust build.

Abilities and Attributes

Damien was extremely powerful in the projection of his talents. Notably, he was more than capable of causing buildings to collapse and was willing to use his abilities to the absolute extremes. However, contrary to the immense power he possessed, Damien usually restrained his abilities while in a combat environment. This is likely due to the fact he was trained to take his prey alive when he worked in law enforcement.




Kenneth Lysander

The Guardian of Ice was a former friend of Damien before his hiatus from Ghost_K, and looked up to Damien as a big brother figure. When Damien returned to find the team in chaos (due to the death of their last leader) and at the time, missing three Guardians (Air, Earth and Plant), the duo did all in their power to improve upon their situation, and find the other two successors. They rebuilt the team and eventually the two took full command, after deposing the most senior member (the Guardian of Water) on 2106.

Zalmon Dejanović

Damien held a distinct respect for Zalmon and valued his services on the team. Zalmon was a supporter of Damien's ideals, and approved of his leadership style. The Guardian of Earth was notably angered by the death of Zalmon and suffered extreme anguish over the circumstances of his murder.

Mathieu Dalton

Damien typically held Mathieu in contempt, seeing him as being far too meek to ever find use as a proper soldier, as the Plant Elemental had never taken the life of another. However, he respected the man's rational intelligence and leadership skills. It is noted that he had listed Mathieu Dalton as fit for promotion to Deputy Commander or Commander in the event of his death.

Olia Silveira

Olia is known to have become romantically involved with the newly appointed Commander of Ghost_K for the entirety of her service within the organisation. She believed resolutely in Damien's cause and aimed to please him at every opportunity. It is noted that the Guardian of Earth appreciated her affections, but is believed that he never loved her in the same way she loved him, as he seemed largely fixated upon the fate of Sandra Mai. Her death still came as a shock to him and those close to the man knew that he did mourn her passing for a long period of time.

Li-Pau Nao

After the destruction of the majority of the Ghost_K team, Damien began a recruiting drive. One of those found during this time was Li-Pau. Damien instantly took a shine to the lad, seeing that he was a proficient elemental with an attitude that meshed well with his own. The Chinese national ended up as Damien's protege, and he was being groomed for the role of command before the death of his master.


Claude Lasi-Faité

Claude was the number one target of Damien's fury, as he became a bane to the Ghost_K team after murdering the potential Guardian, Sandra Mai. Despite evidence to the contrary, Damien also blamed Claude for the death of his young lover, Olia Silveira. Damien's hatred for the man was further increased after the events of the Holy Commonwealth Palace Ambush, which lead to the death of Zalmon Dejanović and Annemarie Engel.

Vamana Uldericks

After treating the visionary harshly and torturing him repeatedly, Vamana ended up detesting the Guardian of Earth quite intetly. Damien decided to list the man, who used the alias "Thomas McKenzie", as an enemy and a threat to Ghost_K.



Retirement!? Huh!? I don't plan on that, if it seems my powers are fading I'll be sure to go out with a bang!

–Damien (c.2118), after being asked if he wished for retirement.


He was once a worthy adversary, a testament to the true desire for revenge. Yet, time wearied him, and alas his fate was sealed, destined to die by my very hand.

–Claude, lamenting on the life of Damien Anderson

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