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Damien Anderson
Damien, smiling for the camera.
Language(s) English
Nationality American
Gender Male
Born c.2050
Physical Description
Skin colour Dark brown
Hair colour Black
Height 6' 6"
A passionate, capable, and very determined man.

Mathieu Dalton

Damien Anderson (b.2050) was a petty criminal in the New Jersey area before he ditched a life of crime in favour of trying to help people.


Early Life

Gutter Rats


Damien is a hulking mass of muscles who towers above most men.

Abilities and Attributes

Damien was marked with the Sigil of Earth during an incident in his formative years that has granted him the power of limited matter manipulation and strength augmentation. He can punch with the weight of an avalanche and the very earth itself trembles in his wake. It's said that he could, if he so wanted to, level cities at the blink of an eye and that he unleashes but a fraction of his power when he's forced to use his talents.


Damien likes to think of himself as street smart but the reality is that he's prone to naivety, something that routinely gets him into trouble.


Kenneth Lysander

Kenneth is an old friend of Damien's and has stuck with him through thick and thin.

Matt Dalton

Met through a mutual acquaintance who is no longer with them, Mathieu latterly became Damien's anchor to reality, a voice of reason when he needs it most

Claude Faité

An old friend of Damien's who he only knew briefly before they clashed over ideology.

Vamana Uldericks

A former student of Damien's.




Main Characters
Alisa Engla · Claude Faité · Damien Anderson · Kenneth Lysander · Matt Dalton
Minor Characters
Arik Travers · Mitch Ochoa

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