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Dǎitu Majis
Language(s) Chinese, English, Japanese (non-fluent)
Aligned sector III
Nationality Chinese
Gender Male
Relatives N/A
Born Unknown
Died 2118 (age 53)
Physical Description
Skin colour Asiatic
Hair colour black
Height 6'1"
Military Service
Service Branch Sector III PDC Japanese Division (formerly)
Restored White Armies Middle Eastern Branch
Rank Sector III PDC Leader (formerly)
Restored White Armies Colonel (up to death)
Battles/wars Restored White Armies Prison Break (2118)

Dǎitu Majis was a Sector III PDC Leader and later Restored White Armies that was infamous for taking part (and orchestrating) the death of his predecessor Jon-Tai Nao in order to take his place as PDC General. To do this, Majis called upon the RWA to assassinate Jon-Tai and his wife late at night and cover up the death in a car crash. Ultimately, while Majis gained the position for some time, it was discovered that he had started leaking information to RWA forces which was a leading cause of the Tokyo Massacre. In the end, Majis fled Sector III as he was now wanted, later seeking refuge among RWA forces.

While he found success within this new life, Dǎitu became bitter as the ghosts of his past haunted him in his sleep. In the end, Majis embraced death at the hands of Ghost_K by the hands of Li-Pau Nao, Jon-Tai's son, and Laurence Valentine, the organization's Guardian of Water.


Officer Life







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