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Claude Lasi-Faité
c.2119 sketch beleived to depict Claude
Aliases Sleeping Teledu
Juan Iral
George Maloy
René Martain
Language(s) English, French
Role(s) Assassin
Aligned sector None
Nationality Unknown
Element SigilShadow Shadow
SigilLight Light
Keidis rating Zeta (700)/Zeta (700)
Gender Male
Religious beliefs Buddhist
Relatives Stephanie Christelle (Consort)

Natalia Christelle (Daughter)

Born Unknown
Died Unknown
Signature ClaudeSig
Physical Description
Skin colour Caucasian
Hair colour Grey
Height 6' 1" (185.42cm)
Military Service
Service Branch Vallarie Administration
Years of Service 2104 - 2121
Director of Subterfuge
Battles/wars League for the Decentralisation of Nations Extermination of European Government (2110)
Royal Commonwealth Palace Massacre (2116)
Liquidation of Calypso Industries Board of Directors (2118)
You have to burn the world to save it. For the strongest steel is forged in the hottest furnace.


Claude Lasi-Faité is the assumed alias of a notorious contract killer and terrorist that rose to prominence at the dawn of the 22nd Century. Blessed with control over both the light and the shadow, the criminal has proven to be a highly elusive target with his improvisational skills complimenting his natural talents. Police reports have found from his known aliases that he became involved in crime from a young age. Claude is a known associate of countless terrorist organisations, with known ties to both Project Earth Reborn and the International Worker's Union; and is suspected to have been involved with several international corporations, primarily the Vallarie Administration and Calypso Industries.

Character History

K21 - Subterfuge Chronicles

Set in 2096, Claude makes his first appearance in Part 2 - Remorse of the series of short stories and features in all four parts from a variety of different perspectives (starting with his own). Here it is revealed why and when Claude crossed the threshold of thief to murderer as he utilised his powers for sadistic means. After killing his first victim he descends in a frenzy of murders until he is challenged by Damien Anderson.

K21 - Substantial Illusions

As the pieces of his diabolical chess set are brought into the final phase of the unholy game, Claude finds himself as the chief antagonist in a tale of suspense and intrigue.

While his opponents lie in ruin, one visionary seeks to challenge him. A brave hero with with honourable intentions. Vamana Uldericks.

K21 - Deceit and Disloyalty

He makes a brief cameo in the tale of Agent 01's actions focused on the Central American Zone, providing vital equipment at the request of the terrorist.

K21 - Tarnished Perceptions

Tainted Perceptions features Claude as he plots the demise of the Ghost_K team and it catalogues his confrontation with the organisation within the Holy Commonwealth Palace. During the ordeal he slays the Guardian of Fire and discovers that his niece is the next Guardian of Air, after the demise of the previous at the hands of Vamana Uldericks. However, while the events of the ordeal benefit him greatly as he gains an important strategic asset, he loses several of his key supporters in the ambush.

K21 - Shattered Endeavours

In the short story Absolution it is revealed that Claude had traveled to the Upper African Zone to neutralise threats to his own endeavours, fifteen months after the events of Tarnished Perceptions.

Events of two years later are catalogued in Aftermath, where the criminal eliminates an old enemy that has haunted him most of his life. It also gives an insight into his motivations for his actions as well as his perception of future events.

K21 - Decayed Moralities

In this retrospective ensemble, the life of Claude is recounted in specific snipets. It deals with his old life before he donned the name "Claude", the foundation of the Vallarie Administration, murdering Zara Lysander, the programming of a sleeper agent and the summation phase of his endeavours.

K21 - Bleached Delusions

After eliminating Damien Anderson, Claude aimed to finish the job and ruin the former Ghost_K Commander's legacy. After luring the dangerously powerful Li-Pau Nao to Sector IV, he aimed to have his very own unwitting protégé end the Lightning Elemental's life. However, the unforeseen intervention of his daughter and his niece lead to the escape of Commander Anderson's apprentice.

K21 - Limitless Sun

Claude is referenced to multiple times throughout the story by several characters who each offer their own opinions on the man while attempting to discern the role he played in the events leading to Damien Anderson's death.

K21 - Distorted Closure

Kenneth Lysander muses over the significance of Claude's role in the death of Damien Anderson and his motives are evaluated by a more analytic mind.

K21 Squared

After a violent Ghost_K attack upon the ruling elite of Sector VII, that resulted in the entire Guardian Conclave being trapped, Mathieu Dalton believes Claude to have been the one responsible for Elder Duma's death.



Savouring a victory. (1st edition)

Claude has made an effort to ensure that people he meets underestimate him. He has been careful to maintain a rather lithe and wiry build, which aids in his deception of targets not fully realising his combat prowess (aided greatly by his powers). His hair has taken on a grey hue, probably due to the fact Claude may be much older than he likes to claim he is. Similarly, he constantly wears sunglasses due to his belief that the eyes are a window to the soul, and he wishes to reduce any chance of having his motives deduced, although observes have claimed this may be down to his irises being overly sensitive to light.

He does well to keep a tidy appearance and is usually smartly dressed in a suit, something which he deems necessary in order to seem more official. However, he also dons a wide array of clothes in order to suit his needs, from trade delegates to police officers. Claude is by no means a master of disguise, but he has come to realise that having several personas and the credentials to back them up has come in useful on multiple occasions.

Abilities and Attributes

Shadow Elemental Power

With a high Keidis Rating of Zeta (700)/Zeta (700), Claude is clearly rather adept with manipulating Shadows, and wields his talent with considerable degree of skill. The power and control he has over this gift is also very high, exceeding many others who possess the same ability.

Light Elemental Power

While Claude selectively showcases this secondary talent, he appears to have extremely good aim and poise with the Light, with an incredible Keidis Rating of Zeta (700)/Zeta (700). The raw power he holds over the element is staggering to behold. He considers this his tactical trump card, with many opponents underestimating him as they are only expecting to encounter a Shadow Elemental.

Conflict of Elements

It should be noted that the imbalanced pairing of Light and Shadow talents has largely wracked Claude both physiologically and psychologically. He is slowly dying as a result of his body attempting to tear itself a part, with internal organs faltering more frequently. Similarly, his mind is slowly beginning to deteriorate, as he becomes far more reckless with the progression of time. Overall it has lead to him slowly becoming detached from reality while he has become far more mentally unstable.

Other Talents

It has been noted that Claude is a rather precise marksman with projectile weapons and is known to make use of firearms on occasion. However, he seems to be lacking in actual strength and is clearly very limited in close combat situations, as he relies solely on his powers. The criminal has also demonstrated to be very adaptable, although this tends to be the result of his actions lacking proper planning.

Linguistic Ability

Claude is a fluent speaker of the French language, with a detailed knowledge of Canadian, Belgian and Swiss variations to his claimed mother tongue. Of course, as Claude is also a very capable English speaker who utilises a wide array of accents, trying to pinpoint his actual homeland has proven to be a fruitless endeavour. The criminal does not see the point in learning any other languages and has never bothered to expand his linguistic repertoire.



Look at that subtle off-white colouring. The tasteful thickness of it...

As an assassin, it is safe to assume Claude is willing to take massive risks with the hope of an even larger return. Claude claims to be completely amoral, stating that he would do anything to further his cause. However, sparse evidence to the contrary suggests that he is in fact capable of emotion as he appears to truly care for his consort and their daughter. Of course, according to his own declarations, Claude does not see people as human beings, nor even as pawns, merely lambs that are ripe for the slaughter. He cares very little for power and does not fully appreciate how much he wields, as his only motivation is to bring more pandemonium to the world.

Claude is notably horrific at forward planning, a trait that has caused much suffering for his notional pawns and benefactors. At first this lead to him arriving late to appointments or forgetting he had one in the first place. However, after meeting Vamana Uldericks he was encouraged to compensate for this. Arguably, this has made him more frustrating as he tends to arrive much earlier than anticipated out of a fear of being late.

It is likely that this inability to plan for the future is a result of the psychological stresses brought upon his psyche as it is safe to assume that he at least had some level of foresight when he formed the Vallarie Administration (although there is sufficient evidence to suggest external benefactors guided him towards this objective). According to Vamana Ulderick's evaluation of Claude, the man is extremely impulsive, generally unpredictable and should ideally be kept under constant surveillance.


Claude is sponsored by several enterprising individuals and he himself is responsible for employing the services of others. The nature of these relationships and the role he has played in world events has gained him the ire of several organisations as well as a few major governments that Claude tends to regard as a slight nuisance.


Asiduus Aeviternus

Unbeknownst to anyone save Claude himself, he is in the indirect employ of the CEO of Sector V. Aeviternus funds the terrorist activities of Claude for unknown reasons.

Marcus Christelle

A shrewd politician and former military commander, the patriarch of the Christelle dynasty currently chairs the Eurowolf Broadcasting Group. It has been widely suspected that he has innate ties to Claude and that he may be the primary source of the terrorist's finding. Official investigations have turned up little evidence to suggest a connection although his "special relationship" with the organisation his daughter owns has come under fire by foreign news groups despite his monopoly over media within the Euro Zone.

Vallarie Administration

The Vallarie Administration is a business conglomerate and pseudo-political party that was founded by Claude in 2104, under the name of Libor Vallarie Kwolac, and latterly acquired ownership of the European Commonwealth during a military coup in 2110 (a man matching Claude's description was identified at the scene of the take over, using the alias George Maloy). Claude is an influential member of the organisation although the full extent of his power is not clearly discernable. His wife (whom he acquired through political marriage) Stephanie Christelle rules the dominion as his current situation is not suited to a leadership position.

Vamana Uldericks

The relationship Claude has experienced with Vamana is a peculiar one as he used to be employ the terrorist. Vamana has a curious obsession with Claude and one of his desires is to have the assassin as an agent in his permanent employ after making use of the assassin's services. Particularly Claude has demonstrated a proficiency for performing liquidation on dangerous assets. Thus, Vamana has gained a respect for Claude on a purely professional level. The duo are involved in a series of trade arrangements with the other and the assassin even married off his daughter to the albino just so that he could keep the man close.


Stephanie Christelle

His most loyal servant and Queen of the European Commonwealth, going so far as to adopt the name of Libor Vallarie Kwolac in order to run his company for him. She has proven to be a valuable asset throughout their long marriage. She is the mother of his only child and appears to adore him.

Andrew Sol

The young Japanese vigilante was coerced into the employ of the criminal mastermind as an assassin.

Jordan Hansen

Hordan Hansen was one of the founding members of the Vallarie Administration who was latterly deployed to the Republic of Australia in the twilight of the Third World War.


The World


A public wanted hologram in Seoul, depicting Claude.

As a multiple felon with countless warrants for his termination issued to date, in a all twelve Sectors, it would come as no surprise that he considers it a notional nuisance.


Claude takes a sick delight in disrupting the plans of what he calls "a fanatical group of deluded narcissists" and enjoys disrupting their plans when the opportunity arises. He believes that murdering their members is a mere courtesy detail extended to all of those who repeatedly get in his way.



But the thing is, Damien. I also learnt that there were more twisted devils than you. When I had nowhere else to go I sided with them. You forced me to ally myself with lunatics and psychopaths. And what about me? Well you molded me into the perfect killer and that ultimately you made me a darker demon than them all. They have petty goals and ambitions. What do I wish for? Chaos. Absolute. Pure, unadulterated chaos.

–Claude's reaction to his predicament

I don't care for any power that would allow me to rule the world. Hell, I don't care much for power at all! I intend to see the world burn in retribution for your mistakes.

–Claude, claiming what his motivations are centered around

He was once a worthy adversary, a testament to the true desire for revenge. Yet, time wearied him, and alas his fate was sealed, destined to die by my very hand.

–Claude, lamenting on the life of Damien Anderson


Claude Lasi-Faité. The demon wearing the mask of a hero. The whole world it painted him red, while he was a deviant capitalist epitomising the very worst traits humanity may possess. Every man has his own flaws, but Claude’s greed is enough for all of South America. The man biting at the world. Carving out bits that the workers need and lining his own pockets. There were no words in any language spoken under the sun that could possibly describe the man. Were I to find his location, I would have raised every willing man and woman and stormed it, be damned the cost. If a thousand good humans were to pay the ultimate price in a struggle to bring that one man down, the world would still receive a net shift towards goodness. Also his taste in hats is hideous.

Sasha Vlahovic src

Intent changes nothing, you were a natural born killer, you slaughtered her so efficiently.

Damien Anderson, upon his final confrontation with Claude.

The worst villain this century of history has seen. For all we know, he may be the tip of the iceberg for the future of this world of ever-worsening evil

–From Issue 2 of K21 (Magazine), page 3

He is easily the most dangerous man I have ever known. I should only hope our paths never cross again.

Mathieu Dalton (c.2116)

For someone so whimsical you do have your moments. This better not be another mission to find a rare flower in the Himalayas though. If it is, I'm hitting your head against the desk.

–Vamana Uldericks, reflecting upon a previous encounter with Claude.



  • Claude was the first Light Elemental on the site. This trait is played completely straight for the archetype of "Light" characters established by Necrus.
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