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Claude Faité
Aliases Magpie
Language(s) English, French
Nationality Canadian
Gender Male
Born c.2050
Signature ClaudeSig
Physical Description
Skin colour White
Hair colour Black
Height 6' 1"
Don't stop me when I'm trying to have a good time.


Claude Faité was a police officer associated with the criminal lawyer Kenneth Lysander.


Early Life

Gutter Rats


Claude keeps a clean cut appearance, with slick backed smartly cropped black hair and a shaven face. His most common attire is his working clothes, a black police uniform comprised of a black polo shirt, uniform armour and jet black trousers. When conducting in off the books activities the balaclava and black turtle neck replace the polo and armour. Claude's casual wear typically consists of designer collared shirts and black jeans. On occasion he sports sunglasses.

Abilities and Attributes


Ambitious and driven to push himself to new endeavours, it is an unwise man who stands in his way. Each action taken merely serves a purpose to further his personal goals and the desires of his friends. For while he his happy to use others, betray colleagues and undermine his own profession, he is fiercely loyal to those he believes he can trust.


Alisa Engla

After springing her the back of a police cruiser on the behalf of Lysander, the two have struck up a rapport.

Damien Anderson

Claude arranged for his release under the condition that he returned to work for Lysander.

Kenneth Lysander

Childhood friends, the two have been involved in each other's schemes for close on a decade.

Matt Dalton

Recruited while serving an extended sentence for industrial espionage, Matt Dalton was released early to serve the interests of Claude and Kenneth's outift.



I don't have a price, I have an invoice.




Main Characters
Alisa Engla · Claude Faité · Damien Anderson · Kenneth Lysander · Matt Dalton
Minor Characters
Arik Travers · Mitch Ochoa

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