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A series of files found on the hard drive of 'Flash', a scientist who was working on Project Phoenix.The files are dated from 2107 to 2117.

Day Zero

With Tertiary Division just about to start work on Project Phoenix, some of us scientists have been asked to start work on making records about specific subjects. Most of the first batch have been chosen, but we still need a few more Elementals before we can start the Project fully. A suggestion was made that maybe a young child of no more than 10 might be a viable choice for a subject, but the main problem is getting the consent of the parents. My boss said that, should things not work out, we could use force... but I hope it doesn't come to that. 

Day One

Talk about quick work. One of the other scientists had some connections, and he managed to bribe someone to let us have his child. Mr. *Data Expunged* was really willing to sell his son for science, although the mother, Mrs. H*Data Expunged*, wasn't so sure to start off with. But after informing them of how important the research is, they agreed to let us take their child. And the new subject was assigned to myself, hence why I'm writing up this report.

Day Four

As part of protocol, we needed to test to see exactly what we are working with, so Subject 038 - seeing as we didn't have a proper name yet - was tested for basic elemental powers. Turns out, he is a Fire Elemental with quite a high left-end value, almost in Near-Guardian levels. And, oddly enough for a kid his age, his Current Extent is nearly in alpha values. So, we renamed him Subject Pyre for the purpose of communications and records.

Day Five

I just got word that Subject Pyre's father has died today, and the mother isn't looking too good either. The two of them were apparently mugged a few hours after leaving us. Taken by surprise, and possibly with the muggers having a Shadow Elemental on their side, but that is just speculation, they were unable to fight back.

My boss has told me not to tell Pyre about his parent's condition, so I won't. Besides, he has enough on his plate with really basic training starting soon for him.

Day Seven

Subject Pyre's mother has just passed away, but the muggers were caught and will be facing trial within the week. As Subject Pyre is an only child, any inheritance he gets would be pumped into Project Phoenix, seeing as that would be most beneficial to him.

Day Eleven

Today, during the regular tests for how the elemental powers have grown, Subject Pyre's Current Extent has just hit 101, putting him in alpha values. This means that he can now undergo the first stage of the Project.

In other news, the trial of those who mugged and manslaughtered Subject Pyre's parents has gotten underway. While they pleaded guilty to the charges of mugging, they did not do the same regarding with the manslaughter charges. And, having looked through the files, I noticed that none of them had much Elemental Power - they only had Beta levels of Current Extent at most.

Day Thirteen

The trial has ended, and it turns out that there was a Shadow Elemental behind this, as the results of the tests as to what energy fatially wounded the parents proved that it was a Shadow Elemental who did the deed. So the muggers ended up being guilty for assisted manslaughter, and, as such, will be in jail for the next 10 or so years. However, no-one knows who the Shadow Elemental was...

Day Sixteen

Just got word from the jail the mutters... I mean, muggers were being held. The duo... somehow died, but it turns out that the killer of them was a Shadow Elemental. Could the killer of them be the same person as who killed Pyre's parents?

In other news, we have started the genetic splicing of Pyre, and his genome seems to be adapting well. Although we won't know for sure until sometime next week.

Day Twenty Four

Amala came to today's tests to check how Pyre is getting on, and it was... surprising, to say the least. His Fire element is stronger... but that wasn't all. Because, at the very end of the test... he blew out the fire he made himself, as if he was an Air Elemental. We... may need a bigger budget to make a device which can more easily tell how Pyre is in terms of his elemental powers.

Day Thirty One

This is amazing. In today's tests, Pyre showed the potential to use both Elements at the same time... but afterwards, he appeared to had 'burnt out' - and his Current Extent dropped to 0 for a short while. We need to know more about this so that we may be able to use it to help out other Elemental users who gain more than one Element due to Project Phoenix.

Day Thirty Eight

We've figured out what was causing the problem - the combined energies of both Elements were, when working together, causing some serious mental drain on Pyre.Thankfully, he seemed to had been a klutz to begin with - although we need to keep an eye to make sure he's not too much of one due to the Project...

Day Sixty Six

Dang, I really should be keeping these files up to date... Anyway, Pyre seems to be able to focus on a task when asked... but with the things not in his focus... It's a good thing nothing expensive was in his way.

Day Seventy

It took some convincing, but we've finally got the device I was asking for now. True, some of the cost is coming out of my paycheck, but at least we've now got something which can help us see how Daymon's powers really works...

Day Seventy Three

...Well. No wonder why he gets worn out when using both Elements at the same time. From the looks of things, his Elemental powers, if fully maxed out, can cause some major problems. At least no-one was hurt... Anyway, there has to be a way to allow Pyre to have better control over his powers...

Day Seventy Four

Amala made the suggestion about giving Pyre some Elemental Accelerators to help him with his control, so I came up with a design for one, which is formed of two parts. The main Elemental Accelerators are wing-like in shape, and can be detatched easily for storage, while two 'control platforms' will be added to his back, to allow him some control when using the Elemental Accelerators is impossible.

Day Seventy Seven

I wasn't around for yesterday's 'upgrading' of Pyre, due to the fact I was allowed the day off, but I noticed that, when I came in this morning, he found a way to sleep with the 'wings' on without harming himself.

Day Seventy Eight

Well. Thinking about it, there might be some use to having him be a klutz at times. Not sure if the others will agree, but I think that, despite his weaknesses, he'd be able to (indirectly) keep anyone he works under on their toes. I mean, his loyalty so far is unquestionable, but he can still cause problems regardless.

Day ???

It's a shame that now, things have gone south and now I have to let Pyre go. He has his role to fit into in Secondary Division, I've got to remain here, off the grid... At least these records will remain safe with me until such time that it will be needed. Pyre... I'll miss you.

[End Of File]

Letters From Abroad · Classified Folder: Subject Pyre · Research Facility 1182

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