Spiritism merely moved the opium of the masses away from organisations and into the hands of the people themselves. No longer was the zealot a good-willed robed man detached from the lust of worldly desires, but the complacent middle-classer with scripture fervently in hand.

–Anonymous critic of the Church, c.2091

The Church of Spiritism, also colloquially known as Church of All Religions, is a contemporary pluralist religion that, according to official texts, found its roots in anti-clerical Christians in the United States and Europe who felt the need to migrate away from a total dependance on the many outdated concepts the Bible preached. With the desire to to encompass and instil the entire human population with the good practices and morals, the founding few cherry-picked the best and most contemporarily applicable phrases from all major holy texts, laying the foundations of the church.

Whilst only moderately popular compared to the major religions of Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism, its extent of societal effect is noticeable in its utter detachment from all traditional churches and its lack of recognition of clerical power. Many sects of the church are known to be heavily business-minded and even zealous in practice.

The true reasons behind this church's founding remain unclear to this day, however many critics have drawn comparisons between it and Scientology and even the historically authoritarian aspects of the Catholic Church.


A Scientology clone in basic principle and detachment from traditional scripture...

–Upper African Islamic News, c. 2120

Spiritism believers that all religions are paths to the same light. It preaches holy texts as only being limitedly correct and/or divinely inspired, with degrees of scriptural adherence varying from community to community.


Spiritism officially uses a complete lack of symbology as an official symbol. Ironically, It does however use a simple logo for purposes of administration.

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