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Church of Enlightenment
Church symbol
Symbol of the Church of Enlightenment


Date of Foundation





Gary Walton


FlagIv2 Sector I, USA

Central Location

South Carolina

Notable Members:



The Neo-Luminous Enlightenment Church Association (more commonly known as the Church of Enlightenment) is a Christian corporation located in South Carolina, USA, Sector I, noted for its considerable influence in the Southern States of the USA as well as being the largest Neo-Luminous Christian body in the world. It also owns several media outlets.

Originally a meeting group for Neo-Luminous Christian students, the organisation in the space of fifty years expanded into a significant religious power in the USA, especially in its home state of South Carolina. It has also become a large multi national corporation that operates private creationist schools, a large media division and several retail products. The church has a strong foothold in the USA being considered to be one of the single biggest organised churches in America.

Recently the Church has been branded as a hate group, although church officials vehemently dispute this. The Church is (indirectly) responsible for forming the Enlightened Neo-Luminous Army (ENLA).  They also are strong benefactors behind the right wing Republican Party as well as the American military.



The church were founded when Gary Walton was elected to become the new minister of the Salem Evangelical Church in the year 2058. Walton was a known practitioner of the relatively new Neo-Luminous Christian doctrines, and had built up a following of individuals who had also affiliated themselves with the same beliefs. He renamed the church the "Church of Enlightenment", and began teaching exclusively Neo-Luminous beliefs.

Expansion under Walton

Initially membership at the church was low, but over time more people took interest in Neo Luminous ideas (especially with the rise of religious schools after the Yellowstone eruption) meaning the church remained a local fixture in the community. By 2090 the church had encountered increased funding, thanks to backing from several businesses and a new benefactor.

Appointment of Eisner

In December 2103 a light elemental by the name of Frank Eisner was appointed as minister of the church, leading many of the ceremonies taken place in the church.

Expansion under Eisner


In 2118 three members of the Church of Enlightenment were excommunicated after being found guilty of sexually abusing choir boys. Eisner called the actions "disgraceful" and personally condemned the perpetrators.


Related enterprises

Currently the Church own the rights to the Church of Enlightenment Television Network (Or CoE for short) which often features televised sermons. The Church sell DVDs and CDs compilation of sermons to the public as well as books relating to Neo-Luminous beliefs.


The Church of Enlightenment preaches primarily Neo-Luminous beliefs.


The Church places focus on the education of Christian beliefs on children, having set up several education facilities in America. Joseph Baxter, a representative of the church, stated he would "rather have our country invaded by Europe then indoctrinate our children with the heretical teachings of the enemy of humanity, [Charles] Darwin". The church often has guest speakers visit schools to teach children the churches views. These guest speakers are trained to deal with children, and often engage in activities designed to make the church look as appealing as possible.

Views on homosexuals

The church see homosexual acts as an affront against biblical teachings, and that it is a sinful and unnatural act. The church prohibits homosexuality in its ranks. As such the church has set up the Columbia Psychiatric Institution, an ex-gay camp, designed to "cure" homosexuality through conversion therapy. Despite low success rate in this area of research the church have refused to shut down any of the institution. Instead the church have commissioned another institution to be built in South Carolina as well as others in Georgia, Alabama, and Texas.

Church members have been accused of assaulting homosexuals, with reports of members being encouraged to beat homosexuals. Particular controversy was caused when a gay couple was beaten to death by two church members, although the church denies it condoned or ordered the act. Frank Eisner has reportedly said "if it were not for the communist views of politicians like Barack Obama we would not be the facing the current problem of homosexuality". The church endorsed efforts to reinstate the century old law of prohibiting homosexual acts to take place in military forces (know as "Don't ask, don't tell").

Headquarters and premises

The Church of Enlightenment was originally was based in a typical church in Salem, South Carolina. However as the organisation expanded and started to receive more funding plans begun to build a main church complex in Columbia. The new complex was built in a Neo-classical architectural style, and has grown to be the size of a megachurch. The construction of the building raised criticism, with the new headquarters being derided as an unnecessary extravagance. Most of the Churchs administrative matters also took place in this new complex.

In 2115 the Church effectively took control of the Columbia International University, which was used not only as a later training ground for members of the ENLA but also a way of indoctrinating and recruiting younger followers.

Enlightened Neo-Luminous Army


Symbol of the Enlightened Neo-Luminous Army

In 2110 the Church of Enlightenment Militia was founded for the purpose of "liberating" Sector IX South American Zone A during the Great American War. In 2112 this militia was officially disbanded, but was secretly reformed as the Enlightened Neo-Luminous Army (ENLA). Organised by Frank Eisner (though under an alias), the ENLA are a paramilitary force that have been described as terrorists, armed thugs, and poster boys for Christian Terrorism. The Church deny that they have anything to do with the ENLA, so to keep public opinion of them high.

Notable members






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