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Christopher Powell Jr
Aliases Chris
Language(s) English
Role(s) Member of the Church of Enlightenment, later Lieutenant of the Enlightened Neo-Luminous Army
Aligned sector Sector I American Zone
Nationality American
Gender Male
Religious beliefs Neo-Luminous Christianity
Born 17th April, 2082
Physical Description
Skin colour Pale
Hair colour Black
Military Service
Service Branch Enlightened Neo-Luminous Army
Years of Service 1
Rank Lieutenant
Battles/wars The Madrid Massacre

Christopher Powell Jr was an American member of the Church of Enlightenment and later the Enlightened Neo-Luminous Army. Originally joining the Church for humanitarian reasons along with his friend Gerard Taylor, Powell was soon enraptured by the teachings of Frank Eisner and remained a loyal follower of the latter. Powell was excommunicated from the Church after his death.


Early life

Powell was born in New York, in the year 2082, to a pair of middle class parents. Powell was privately educated, with his uptight parents keeping a tight lease on his activities. After leaving schooling and moving from his parents house, he met political and religious activist Gerard Taylor.


Talkative and arrogant, Powell thrived on being the centre of attention. He often projected an air of sickening smugness mixed with false smiles and friendliness. Powell often however could detach himself from others emotions, being to caught up in himself.

Abilities and traits


Powell was short, thin and pale skinned. Perhaps his most striking feature was his eyes, which are lopsided, with his left eye being noticeably higher than his right. Powell often wore large rectangular glasses, and had a straight, white teeth. Often he wore a black suit.


Gerard Taylor




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