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Calypso Industries
International logo

Date of Foundation


Date of Dissolution

2118 (Board of Directors)
2121 (Entire Organisation)


Multinational Enterprise


Progress through strife


FlagVII VII, Egyptian (formerly)

FlagVIInorthwest VII, Algerian (successor organisation)



Main HQ Location:

Cairo (2038-2118)
Tunis (2118-2121; main company fully dissolved)
Algiers (2121-present; official successor)

Notable Members:

Elder Duma

Calypso Industries was a massive multinational and cross-sector company that spanned the globe. It had its claws dug deep into all twelve of the world's Sectors at the height of its power. However, unforeseen circumstances in 2118 lead to the organisation becoming much weaker. Without the power and influence of their board of directors many Sectors elected to force the business conglomerate to withdraw from their soil. In the end it became limited to the Sector it its origin, Sector VII before it was finally disbanded in March 2121 due to political unrest.

Post 2121, the Calypso Industries and logo and title was purchased by the Al-Enezi Enterprise, where it exists presently as a successor organisation based in Algiers.




Calypso Industries was originally a part of the larger, industrious union of African Nations known as the New African Alliance, a political union of which was more akin to something of a loosely associated offcut of the United Nations as oppose to the dominating sector system to grip the future political landscape. At the peak of its power it had become largely responsible for bringing biodiesel into the mainstream markets at an acceptable price to combat diminishing supplies of oil, however the means of labour were utterly concealed to all but a few learned minorities. By the year 2038 due to the dramatically freezing climate the global economy had collapsed to the point where money became a useless trade commodity. With the fewer and fewer sales of automobiles worldwide, biodiesel sales dropped tremendously.

With the rising proposition to instead use available farming resources (e.g. corn, sugar cane and even algae-based foods) within the corporation's disposal to gear toward exporting food as appose to biodiesel, the company's administration began to suffer from tense disagreement. With a drastic attempt of an over-privileged bureaucrat to seize total control with the aims to instead tighten production output amidst the financial chaos, the African continent was split into four sub corporations, two of which soon become officially recognised as the political sectors VII and VIII.

The central two nations has been overrun by civil war to the point where their controlling corporations had little power to stop them, resulting in the central African area to splinter into the multi-faceted rule of its regional powers.

The remaining two corporations, was the already recovering Calypso Industries in the north, and Leto Corporation in the south. Whilst Calypso soon recovered from the Alliance's decline to become a productive corporation, due to the mistreatment of the worker class in lower Africa by the richer bourgeois, the government was soon overthrown at the hands of a Communist Revolution, being officially rechristened the "African People's Union of Sector VIII" after the successful transition into a self-sufficient Maoist Socialist political zone.

By the year 2050, through carefully planned growth and the continued exportation of biodiesel (at the time, was primarily to farming companies), Calypso rose to a world-recognised industry.

Seizure of Upper Africa

It was soon after the corporation's foundation that the nation had managed to slip into a position of complete dictatorship over its home sector of Upper Africa, only ever faltering and falling to pieces over sixty years later.

Within a matter of months after the crumble of the unified Africa, the political zone was mopped up and tied together under Calypso, using its almost exclusive rights over northern African land to righteously assume the position of power through threats of eviction to any who did not support them. In worse cases, this also included the cutting off of power and water supplies to the inhabitants, or even outright demolition within the full public view.

Once the worst of the public resistance had quelled down, the organisation set out to completely eliminate all other biodiesel competition within Africa. Decades passed, and with the huge worldly demand of a fossil fuel alternatives the organisation's influence had risen to the point where it reached deep into every developed nation of the world, establishing an multi-national network of exclusive Calypso biodiesel stations. Eventually, this led to Calypso industries and the puppet nation beneath it powerful both economically and influentially.

Despite the existence of this capitalist dictatorship, the parliament had still continued to hold heated elections. These were often deliberately tampered with to keep trusted individuals in power, or to create interesting conflicts within the majorities of votes to both stimulate the media and to stray away any possible suspicion of a superimposed party playing a part.

This system continued for an extended period of time before a sudden conflict within the corporation by the close of 2118. The organisation's board of directors had dissolved through an aggressive negotiation, forcing governmental control within the sector to swing heavily towards the Oligarchy of Elders as the corporation above them splintered. The Upper African economy suffered detrimentally from the vacuum of organised power, with the nation entering a major recession.

K21 Squared

Calypso industries finally crumbled during the



Vallarie Administration

International Worker's Union

Restored White Armies


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