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Bruce Somoron
Sketch of Bruce
Aliases Alex
Language(s) English, Spanish
Role(s) Sector XI Police Officer
Aligned sector XI
Nationality Mexican-Canadian
Element None
Gender Male
Religious beliefs Humanism
Relatives Many
Born Late 21st Century
Died They keep trying
Physical Description
Skin colour Caucasian
Hair colour Black
Height Tall
Weight Substantial
Military Service
Service Branch Central American Army
Central American Aerial Contingent
Central American Navy
Central American National Police
Years of Service A lot
Rank Commissioned Officer (Various)
Battles/wars Defence of the Panama Canal (2106)
Awards Many


And I don't give a balls about what you think on this either, the whole thing smells of government plots.

–Bruce Somoron, K21 - Forgiveness and Mercy.

Bruce Alexander Lawrence Louice Somoron originates from Sector XI Central American Zone. He's seen war, arrested criminals and had the balls to uphold the law in an area that is rife with corruption.



Bruce Somoron had a distinguished military career with all three services that he rarely discusses beyond the Avian Semtex Incident and his involvement the Defence of the Panama Canal. A notable trait shared by his former superior officers is a weariness of Somoron to the extent he has been ordered to stay behind instead of joining a military patrol he was assigned to on more than one ocassion.


At some point Somoron career flipped to become a police officer with the Central American National Police. It can be assumed that it was here that he met Alex Domingo during his secondment to Mexico City as well as his current commissioner with whom he is keen to remind of an incident earlier in his career involving goats.

K21 - Substantial Illusions

During an assignment to retrieve Alex Domingo, Bruce Somoron journeyed from Mexico City to Panama City via the rocket train network. Aboard the vehicle he encountered a young man going by the name of Alejandro Sanders with whom he struck up an amicable rapport. After enlightening his companion to the many woes that afflicted Central America, Bruce offered up his infamous hospitality and escorted the tourist to a nearby restaurant before ensuring the young man safely left the sector.

K21 - Deceit and Disloyalty

After being assigned to Soyapango, Bruce Somoron was charged with undertaking shifts centered around the perimeter of the International Worker's Union Soyapango Outpost as the military attempted to excise the threat posed by forces loyal to Agent 01. During this time he became involved in a multitude of exploits ranging from spicing up the lives of his colleagues, taking potshots at seagulls and accidentally shooting down aircraft.

K21 - Forgiveness and Mercy

In the aftermath of the Soyapango Outpost being neutralized, Bruce accompanied his long term colleague Alice Valentina in a mission to identify the body of Agent 01 amongst the ruins of the warehouse. As they moved deeper into the wreckage, the duo were ambushed by surviving IWU soldiers that attempted to eliminate them. Somoron was latterly extracted from the site and transferred to hospital where he attempted to convince officials that his colleague's life was in danger. After undergoing serious surgery he was reunited with Alice under somber circumstances after it became apparent that she had been attacked in her own home after her husband had been murdered by Agent 01.


Somoron is a rotund man of a robust build who is generally outfitted in some form of uniform. He has a puffy face complimented with a walrus moustache and scruffy black hair. His brown eyes are sullen with crow's feet permeating his brow.

Abilities and Attributes

Somoron appears to be fairly hardy and resilient. He's a terrible shot with a shotgun although he has been known on occasion to shoot down light aircraft. The man is also rather deft with explosives, much to the chagrin of several colleagues ever since the Avian Semtex Incident.


Brash, blunt and to the point. Somoron doesn't have time for bullshit and has a fondness for speaking his mind whether it is warranted or not.


Vamana Uldericks

Best friends. Not complicated.

Alex Domingo

Work colleague and borderline lunatic. Certified weapons expert.

Alice Valentina

Fine set of balls on her, though not the last time she checked.

Sasha Vlahovic

An estranged son. Estranged in the sense that each one doesn't know the other exists.



People with the balls to stand up for what they believe in and challenge the status quo

–Bruce Somoron, on people who don't annoy him, K21 - Substantial Illusions

I'm just amazed you're listening to all this and not denouncing me as some ballsy cynical lunatic.

–Bruce Somoron, to Vamana Uldericks, K21 - Substantial Illusions

I never bring my own ID, because I don't feel obliged to carry it just to stroke the balls of some lowly jobsworths who don't outrank my station

–Bruce Somoron, on Central American security protocols, K21 - Substantial Illusions


Talk a lot, don't you?

–Vamana Uldericks, to Bruce Somoron, K21 - Substantial Illusions


  • Bruce Somoron is an endearing creation of Lither that tends to act as a mouthpiece for ballsy jokes and cynical interpretations of the K21 universe by the authors who wield the character.

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