• Khalael

    New Beginning

    April 18, 2017 by Khalael

    As the attempted "Rebuild" fell through and the original K21 writers have reached an impasse after losing all motivation for it, we've decided to go for an alternate setting to K21 called GHOST.

    GHOST reuses most of the K21 characters for purpose of basic personalities and names but aims to be a more distilled setting. That said, K21 will continue to be supported if other writers still wish to write for it. It's just the the original writers (myself, Necrus, Sol and Tom) won't be actively contributing to it anymore.

    GHOST scraps the whole "Sector" thing but keeps the living dystopian dynamic that became the real staple of the series intact.

    Elementals have been removed and replaced with a handful of Sigil bearers.

    The plot is coalesced around …

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  • NecrusIV

    With the start of a new year, there a few changes in the Wiki's design and organisation, and the foundation of new goals.

    Void Media is now disbanded, with all members now absorbed into the framework of the newly founded Lendanto Group. No changes to your current positions are automatic unless otherwise notified.

    The wiki is now redesigned to suit the group's aesthetic, and to nod towards the wiki's future direction.

    To avoid potential copyright claims in our future endeavours, Ghost_K is now entitled GHOST.

    As well as redesigning the wiki we will be completely rehauling the K21 Squared Main story to be a six-part novella series. Ideas from the current four stories will be implemented within the first two installments before diverging significant…

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  • Khalael

    A Dying Sun

    December 16, 2014 by Khalael

    Given the changes that this collaborative piece has underwent over the year, the schedule derailments and the overall lack of focus I felt it was time to just air everything out in the open without the secrecy of our Google Docs, Skype calls or Chat discussions.

    It's probably best to start from the beginning. Back in December 2013, plans were still under way to complete Kindred and finish the "main" K21 Squared story arc throughout the course of this year. It was decided that we should provide some background to the Secondary Division characters that were originally intended to be featured in the main series (Omar, Daymon and Elise) as well as developing the character of Sasha further (who had previously appeared in Deceit and Disloyatly an…

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  • Khalael

    I have a great affinity for deadlines and the whooshing noise they make as they fly past. These are some fairly inconsistent ramblings and thoughts I had about a few choice stories.

    For this Critical Analysis Blog, I've decided to provide a Pure Score (evaluation of current written content) and an Adjusted Score (evaluation of current written content in context of completion).

    Dog of War's début short story offers an evocative critique of American Exceptionalism through the eyes of an atheist citizen who finds himself a victim of religious persecution. The first person narrative effectively conveys the inhuman treatments that the protagonist suffers in visceral detail. This coupled with linguistic variance in language choice reinforces a sense o…

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  • Khalael

    User can into wiki

    September 23, 2014 by Khalael

    In light of people showing increased interest in this self contained elitist bureaucratic wiki we felt a guide would probably be a good idea. So here in ten simple steps is a thorough guide on where to look and who to ask as well as several clarifications of the nature of the Ghost_K Wiki Community.

    NB: This applies to K21 writing only. OTG is a whole other can of worms for another time.

    We don't accept anonymous editors here. Go account or go home. Trespassers will be banned. Survivors will be banned again.

    Now, this one should be pretty self explanatory, but a few users have fallen into pitfalls because of failure to do this. So read the rules and learn the rules. They are the bread and butter of the wiki. Also appreciate that any attempts …

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  • Ah2190


    September 6, 2014 by Ah2190

    True, this blog post is kinda short, but it's mainly to let you lot know that today is my birthday, and as such, activity will possibly drop for a while.

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  • OvaltinePatrol


    September 4, 2014 by OvaltinePatrol
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  • NecrusIV

    Uni work

    August 29, 2014 by NecrusIV

    Yeah so if your're interested, for Visual Interactions at uni i've been doing up a design brief for a kind of book-reading app kinda like a visual novel but isn't Katawa Shojou pornographic. Thought it'd be worth sharing pictures with you guys.

    By the end of this semester it'll also be seeing prototyping with HTML. Probably will get music to play and shit.

    Anyway, here's some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

    I'll update you when prototyping gets underway.

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  • Khalael

    2014 Neck Awards

    August 20, 2014 by Khalael

    For the first time in the history of the site we have been graced with enough new prose to make an awards ceremony a worthwhile endeavour. So here for your entertainment are the nominations for the First Annual Neck Awards. Feel free to vote upon them in the comments below.

    Best Novel

    • Substantial Illusions

    Best Novella

    • Bleached Delusions
    • Tarnished Perceptions
    • Deceit and Disloyalty
    • Clouded Rectitude

    Best Novelette

    • Second Great Battle of Siberia
    • Subterfuge Chronicles
    • Bitter Reality
    • I'm With You
    • Prayer

    Best Short Story

    • Aftermath
    • Lies
    • Broken Faith
    • Dusty Blinds
    • Twisted Deliverance

    Best Unfinished Work

    • Forgiveness and Mercy
    • Blinkered Discord
    • Limitless Sun
    • Loose Ends
    • Judgement In Duty

    Best Graphic Story

    • Issue One: Crimson Atmosphere
    • Issue Two: Iridescence

    Best Editor

    • Legitim…
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  • Ah2190

    Brief Flash of an update

    July 24, 2014 by Ah2190

    I have just uploaded two files recently, which are the two signatures of Daymon, or Pyre from the Phoenix Project... And Flash, whose real name is...

    Auro Hillman.

    And here they are. I would like it if someone could crop them and the like to fit in the signature space of the infobox, but I can always add them as they are to the correct pages.

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  • Ah2190

    Good news, Bad news

    July 12, 2014 by Ah2190

    It is a bit of a shame that despite my efforts, I was unable to pass the year, but despite my current removal from the education system, I still plan to work on both my solo projects, and group projects, like the stuff I have done so far for Ghost_K. It also doesn't help that apparently, my laptop has a virus on it somehow which I didn't know about - which should be dealt with once I get some proper software installed.

    But thanks to some stuff which has been sorted out, I will now have a regular source of income, which is more than my weekly budget while I was at University.

    Finally, I think that 'Flash' would still be alive and well during 2121... Although I suspect he's either laying low or something. I mean, he knows Subject Pyre better t…

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  • Dog of War

    I'm sure a good chunk of you know me from here, but if you don't, I'm Dog of War.

    I've made my character and I am in the process of writing a (possibly short) story, detailing his conversion from an agnostic to a Neo Luminous Christian. The conversion will come about through a communist terrorist group killing his family, and torturing him. He will be rescued by a Christian group where he turns to God for guidance on his further actions.

    If you have any advice and pointers either on my idea or just in general about the universe I would be thankful if you shared it with me.

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  • Khalael

    The Reign of Terror

    May 25, 2014 by Khalael

    Another year, another Blog Post. I hope everyone has loved having me around for that long. Especially Libr-san and Sandvich-kun. I just hope that one day senpai will notice me and that Tahrm will edit again.

    Everyone knows this site would have been a better place without me, defended by Guardiuns of Freedom against the threat of evil instead of a fine example of utopian fiction.

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  • Ah2190

    Well, after some time of being here and then gone, I'm back - and hopefully, despite the fact that I may end up dropping in and out as my 'net access changes, this time I'll be sticking around for quite some time. Anyway, I've been reading up on K21 - Limitless Sun, and I must admit, the portrayal of Daymon in it is good. Although speaking of Daymon...

    ...Even though I haven't 100% completed the Design Document for The Phoenix Project, I have managed to submit it in, and also I'm starting to add a few articles about the game on here... which will include (eventually) an article on the Shadow Elemental who will still be a thorn in Daymon's side, and has been ever since he killed his parents, and then Subject ██████████ (although the latter w…

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  • NecrusIV

    Just a heads up guys. I knocked my hard drive off a table whilst moving some stuff around and it won't read any more when plugged back in. Probably shattered the disc or dislodged the arm. Whatever the case, all my drawings are gone forever now, unless I am blessed with the possibility to retrieve it without blood-sacrificing my wallet to the hardware gods. So whilst the majority of the Ghost_K stuff still exists either in raw paper, pencil and ink formats or here on the wiki in downsized single-layer .png and .jpg formats, any full scale maps, drawings of characters or other (digital) unpublished stuff is now wholly unretrievable.

    Was too lazy to backup the several dozen gigs worth of data stored on it elsewhere. Google drive was too small…

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  • Khalael

    Review of the Year 2013

    December 25, 2013 by Khalael

    As the year draws to a close and we stay in the festive cheer. Happy Holidays one and all and let us look back upon the year.

    It could be argued that the year started off on a distinctly promising note as the previous month had seen a marked increase in both user numbers and productivity. Several stories were in the works at the time and everything seemed to be on track for a new era of writing. Aiming to capitalise upon this and perhaps catalyse the process further, it was proposed that four of the site's authors should work together to write a tale from four different perspectives as an educational exercise in story telling. Effectively starting off as a writing workshop for first person narrative, the groundwork for Bleached Delusions wa…

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  • Ah2190

    Game Idea V0.2

    October 29, 2013 by Ah2190

    Game Name: Ghost_K: The Phoenix Project (Working Title)

    High Concept: (TBC)

    Genre: Action Adventure with RPG elements

    Target Audience: 15+

    Platform(s): Wii U (Possibly Xbox One and PS4)

    The Keidis Scale helps you see just how strong you are and how strong you can get. As you grow stronger through experience, the right value - your current extent of strength - grows, until it reaches the left value, your estimated full capability. The right value also affects how strong your skills are – and this will increase as you defeat enemies, receive Aqua Therapy sessions in exchange for salvage collected during the missions. Along with health, there is another value known as Elemental Units (Æu) which shows how much energy one has at a given moment. Draw…

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  • Solomus-BlackWing


    October 18, 2013 by Solomus-BlackWing

    No, this isn't anyone else's fault. I just need time alone and away from wikia for a bit to collect thoughts and regain creativity. Be back whenever.

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  • Khalael

    Since I need to practice analytic techniques for all three of my subjects this year, I figured your stories would be fine specimens for deconstruction.

    First upon the chopping block is a story I wrote over the course of six months with the helpful input from Lither as the ideas man. I cannot stress that enough, since I strongly doubt I would have been motivated enough to see it through without his desire to see me write a longer piece of fiction.

    It was intended to be a satirical deconstruction of the "elemental powers" concept as well as the dystopian setting that it took place in. Due to this, it took a very personal approach to the world from a first person perspective that allows the reader to see what it would be like to actually have t…

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  • Ah2190

    Game Idea V0.1

    October 14, 2013 by Ah2190

    Game Name: Ghost_K: The Phoenix Project

    High Concept: (TBC)

    Genre: Action Adventure with RPG elements

    Target Audience: 15+

    Platform(s): Wii U (Possibly Xbox One and PS4)

    The Keidis Scale helps you see just how strong you are and how strong you can get. As you grow stronger through experience, the right value - your current extent of strength - grows, until it reaches the left value, your estimated full capability. The right value affects how strong your skills are.

    Along with health, there is another value known as Elemental Units (Æu) which shows how much energy one has at a given moment. Drawing too much Æu in can cause someone to Oversync, which is dangerous and can lead to death, but expending too much Æu can result in Undersyncing, which ca…

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  • Vivaporius

    Okay, so after spitballing the idea with Solo, I thought I'd be best to start a blog in line with Solo's recommendations for my plans for Ashur Icharia. I want him to be a major threat to the world, and not just some average villian in a campy series, but a dangerous villian who want to kill (not pretend kill, but greusomely kill).

    Here's the synopsis:

    Ashur is intelligent, really intelligent, something we've already acknowledge. Using that intelligence, Ashur built a major corporation that he was using to change Africa and make it "better", i.e., by killing anyone whom he viewed as a threat to rebuilding his homeland. He killed major political figures, "disappeared" people who posed a threat to his long-term goals, pumped weapons and money …

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  • NecrusIV

    Art style

    June 5, 2013 by NecrusIV

    Hey there. Alright, this is a site issue.

    As of lately, my love for the initial pop art aesthetic I had for K21 (of which evidently incorporated Anime) has started to die down.

    So here's a referendum: Would you like to keep the current anime style (which I'd say sits on the fence between realistic and cartoon anime), or move towards my "other" style of pseudo-anime realism?

    Take note that the only options I'm discussing are ones I'm most skilled in.

    Close examples of the new style:

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  • Khalael

    One Year Gone

    May 19, 2013 by Khalael

    So it seems I've been contributing here for almost exactly a year.

    All I had wanted to do was lose myself in a series of surreal stories instead of trying to face the reality of my situation at the time. Yet, it seems that in that year a lot has changed for Ghost_K and the standard of quality.

    I would also like to toast the anniversary of K21 Squared, which has been well developed over the last twelve months. Here's to another good year.

    Or arguably I had no impact at all on this site.

    Everything is relative after all.

    --Cal XDMy Talk 22:06, May 19, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Legionaire22


    April 20, 2013 by Legionaire22

    Okay, I'm not really. But I might be, I've yet to figure it out :3

    But I'm trying to fight my writers block and it has for now dissipated and I am itching to get back into it and I feel I've neglected my duties on this site for too long.

    Where am I needed?

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  • Tomj8937

    Off to Portugal for me.

    April 16, 2013 by Tomj8937

    Hi, As I have already said to a few members of the site, I am gonna be away in Portugal for the next fortnight. If I can get on the internet, I'll regularly add to bitter reality, if not, well you know I can't lol.

    Anyway, this may/may not affect you, carry on as normal and I'll go back to bugging you all in 2 weeks.

    Peace out.

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  • Khalael

    Food For Thought

    April 2, 2013 by Khalael

    One day, in a galaxy far, far away... we may be able to actually get somewhere moderately significant with Ghost_K: K21 Squared.

    Thus, in the hypothetical notion that we may end up with publications I feel some issues would need to be addressed.

    1. The Name: Not sure how the band would feel about us using Ghost_K as the name of the series. So perhaps just leaving the name as a reference in the organisation and entirely considering everything as a K(*insert name here format*) would be a better idea. K21, Neo 21, OTG etc. And sort of distance ourselves from the band name. Maybe. Likewise I should rename New Perspective as it's a fairly well known song.
    2. Consolidation of Stories (Except for K21 - New Perspective): Since every other piece of canonica…
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  • Khalael

    Easter Holidays

    March 22, 2013 by Khalael

    Well, I finally haz holiday time after being overly stressed by anthropology essays and psychology reports.

    So this will mean:

    1st Week

    1. Increased productivity on the site
    2. More story time from me
    3. Possibly even some cityscape sketches for neck (very unlikely as I am as lazy as him).
    4. Dragons.

    2nd Week

    1. Nothing. Yeah, I'll be gone on holiday or some shit like that, dawg.
    2. So I can see Ghost_K just dying in my absence, yeah? :P
    3. Knowing my track record, I'll find wi-fi just so I can annoy y'all.

    3rd Week

    1. Ummm... planning isn't really my thing. Idk? Catfish.
    2. Probably more uni work. Seriously, I need to check my timetable.

    This may, or may not, affect you in some way. Actually, it probably won't. I really do fuck all on this site but procrastinate when I should b…

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  • Solomus-BlackWing

    March Break

    March 7, 2013 by Solomus-BlackWing

    So over the course of the march break starting tomorrow, I'll be in Cuba. Which means I'll have little to no internet access, which means....well, I trust you have enough knowledge to figure that last part out by yourselves. Anyway, I won't be back until Saturday, so I hope to see a bunch of progress when I get back, so yeah, get to work maggots!! :P jk jk But yeah, just because I'll be in Cuba doesn't mean I'll be relaxing...okay, it does mean that, but I'll be sure to think of stuff to write, and might even get out a notebook and jot down some ideas. Anyway, I'm rambling, so I'll leave it there.

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  • Khalael

    Well, with Necrus gone I feel now would be a good time to increase our productivity and give back for all the times we harass him about drawings (as well as writing). Therefore, we should all aim to write more for our stories while he is gone. Then we can instead harass him about reading our work.

    Solomus: Tidy up the latest chapter of K21 - Bleached Delusions. Then maybe help out with some editting of other articles and/or giving writing advice to other authors.

    Tomj: Finish K21 - Bitter Reality. Get it done! :P

    Lither: Whatever you can manage when you feel able to.

    Ah: Work more on those records it you can find the time, since they look pretty cool so far

    Carlos: Adding more to K21 - Stone Free would be nice. It has nice balanced characters and…

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  • NecrusIV

    The next week

    January 9, 2013 by NecrusIV

    Starting tomorrow, I'll be absent from Ghost_K in the next week, as we're taking a holiday to the beach n' stuff. I may have access to an Ipad and may drop by once in a while, but other than that, just note i'll be gone.

    So, uh, hope things at this wiki stay operational.

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  • Khalael

    Seasonal Greetings

    December 24, 2012 by Khalael

    Well, as we come to the time of year where people wish others to be merry and be jolly, now is the perfect opportunity to propose some new, fairer, rules.

    1. Necrus is the Supreme Executive God Emperor of this site. Whatever he proposes as canon is taken as thus, and anything he dismisses to be non-canonical must be removed. Failure to do so within a 24 hour time frame is to be rewarded with a 100 year ban. Appeals will be up for debate, if the person who has been banned travels to the house of Necrus and begs for his forgiveness, after washing the feet of our lord and master.
    2. Any content that idealises Socialism or presents it to be a better political system than Capitalism is to be prohibited. Any persons who openly profess these ideals are …
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  • Khalael

    Right, as notional revision for Linguistics and as something else to do so that I can stall my drawing of backgrounds. Let me present to you a brief Critical Analysis of each of the five "main" K21 stories on this site.

    Well, it's a largely cohesive piece. However, it does lose focus towards the end with the multiple endings, but it is arguably excusable with the multitude of loose ends left at the end of Chapter 4. Yet, even these "conclusions" seem to serve to create new loose ends.

    The characters are well presented although some of the minor ones seem to get more attention than necessary.

    Overall: 17/20.

    Advice: More planning.

    What is actually a rather fun read. A shame that it remains unfinished to this day. Has an "innovative" numbering sy…

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  • NecrusIV

    Pending Drawings

    December 9, 2012 by NecrusIV

    If you want a drawing, please message me. Thanks.

    {{Header/1|title=Importantly Important (On order of importance)|content=

    1. Frank Eisner
    2. Hanna Eisner
    3. Melissa Misogyny
    4. Edward Lester
    5. Zalmon Dejanović
    6. Klaus von Austerlitz
    7. Arekusanda Aiko
    8. Annemarie Engel
    9. Olia Silveira
    10. Vamana Uldericks (Redone)
    11. Alice Valentina (Redone)
    12. Marcus Christelle
    • Covers will also have to be redone.

    A key aspect of Ghost_K

    1. AAC 52 Drongo
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  • Khalael

    Twenty One Tenets

    October 24, 2012 by Khalael

    Well, just figured I should make a themed list of things that need to be done.

    And no, this is not a joke.

    1. Necrus must upload all artwork he has created for Ghost_K to the site
    2. Necrus must finish K21/2 - I'm Through COMPLETE
    3. Necrus must promise not to quit K21 Squared
    4. Necrus must outline a storyboard for K21 should he fail at #3 COMPLETE
    5. Necrus must create the outline for more companies in K21
    6. Necrus must create new artwork
    7. Necrus must not complain about completing things
    8. Necrus must not be discouraged by the self-imposed falsehood of the "bad quality" of his work.
    9. Cal must upload all sketches he has created for K21
    10. Cal must finish K21 - Shattered Endeavours COMPLETE
    11. Cal must continue to be a productive member of the site COMPLETE
    12. Cal must expand on the Se…
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  • Khalael


    September 17, 2012 by Khalael

    Yeah, so one of the loyal contributors and story writers on the site is going to be inacitve most of this week. And likely next. Since I keep being invited to parties during Fresher's.

    So might catch you briefly from time to time and add random comments, but I'm not going to be productive. xD

    And remember kids, #YOLT.

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  • Lither


    August 6, 2012 by Lither

    Recent events on the Chat have convinced me that creating a rule banning self-deprecation should be made.

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  • Khalael

    Alternate Universes

    August 5, 2012 by Khalael

    I was wondering if we are permitted to make Alternate Universe characters of the main Ghost_K Meta-plot for a story. And what is your general stance on alternate universes or scenarios being created? I was just curious as I had seen a Lilly Ashton (Aurora) page when I was doing categorisation on the site.

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  • Khalael

    Well, I'm making this blog mainly to remind Necrus of his side project and to encourage him to WRITE more stuff.

    That's an order, not a request. YOU WILL FINISH THAT STORY OF YOURS!!! UNDERSTOOD!?

    Anyway, also just highlighting that more K21 stuff needs to be made, like Mark and the Districts. Although, I feel a name change may be in order.

    Like, Sectors; Zones or Regions.

    Just some thoughts of mine. Oh, and we need more companies for Ghost_K. MOAR!

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  • NecrusIV

    • Introduces the reader to Lilly, Jack and Mac. Jack makes fun of Lilly daydreaming about the awesomeness that is Ghost_K (also doubles as an intro into Ghost_K's purpose to the readers). Lilly has somewhat of a depressed moment, then Mac comes im and supports her. Getting a little pissed over Jack.
    • Mac then tells Lilly to head upstairs, and Lilly gets herself together.

    • It cuts to a team of NACDF operating in wilderness. The commanding officer contacts a squad of Hydrus Bethalons, who sight a Pirate Cruiser (Space cruiser)
    • They begin to surround the ship and order it to halt. The pirates resist and attack, leaving the NACDF with no choice but to assault the ship.
    • They do some damage to the hull, but a mysterious pod comes out of the blue, flying …

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  • NecrusIV

    Just recently i had two cases where i designed icons, only to have their looks.. justified. -__-

    The NACDF icon, apparently, comes from Dr Who. Entirley unintiontional.. i prefer Stargate anyway. No offense

    Second of all, i was looking up population for an assignment just recently and:

    It looks just like the Ghost_K icon!

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  • NecrusIV

    10th new skin

    August 2, 2011 by NecrusIV

    Yeah, the wiki skin counter has clocked to 10. Sorry guys. The latest is transparent and has a scrolling background, but because of issues latley the image was failing to upload.

    Is everyone seeing the skin like this background? Thanks if you bother to comment lol.

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  • Tardir

    Anyone care to help?

    July 29, 2011 by Tardir

    Does anyone care to help me with the front page of my own wiki? It is just barely some text there, and it looks horribly lame. The front page is at I would be grateful if anyone was willing to help.

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  • Tardir


    July 14, 2011 by Tardir

    There has been a major discussion about Minecraft on my Inactivity blog post. I suggest that we move the discussion to this one, due to this one being entirely dedicated to Minecraft.

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  • Lither

    Ghost K Chat

    July 13, 2011 by Lither

    In case you haven't noticed, the chat function of this wiki has been activated a short while ago. If you have not noticed, look on the right side of the Recent Wiki Activity.

    Read more >
  • Tardir


    July 5, 2011 by Tardir

    Wow, we're starting to get REALLY inactive here. So, what are you guys up to when you're not on here?

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  • Tardir

    Theme Songs

    June 15, 2011 by Tardir

    Dudes, not to act like a bastard, but i think that we should limit theme songs to articles to certain kinds of Symphony(Immediate Music, Hans Zimmer, X Ray Dog, etc.), most Techno(The Prodigy, Hive, Feint, Netsky, etc.), some kinds of Rock(Linkin Park, Adema, etc.) and certain kinds of metal(Rammstein, Julien-K, etc.). I propose this because i think the said bands fit Ghost_K better than most other kinds of music(No offense to other music genres.). So, what do you guys think? But note that this is just a suggestion, nothing more.


    Immediate Music:

    Hans Zimmer:

    X Ray Dog:

    The Prodigy: http://ww…

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  • SniperGhost


    May 22, 2011 by SniperGhost

    Because this is a parralell universe to Black Forge NecrusIV mentioned that it might be possible to bring the Storm Hammers. I would like to know your opinions on this before I do anything as personally I thought much of the Hammers relied on the hell hole Earth had become.

    Thanks SniperGhost

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  • SniperGhost

    Morvari- Opinions

    May 21, 2011 by SniperGhost

    Right since the Morvari are my first article for Ghost_K I wondered what people think so far, so could you please post your views here. I would specificaly ask you for constructive criticism and give me some ideas for what could be put in the article next and how the Morvari interact with the Urcron and Human civilisation and what impact they will have on the plot (e.g. kill of Urchron or waste earth, etc).

    Thanks SniperGhhost

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  • NecrusIV

    Need inspiration?

    April 10, 2011 by NecrusIV


    Watch these vids on youtube. Ghost_K is heavily influenced by the Legends of Metru Nui.

    Yes, there is a great spirit. But im not basing the personalities of Ghost_k off the Toa in this vid. Except Toa Lihkan... Nathan Sheppard is basically like him, because Lihkan is absolutley awesome. :D

    Yes, I am a perfectionist.

    If you need help visualising how citizens act towards ghost_k, how (in a similar fashion) humans react once chosen to become members of ghost_k, etc:


    (After the intro) Seeing how members of Ghost_k fight with aliens (the gold and red guy... Toa Lihkan... of course, the aliens are nowhere near as kid friendly as Nidhiki and Krekka, but you get the picture.)

    Also if you need help with how old members of Ghost_k pass their pow…

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