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Northern Aeronautics B-5 Revenant


Nuclear Powered Strategic Stealth Bomber


Northern Aeronautics

First Flight

9 November 2096




Active service

Primary users

North American Strike Force

Number built

16 (still in production)

Developed from

Project Sustained Freedom

The B-5 Revenant is a nuclear powered strategic stealth bomber designed and produced by Sector I for use in long range atmospheric operations that fighter-bomber aircraft cannot be relied upon to undertake. They were designed to be able to remain airborne for weeks at a time without needing to land, being limited solely by food needed to sustain the pilots, maintenance issues caused by prolonged flight and of course rearming the aircraft.



The B-5 Revenant was conceived at the outbreak of the Third World War as an intercontinental strategic bomber that could be deployed from home soil to rapidly respond to threats across the world. It was intended to be a first response to hostile actions against the United States of America as the supreme deterrent.

Project Sustained Freedom

Falsified Blueprints

Nuclear Tests

Public Image



The B-5 Revenant is one of the most advanced and little understood vehicles to exist during the 22nd century. It has been theorised to have an operational range of 100,000km due to its onboard nuclear reactor, thus allowing it to remain airborne and merely redirect its course to attack new targets without the need to land. As a bomber it has a capacity of delivering a limited payload that has lead the preferred armaments to be nuclear weapons. Advanced avionics allow it to remain stable while in flight and the entire electronic systems have been EMP hardened. The flight controls are incredibly advanced, which has lead only the most trained and trusted pilot crews being allowed to operate these expensive vehicles. Of course, the primary unique feature of the B-5 is the nuclear reactor that powers it, with details of this compact device being a closely guarded military secret. A way of reliably detecting the B-5 has yet to be developed by any rival superpowers as it uses technology that masks it's presence to a degree where it only has a 0.01% chance of detection by the designer's own advanced radar systems.


A B-5 is capable of being armed with a variety of conventional and nuclear weapons. It has been theorised that it could carry four 100 megaton nuclear bombs, although there are whispers of a 500 megaton bomb having been developed by American scientists for use by the B-5 Revenant as a strategic nuclear weapon of mass destruction.


All avionics are EMP hardened so that they can keep the aircraft in the air in the event of a nuclear weapon being deployed by the B-5 Revenant or if an enemy nation utilises nuclear devices in the vicinity of the advanced aircraft.

Flight controls

Fuel System

At the very heart of the B-5 revenant is compact nuclear reactor.


The B-5 Revenant has advanced stealth capabilities that include illusionary deceptors that make the vehicle difficult to comprehend even with the naked eye. Of course, as this is not true invisibility the aircraft still maintains a slight chance of being detected. In order to alleviate this further, the vehicle leaves a minimal heat signature and has been outfitted in radar absorbing materials.

Operational History


North American Strike Force

The NASF have been using these for covert missions for close on ten years. They have managed to keep them airborne the entire time without unplanned incident. Their use in the Great American War has been suspected but has never properly been confirmed.

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