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Asiduus Aeviternus
Asiduus, in his usual attire (date of capture unknown
Aliases Jeoffery DeMandra
Russel Morn
Language(s) English
Role(s) CEO
Aligned sector V
Nationality Unknown
Element SigilTime Time
Keidis rating Unknown
Gender Male
Religious beliefs Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Born Unknown
Physical Description
Skin colour Fair
Hair colour Black
Height Unknown

Your lives are measured in years and decades. You wither and die. I am a universal constant.

–One of the few known quotes of Asiduus

The secretive and corrupt chairman of Sector V, Asiduus Aeviternus is one of the few, if only, ones blessed with the Element of Time. This would explain why he is seemingly able to outlive even the most technologically modified being. Almost nothing is known of the illusive crimelord, and barely anything makes up his past. A genius level intellect, Asiduus is a planner and knows full well what is going to happen to his planet. He also knows he will almost certainly outlive its demise. As such, much funds are spent on research in Sector V. He is the CEO of Event Horizon, a company which focuses heavily on research of terraforming and deep-space exploration.

Character History

K21 Aces High

In the short stories of Aces High, the true motive behind the vast sums of money invested in the Event Horizon company is explained, and what devious plans Asiduus truly has in store.

K21 Squared



Close-up shot of Asiduus (date of capture unknown)

Asiduus Aeviternus always appears as a well dressed man, clad in suits and shirts of stylish yet subtle colours, never appearing in the open looking less than perfect. His green eyes are ringed with golden veins around the iris, and his gaze can transfix and petrify any lesser man. Even though he is a very old man, he looks like one in his physical prime, with a slight stuble and a few inlays of silver strings in his dark brown hair. While it has been speculated that he is slowly ageing, he has stated that the silver is meerly a costmetic he had implemented to give him a wiser look.

Abilities and Attributes

While one of the few beings that posses control, and in fact mastery, of the Element of Time, he rarely uses it for any purpose other than to extend his life in, what he calls, the Enigma. The Enigma is a place where he is not only the wielder, but the sole owner of time. As such, he can change the effects of time on his body, making him virtually immortal. While he can control time in the Enigma, he cannot control the normal timestream, and cannot emerge back in time. He has been known to be able to phase in time, as seen when he was attacked and a bullet went through him, by him phaseing the bullet to move 3 inches forward in time, leading it to miss him by passing through him harmlessly.

However, what marks Asiduus out is his use of tricks and illusions to fool his foes. A competent fighter in any situation, given his longevity, he is prone to avoiding combat, at one point even having one of his workers genetically altered and brainwashed to act as him. This led to a team of assassins believing Asiduus to be dead, only to be found dumbfounded, and later, dead in their beds.

A man with genius level intellect, Asiduus has read and understood many works of great thinkers and use it to further his own goals.


Asiduus is a reserved man, who is said to always adress a person in a pleasing way, while still showing them how little power they actually have. He never adresses one who enters unanounced, and is very strict with clients and buisness partners alike to know that it is he who is in charge. He has designed everything in his meeting-room to reflect his control perfectly, from the long table with a throne in one end and a pal in the other, to the window overlooking the vast research facilities and manufactories of Sector V.

More than anything, Asiduus is an opportunist in the extreme. A typical example of his radical ways was when, after an accident, he bought up all emergency aid and distributed them for free, at the cost of the helped people's first born child should work for him, basically becoming his slaves. These are the ones he often brainwashes to act as him in public

Event Horizon

Event Horizon is a company which researches Terraforming and deep-space exploration. It is funded almost exclusivley by Asiduus himself, and how he gets the money for it is a mystery best left unlooked at.


Asiduus is a vile scum, ready to take advantage of every opportunity. He does not consider anyone a permanent friend or foe, meerly an investment or a threat. An investment is worthy to keep alive, but should it prove futile or a risk, he will not hesitate to cut ties...or throats.

Claude Lasi-Faité

Asiduus has anonymously been sponsoring Claude's terrorist acts, seeing that when one focuses on him, they have less time to focus on him. Asiduus has also acted as a mentor to Claude, seeing that a being with two elemental powers is a fine investment of the thing he has more than anything else: Time.

Vamana Uldericks

Unbeknownst to him, Asiduus provides alot of funds to Vamana's and his terrorist operations. When dealing with Vamana, he always acts through envoys, to make sure none learns of his involvement. The envoys often die through unnatural means.



Technology advances. Now begins a new era of knowledge
Existance is a pattern. Patterns are weaknesses. My pattern changes

–When commented on his ´´cosmetic´´ hair change

My pattern fades

–As quoted when Asiduus ´´died´´

Time, like all things, innevitably bend to my will


DeMandra once sated that "Patterns are weaknesses," claiming his "pattern changes". However all patterns are puzzles - codes which can be cracked...

Mathieu Dalton, whilst researching through the sparse few accounts of Asiduus's Existence. Note how Mathieu references him as "DeMandra", which instantly suggests that any evidence of Asiduus is very scarce and/or unreliable.


  • Asiduus is a variation of Assiduus, the Latin word for Constant
  • Aeviternus is Latin for Everlasting, thus making his name ´´Constant the Everlasting´´
  • Asiduus is the first (and only) Time Elemental on the site.
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