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Ashur Icharia
Ashur Icharia in 2121
Language(s) Swahili, English, French
Role(s) CEO of Dhana Technologies
Leader of the Maauji
Aligned sector VIII
Nationality Tanzanian
Element SigilShadow Shadow
Keidis rating Zeta plus by Epsilon minus
Gender Male
Relatives Rukiya Icharia (wife)
Sadaka Icharia (son)
Sauda Icharia (daughter)
Born 17th November 2063 (age 58)
Physical Description
Skin colour Medium brown
Hair colour Black
Height 6'7" (204.21 cm)
Weight 233 lbs (105.68 kg)
Military Service
Service Branch Lower African People's Army
Years of Service 2072–2084
Rank Major
This world doesn't have much time left, don't you agree? I only wish to remove from power those who have led us to this sorry state. I'm not evil, I'm just a patriot.

–Ashur Icharia

Ashur Icharia is the current CEO of Dhana Technologies, an advanced tech firm located in the walled city-fortress of New Zanzibar, using the company as a cover for the funding and development of his secret terrorist organization known as the Maauji.

A bitter old man, Ashur has suffered a long life of losses, setbacks, and personal trauma, which have sharped his hostile view of the world. Born into abject poverty in the slums of New Zanzibar, Ashur was drafted into the military of Sector VIII Lower African Zone. Later on in his life, Ashur was selected to serve in the the nation's government-sponsored scientific studies division after it was discovered his talent with handling technology. Following the discovery of Ashur's late-blooming elemental powers, he managed to escape from the government's control, going into hiding for much of his young adult life. Confident that his government was corrupt and beyond saving, Ashur made the decision to do something about it.

Following his escape in 2090, Ashur went into hiding and after several years on the run, he finally married and moved back into social life once more under a new name and identity, hopeful that the government's forces could not find him. Moving quickly to climb up the social latter in New Zanzibar, Ashur founded Dhana Technologies in 2101 as the vehicle for his secret plans. Today a wealthy businessman and powerful politician, Ashur has spent most of his resources development a new type of "weapon" to spearhead his goal to replace the corrupt government of Sector VIII, and move on to deal with all corruption throughout the globe, replacing the failing governments of the world as he sees them with one of his own, a "just" and "upright" government.

Ashur's secret weapon, known as the Maauji, are born and bred killers grown in hidden labs of DhanaTech, to serve as assassins Ashur plans to use to spearhead his war against the world, as well as to build the family he lost so many years ago. Bearing an unbridled hatred of his leaders and any authority outside of his own, Ashur today is unpredictable, unmerciful, and quite easily put, unstable. He justifies his actions by stating that he only wishes to rebuild the world that he regards as beyond redemption, and often times resorts to measures that border on the psychotic and genocidal. However, in recent years, Ashur has begun to transition his operations to a global scale, and is preparing to "liberate" Earth from the hands of its old masters at a quickening pace.


Early Life

Ashur Icharia was born in 2063 into a poor family of seven in the slums of New Zanzibar in Sector VIII, a few decades after the collapse of the New African Alliance. The son of an army conscript and a prostitute, Ashur's life was not one of ease. At the age of three, his father was killed in a firefight with rebels on the mainland along with the rest of his unit, leaving Ashur's mother as the sole provider for the family. At age eight, Ashur's mother was raped and murdered during a police raid on Ashur's block of the slums, and two of his brothers killed when they tried to stop the police. With only his eldest sister left to provide for Ashur and his remain two siblings, life grew even worse for his family. At age nine, Ashur was drafted to serve as a supply handler during an uprising in the city, during which time his entire family had been murdered by rioters, who razed entire blocks of the city killing tens of thousands of innocents. As a military conscript, Ashur became the property of the military, and was effectively dependent upon them for everything.

In 2076, Ashur was caught stealing equipment from the military storage facilities to sell on the blackmarket, hoping to supplement his meager wage from the military. He was retrofitting the equipment to bypass military hardcoding designed to prevent unauthorized personnel from using it, and then selling it criminal organizations who needed the equipment to fight the military and the police throughout the sector. Ashur was condemned by military tribunal, and sentenced to life imprisonment without parole. However, Ashur's technical know-how caught the eye of a government official looking for qualified personnel for a new military program aimed at updating the nation's weapons to better compete with its neighbors to the north. The superweapons many of the other nations were designing were of much concern to the Lower African government, and the need for engineers, technicians, and designers was great to counteract that problem. Ashur's skills with military-grade equipment got him noticed, and after pulling a few strings, he would live to see another day as a free man.

From 2076 to 2080, Ashur worked his hands raw for the military's impractical superweapons. Ignored despite his contributions to the Lower African war effort, Ashur saw little accomplished during his time in the military's advanced weapons division. Ashur once warned his commanders that a weapon his colleages designed would not work, and worse still, would flood the vehicle using it with lethal radiation. Ashur was punished for his criticism of the supertank, and flogged for speaking out about it. During testing, the crew of the vehicle attempted to fire the weapon, which instead caused a severe energy routing malfunction, rupturing the tank's fuel lines, and leaking an overwhelming amount of radiation into the crew compartment. Overwhelmed by the radiation, the crew could not escape in time, and they died within a matter of second. Rather than accept their role in not listening to Ashur's warnings, the officers punished Ashur once again for "sabatoging" a military prototype vehicle, and he was locked up in a maximum security prison as a scapegoat. Ashur would spend the last four years of his military commission behind bad.

Prison life and elemental training

During the four years Ashur spent behind bars, his elemental powers finaling manifested themselves in 2080, some seven months after being locked-up as a scapegoat for his commanders' failures in the experimental weapons program. Looking forward to escaping his confinement, Ashur kept all knowledge of his powers a secret, going so far as a damage medical records for his entire cell-block just to keep the authorities from discovering his abilities. Training under the cover of darkness, Ashur managed to maintain a consistent training schedule to increase his handling and understanding of his new powers. There were many times Ashur was nearly caught practicing with his powers, such as when he managed to form a weapon to defend himself from the prison guards who would beat him every few days, but had to restraint himself from using it when they nearly killed him, resulting in the scars that he bears today.

During this years in prison, Ashur's view of his government and the world in general saw him take on a very hostile stance to all those around him. He couldn't understand why those nations such as Sector I and Sector III who prided themselves as the bastions of human morality, who allow such a cruel government such as Lower Africa's to exist. Regarding these nations and others as fundamentality hypocritical and therefore morally bankrupt, Ashur saw no reason for them to exist as an entity, especially if the basis they were founded upon where the very things they ignored.


Ashur's character is difficult to pinned down. He has a long and painful life, from losing his entire family at a very young age, to being experimented on by the government of Sector VIII. The havok that played on his mind was extensive, and the instability of being a shadow elemental further complicated his mental stability. Ashur is very plainly insane, and though one may not see it at first, a well-trained eye need only look into Ashur's to see the pain and lose of the man. Ashur has killed hundreds of people in his time, and has not forgotten any of the people who he's killed, no matter how hard he has tried too. Though he may appear to be a fighter, Ashur doesn't like fighting nor does he want to be dragged into one. His deep commanding voice belies a terrified person within. Though an increase in his voice may render others scared, Ashur himself is timid at most times though he may attempt to play the part of a strongman. This should not, however, make him out to be a coward.


Ashur is a tall, muscular man with jet black hair and dark brown skin. The years of physical experimentation have scarred his body, his current appearance grotesque to those who lay eyes upon him for the first time. There is no way one can mistaken Ashur for another person upon seeing him for a second time. Though he may be strong enough to fight another athletic man and win, Ashur doesn't like fighting and is afraid of losing given the memories of watching physical fights in the slums end in bloodshed. His clothing is always black and of business attire, with numerous forms of equipment for his scientific research. Also, he carries a laser sidearm produced by his company for protection. Ashur's eyes have since been replaced with cybernetic ones, which are entirely black with a glowing purple iris. He wears a trimmed goatee with a point, and his hair a combed back style.

Powers & Abilities


Oh yes. The legendary Central American 'funny money.' Printed on pieces of toilet paper used to wipe up the tears of orphans working in endless sweatshops of the Yucatan Peninsula. I hear that every couple of days they've got to make the damned banknotes a few inches longer so they can slap some more fucking zeros at the end of them. That shit's worth less than a piece of shit.

–Ashur Icharia, speaking of the worthlessness of Admint Toll's national "currency"

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