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Ariel Penzak
Aliases Callsign "Lion"

Eric Jones

Language(s) Hebrew, English
Nationality North American/Israeli
Gender Male
Born 2089-22-02
Physical Description
Skin colour Light Tan
Hair colour Black
Height 6'3"

Arik Travers (born Ariel Penzak) is a former US soldier turned freelance assassin, and in recent years has become a somewhat infamous in international circles.



Arik inherited his tanned skin tone and black hair from his mother but inherited his sea-blue eyes from his father, giving him a surprisingly striking appearance. He wears his hair long, having long since grown it out of its former buzz cut, but often ties it back to prevent it from obscuring his vision or being grabbed by an adversary.

Arik's physique is broad-shouldered and muscular, though slightly more slender than is the norm due to his height.

Abilities and Attributes

Arik is an expert marksman and guerrilla fighter, proficient in the use of a wide range of firearms, as he prefers to take out his quarry from a distance. Though he refrains from hand-to-hand combat unless absolutely necessary, Arik can be just as formidable unarmed as he is armed. His specialty is Krav Maga, as it was the favored CQC technique of the his unit stationed in Israel, and its efficient system of attacks and counters best suites his approach to combat in general.


A die-hard pragmatist, Arik lives by a simple mantra: at the end of the day people will invent all sorts of justifications if it means they can murder the people they don't like. Thus Arik has resolved never to give excuses for his actions; he may be a hired killer, but at least he doesn't pretend to be anything else. In his mind, philosophy is just words, "noble causes" get you killed young, and God is, quite frankly, for other people.

This outlook, combined with deep-seated trust issues, have led Arik to fiercely value his independence as an individual and frequently refuse assistance from others, even when it is to his benefit to do so.






  • "Arik" is a diminutive of Ariel, Arik's birth name, which in turn is Old Hebrew for "Lion of God"
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