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Arianna Molière
Aliases Annie
Language(s) French, English (?)
Role(s) N/A
Aligned sector Sector IV Euro Zone
Nationality French
Element SigilPlant Plant
Gender Female
Relatives Edward Molière, Father (deceased), Mariann Molière, Mother (deceased)
Born (Age 13)
Physical Description
Skin colour Caucasian
Hair colour White
Height 3'10"

You learn to drown out loud noises when you're constantly hearing them.

–Arianna Molière

Arianna Molière is a supporting character in the Antecedence Double Trilogy and is one of the moral focal points of Andrew Sol's struggle with consequences of his actions.



Arianna was born in Rue Lamartine to Edward and Mariann Molière. Both were rather irresponsable, not knowing really how to care for a child and frequently taking drugs around the baby. At the age of 2 her mother died of a drugs overdose and her father did his best to take care of her.

Eventually not able to balance his work life and caring for his daughter, Edward moved out his home and moved in with some friends. However, excessive partying, loud music and drugs weren't the only things going on within the house.

After several months living in the house Edward realized his friends had less than savory connections; people smuggling, hacking and even racially aggravated assault. Arianna grew up largely ignorant of these activities, however the implications of them turned her dad paranoid.

After the discovery of her elemental talents, her father taught her the basics of using her newfound ability to defend herself. Though somewhat successful, Edward dedicated himself to watching over his daughter to keep her safe.

K21 - Bitter Reality

Arianna's father was murdered by Andrew Sol when she was just 10 years old, and subsequently put up for adoption not much later.

K21 - Blinkered Discord

Arianna makes a (supposed) brief cameo, wherein Andrew finds out just what kind of orphanage took the young albino in.


Arianna has long white hair and piercing red eyes due to her albinism. She also appears malnourished and pasty due to her living environment, this may also explain her height, which is very short for her age.

Arianna seems to always dress warmly in most weather. She wears a blue children's puffa jacket, a green beret, heavy jeans and pair of green wellies.

Abilities and Attributes

Plant Elemental Power

Like her father, Arianna has a developed a basic grasp for using her elemental ability. It is presumed that her father taught her how, as her mastery, like her father, is very low, only being able to use the most basic aspects of her elemental ability. Using her accelerator, she often rapidly grows nearby plants and (though far rarer) creating multiple weak vines as a means to ensnare legs and immobilize people if in trouble. Her elemental power as been recorded at Delta(470)/Beta(287).


Arianna has a very kind and polite personality, a remarkable trait for someone growing up in such horrible conditions, however her personality does mean she is somewhat of an airhead and a little too trusting in the wrong people on occasion. Regardless her recent hardships have tempered her good natured side somewhat.


E-Accelerator pE43.4

Once belonging to her father, this accelerator was stolen by a criminal known as Henri Vaurien, before his untimely death and its return by Andrew Sol. The conducter seems to be very powerful for small compact size and is capable of speeding up growth of plantlife tenfold. It takes the form of a waistband made of braided plastic wires with a screw attachment to keep it together. with small, simple metal and Jewell trinkets that resemble seeds with a divisible line. When activated, the seed trinkets glow green.



I want to find the bad man who killed by dad. Can you help me with it?

–Arianna Molière


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