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Arekusanda Aiko
Aliases Shi Huangdi of the World
Rightful Maharajah of India
Honourable King of the British Empire
Arch Regent of France
Kaiser of the German Empire
Grand Duke of Austria
Commander-in-Chief of the United States of America
Emperor of the Japanese Empire
Caesar of Italy
Tsar of the Russian Empire
King of Spain
High King of the Portugese
Shah of Persia
Sultan of the Ottoman Empire
Language(s) Japanese
Aligned sector Honourable Eastern Empire of Asia
Nationality Japanese
Gender Male
Religious beliefs Christian
Relatives N/A
Born 2073 (48)
Physical Description
Skin colour Asiatic
Hair colour black
Height 5'1"
Weight Light
Military Service
Service Branch Restored White Armies
Years of Service 2110 - 2121
Rank His Majesty
Awards Honorific Pride Medal of His Majesty

Arekusanda Aiko is the current leader of the Restored White Armies and is notable for both his romanticism overriding common sense and his delusions of grandeur. Unwittingly the man is nothing more than a pawn of Vamana Uldericks.


Arekusanda Aiko was born the bastard son of the deposed Japanese emperor's dynasty. Throughout his younger years a sense of entitlement caused him to be highly resentful against the government, and he resolved to strike against it in every way he could, dropping out of high school at the first opportunity just to hurt as many people as he could. Eventually, however, he was arrested.

Arrest and Imprisonment

In his arrest, Aiko was found guilty of with multiple rape charges, violence amounting to genocide against ethnic minorities, cannibalism and thievery. He was shifted to a high-security mental hospital until he was cured. Unfortunately for the world, however, that would not stand. Merely a month after internment Vamana Uldericks and a group of off-the-streets hired thugs personally broke him free, disguised as a wealthy businessman interested in keeping his assets away from the International Worker's Union and opening up better economic opportunities in Sector III. Unfortunately, the thugs were all killed during the raid.

Aiko believed him utterly. Vamana told him that the nationalists of Japan would accept him as their returned monarch and that he only had to speak to them and they would listen. He promised that the world would soon follow.



For victory!

–Aiko's personal battle-cry.


I find the man thoroughly disgusting. If I had anyone else available I would have chosen them, but I cannot. I long for the day he outlives his usefulness.

Vamana Uldericks in a rare moment of emotion.

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