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Antededence Double Trilogy
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Ghost_K Universe; K21 Squared




Necrus IV

Running time:

30th September 2012 - Present



The Antecedence Double Trilogy is a set of five stories that are chronologically entwined.


K21 - Twisted Deliverance

When Nao losses his parents in Sector III, the young Nao meets an unexpected ally. But what is this man hiding? Can he trust him? And if he can't, where is he taking him? And what challenges will they face along the way? This short story tells the tale of Nao four years before the present day.

K21 - Clouded Rectitude

Shortly after Laurence is rediscovered by Ghost K, the Guardian of Water teams up with Li-Pau Nao on a reconnaissance mission in Sector I after they receive intelligence that the "American War Relief Effort" has been siphoning off funds to the terrorist organisation known as the Restored White Armies. What starts as a reconnaissance mission to determine the validity of this information quickly spirals out of control as the truth comes to light. Goals are questioned, suspicions arise, and the opinions of others are changed.

K21 - Bitter Reality

With the introduction of the secondary protagonist, Andrew Sol's first few months in Paris are chronicled. An unfamiliar city provides new challenges and a new way of life for the disposed Japanese teenager.

K21 - Bleached Delusions

After the death of Damien Anderson, Li-Pau is torn between his duties as an officer and the wishes of his former mentor. Eventually he elects to go AWOL in search of the infamous Claude Lasi-Faité, journeying to the terrorist's last known location. At the same time, Miki Albraun is ordered to find the rogue Ghost_K Agent and return him to Block 441. Meanwhile, a dangerous idealist lies in wait to hamper the plans of the Ghost_K team, while the legacy of a villain may serve to alter the life of the Guardian of Air.

K21 - Blinkered Discord

A direct follow up from Bleached Delusions, Blinkered Discord details Andrew Sol's actions as he loses his already shaky grip on morality following his failure to catch Li-Pau.

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