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Anselm Kerner


Generalmajor(Major General)






German, English, Russian, Mandarin (Chinese)


UEC (German)




Last seen in Pankow

Skills and Traits:

Practices Systema


Skilled Fire Elemental



Generalmajor Anselm Kerner (Born 3150-3151) is a German Male from München


Anselm Kerner was born in München to Generalleutnant Fritz Kerner and Valerie Gwerder Kerner. In his childhood he was given nearly everything he wanted, due to both the Gwerder and the Kerner families being rich. At the age of 13 his father begun teaching him about Warfare and Combat, and from him he learnt the Russian Martial Art Systema. He was recruited into the German Military at the age of 16, and he has served to this date. One day he got an order to eliminate a Morvari structure of some sort. He thought of using grenades, but he would also need a rocket launcher and a very strong gun, or acually at least 3 of them. He called for 5 more troops, one with a grenade launcher, one with a Rocket Launcher and three with strong guns. Anselm also had a strong gun, and as soon as the guard had gone, Kerner and his team opened fire on the structure. The structure was almost eliminated, but the Morvari came as fast as they could to stop the humans from eliminating their structure. The Morvari were just barely too late. Anselm and his troops had destroyed the building, and were on their way to a secret German base in the area. There he was informed about his next mission, before he went to rest. In the morning he was again informed about his new mission, to refresh his memory. He was sent with a squad of Elites to take down a little Scout Force of Urcrons. He needed some Demo Grenades, together with EMP grenades. He knew that the Urcron's weakness was EMP weaponry, and that their weapons could easily be destroyed with Demo Grenades.


Anselm is a serious person, and not afraid to sacrafice his and his troops lives for Germany.


  • Anselm's theme song is Rammstein - Zerstören