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Annemarie Lucia Engel
Aliases Anna
Language(s) English, Spanish, German
Role(s) Guardian of Air
Aligned sector XI
Nationality Mexican (Germanic heritage)
Element SigilAir Air
Keidis rating Kappa minus by theta plus maxia (1030-900)
Gender Female
Religious beliefs Ashurism
Relatives Karsten Engel (Father)
Selova Lucia (Mother)
Mathieu Dalton (Husband)
"Winston" (son)
Born c.2082
Died 19th November 2116
Physical Description
Skin colour Olive
Hair colour Black
Height 5' 8"
Military Service
Service Branch Ghost_K
Years of Service 2097 - 2116
Battles/wars Holy Commonwealth Palace Massacre (2116)

Annemarie Lucia Engel (b.2082 - d.2116) was a Central American born Guardian of Air of Ghost_K. She was considered to be one of the most competent and compassionate members of the group.


Early Life

Annemarie was born Mexican Region of Central America to a German European Commonwealth trade delegate and his hispanic wife. She lived her entire life in the country under the yolk of Admint Toll's regime until she was discovered to possess extreme talents in the element of Air during a skirmish with a local resistance group. Having been identified as the inheritor at the age of 15, Ghost_K staged a high risk operation to extract her from the sector that had been ravaged by the Third World War.

K21 - Substantial Illusions

Annemarie attempted to alleviate the high tensions caused by the intrusion of Vamana Uldericks and Mitch Ochoa before being dismissed to escort the latter off of the premises with her husband.

K21 - Tarnished Perceptions

As an accomplice to the terrorist acts committed by Damien Anderson against the European Commonwealth's ruling elite, Annemarie was executed by an enemy agent.


Annemarie is described as being a handsome young woman with striking emerald eyes. Her obsidian hair was worn long, often times tied back for practicality.

Abilities and Attributes

Despite being the inheritor, Annemarie was never a particularly powerful Guardian. However, she was extremely skilled at the deployment of her power, capable of utilising it with extreme precision.



Annemarie was an idealist and believed in the Ghost_K team's mission as defenders of humanity. However, she increasingly became disillusioned with the way it was run after the Coup d'état in 2106.

Damien Anderson

The Guardian of Air never fully supported Damien, and questioned his morality regularly. She was initially appalled with his actions, as he took over Ghost_K by force, and briefly took a stance against him. However, she relented and acknowledged his rule after Kenneth, Mathieu and Zalmon swore allegiance to him.

Kenneth Lysander

Annemarie initially adored Ken, and thought that she loved him before it became apparent that he had a wife. From that point on she came to be very uneasy around him and the willful deceptions he maintained.

Zalmon Dejanović

The two maintained a neutral relationship as they never really got to know one and other.

Mathieu Dalton

Annemarie became very close to Mathieu as she came to fit in with the team and she won his affections in the aftermath of the Coup. It was rumoured that the pair wed in secret in 2110, and that they maintained a loving relationship until her death at the hands of Claude Lasi-Faité during the Palace Ambush. Her body was reportedly not recovered from the wreckage.

Olia Silveira

Didn't really get along.

Laurence Valentine

She acted very motherly towards the youngest addition to the team and constantly looked out for his well being.



I've seen the cruel hand of the tyrant at work before. Your benevolence is little more than a thinly veiled deception.

–Annemarie to Damien Anderson

It's hard to say which is more frightening: the mad man that seeks a gentler world or the good man intent on burning it.



She was the wilting flower amongst weeds. Her death is on our hands as much as it is the enemy's.

–Mathieu Dalton (c.2116)


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