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This article is about the appearance and uses of androids in the K21 universe. For a broader explanation, see Android

An android is a robotic life form designed specifically to perform and harbour human-like characteristics; including looks and form, ability to communicate, intelligence and emotions. There are several types of androids, classed depending on their human resemblance and ability to feel emotion, which are defined by a human percentage.


A Type

0-10% human. Always genderless. Ghost_K's A.A.E.X.A. sentry android is an A Type. They have no facial expression capabilities, usually having glass visors on their faces. Their voices are generally user-friendly and professional, and whilst sounding human, are emotionless.

B Type

11-40% human. Mostly genderless, though there are a few exceptions. The types usually used for policing, crowd control, and other tasks requiring complex human interaction.

C Type

41-65% human. To the inexperienced eye, the androids appear wholly human. It takes a few hours of solid interaction to notice their artificial nature. Usually built into types of gender. Many specialised types, a very broad spectrum of models exist for many different uses. An example of the breadth of their uses include "Gynoid" types, which fill the position of prostitution jobs.

D Type

66-98% Human. D type androids and extremely rare and expensive to manufacture, with only high business lords and royalty ever possibly having the budgets to order such a thing. They are wholly capable of independent thought (however certain mindsets, loves and loyalties can be engineered within them.) Often the models with higher humanity levels are reconstructed from an original human body.

Extremely Specialised Types

There are only a few "elite" D-types known. The following is an official statement on the known construction of such types.


D-type android with approximately 99% humanity.

Special order commissioned by Lord Harald of the Albraun aristocracy for the purposes of rebuilding their previously crippled daughter, Miki Albraun.

Volatility of synthetic tissue possibly due to faulty psychological synchronisation rate, possibly stemming from a definite complex about the fact she's no longer a true human or some other unknown cause. Instability 2.6% Lethal.


97% Humanity. Ordered by unknown applicant.

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