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Andrew Sol
Andrew Sol, as he appears to the current date.
Aliases Sol, Akira Taiyō (suspected real name)
Language(s) Japanese, French, Chinese (moderate), English
Role(s) Vigilante
Aligned sector France (born Japan)
Nationality French, Japanese
Element SigilPlasma Plasma
Keidis rating Zeta (682)/gamma(369)
Gender Male
Relatives Melissa Miyagi, Girlfriend (deceased), Kenji Taiyō, Brother (deceased)
Born (age 18)
Physical Description
Skin colour Pale asiatic
Hair colour Black
Height 5'10"
You might see good people, all I see is more people who I will have to kill.

–Andrew Sol

Andrew Sol (real name: Akira Taiyō) is a user of the element of plasma. After his girlfriend was murdered by arms dealers willing to keep the trade a secret, he has become a vigilante, hunting less wholesome elements of society with the tenacity of a psychopath. Recently however, his psychotic tenancies have extended to include all bar a few humans. While skilled with his blessed element, he chooses to use his knife against those he kills, unless he has no choice. Andrew Sol is the main protagonist of the story K21 - Bitter Reality.

Character History:

Andrew Sol was born and raised in Sector III Central Asia Zone by his parents Haru and Yuka Taiyō, in the island of Japan in the city of Koga. When he was 15 he moved in to his brother; Kenji Taiyō's, flat where he met Melissa. They entered into a relationship while his brother was away fighting the RWA as part of the PDC. However, around this time, both of his parents were publicly executed by the government for being suspected RWA collaborators through being unfortunate enough to be present near RWA soldiers during a conflict. Shortly after this, Kenji Taiyō was shot and killed by RWA forces while defending the street Sol and Melissa were staying in, causing Andrew so subsequently inherit his brothers flat.

Realizing they needed to escape from the violence of Japan before they too were killed, they attempted to escape Japan and the violent attacks of the RWA by he becoming involved in an illegal arms dealing trade in an attempt to earn the money to escape to France. After a botched arms trade which nearly resulted in the death of his girlfriend, Andrew and Melissa decided that they had earned the money they needed and tried to leave. Knowing that his involvement and departure would pose a threat of leaking information, they broke into their flat, raped and murdered Melissa and framed him for her death. After evading the PDC while still carrying Melissa's body, he buried her in an area of parkland, marking her grave with a large rock which he wrote a message upon to act as a gravestone.

During the dark months of grief and sorrow, he decided to take bloody vengeance upon everybody involved in her murder. Stalking them for weeks, he hunted down and murdered them one by one. After the 3rd murder, the other members began to learn of what was happening, resulting in his kidnap by the gang so they could torture him. Alone and depressed in a cell, with a steel chair and an iron door. He wished desperately to escape where he was and kill them all. During a violent crying fit, the metal chair began to bend and melt, collapsing inward. Learning that he could manipulate plasma, he vaporized the door and guard, incinerated the ropes around his wrists (severely burning his wrists in the process) and proceeded to leave the building, while torching everything he came into contact with.

After this he thought that this was his calling, to kill those who wronged. For a while he did this still within the confines of Japan, before hearing of the corrupt cesspool that was the Sector IV Euro Zone. Remembering their original plan to escape the violence inherent in Japan by moving into France, Andrew decided to go there alone for the almost exact opposite reason, to punish corruption with violence.

Within a few weeks of arriving, Andrew found it to be the fertile hunting ground he was told it was, and began to tag along with the hunts, violently murdering and vaporizing the criminals that infested the city. He became rich off these, working as a vigilante and being handsomely rewarded for his efforts. However eventually he found the hunts to be riddled with many worse monsters than the ones they sought out. The first time he realized this was with the hunt member Henri Vaurien, who manipulated the hunt members so he could get his hands on a powerful elemental conductor, however upon confronting other hunt members, he realized their apathy for the situation and subsiquently tried to keep himself apart from the hunts.

However, when the terrorist and Ghost_K member Li-Pau Nao entered Paris, he decided to bring in the rest of his old vigilante associates. After they were knocked unconscious by Li-Pau, Andrew tried to peruse the terrorist himself, eventually oversyncing in a desperate bid to kill him. After coming so close to killing his prey, he was stopped by an unknown accomplice, before teaming up with an female soldier of sector IV's military in a final attempt to try and end Li-Pau's life. During the fight Li-Pau managed to get away due to the efforts of his accomplice, causing the woman to stab him for "ruining her plan" and abandoning him to die.

After losing his most important quarry and being abandoned by his friends, Andrew's view was tainted, and he became slowly twisted until he realized that innocents didn't exist, only varying shades of evil. This has led to him decrying many members of the hunt as hypocrites. Eventually he tried to distance himself and refrain from getting involved in them. However, after a year of murdering wrongdoers, his view of right and wrong became so distorted that he was known to murder not only the perpetrators of crimes, but the victims of them. Andrew also became distrustful of groups. Thus, slowly but surely, he is slipping into the kind of monster he has fought so hard to rid the world of.


Andrew is a very emo looking person. Many people would often underestimate him as a man who would rather sit around and mope about his troubles than actively solve them with force. His build is very thin, and while that does leave him to be weaker than most, it does often give him an advantage of speed. He has long raven black hair, which he occasionally ties into a ponytail, however he always has a his long fringe, fall in front of his face to cover one eye. He has alabaster while skin, befitting his nocturnal tenancies. His eyes are dark grey.

He often wears dark clothing when moving about, typically opting for black trousers, grey t-shirts, a long, dark overcoat and a pair of combat boots.

Abilities and Attributes:

Plasma Elemental Power:

Developing his powers "on the fly" Andrew is shown to be a very skilled user of the element of plasma. With a Keidis Rating of Zeta (682)/gamma(369), the amount of control he has over this element is impressive. His power is mainly used offensively, with blasts and rays used to spear his foes.

Linguistic Ability:

As would be expected, Andrew speaks Japanese as his first Language. However he is also fluent in French, which he learned in anticipation for moving to Paris with Melissa. He also has a semi-decent grasp with the Chinese language and some basics in English, though he has not actively used either in a long time, and thus is very rusty with them.

Other Talents:

As stated, Andrew has a very thin and weak build, leaving him lightweight and very capable of athletic skills. The disadvantage is that his muscle mass hasn't developed properly, leaving him incapable of fighting his foes in hand to hand combat effectively.


An unhinged individual, Andrew Sol has displayed many sociopathic, psychopathic and paranoid tenancies towards humans. His constant moving has lead to sleep and food deprivation, further worsening his mental condition. He has nothing but contempt for people, simply viewing them (bar a few exceptions) as "future betrayers" that he will have to murder eventually.

Despite his hateful tenancies towards humans, he has shown to be capable of compassion for some victims of his acts and guilt towards his actions affecting innocents, shown when, after killing the Plant elemental Edward Molière, he feels guilt upon realizing that the man was innocent. This may hint that his hateful tenancies are simply used to mask his inner turmoil, which mainly consists of an overwhelming desire for redemption for what he feels are his mistakes.


Carbon Fibre combat knife:

A simple fighting knife Andrew has owned since his time spent in Japan, this lightweight blade was made from carbon fibre to let Andrew take it with him without setting off airport security metal detectors. The knife is 10" long from blade tip to the end of the handle. It has a curved edge with a hole near the edge to carry an oxygen bubble into its victims bloodstream. The wrapping on the handle is made from cured leather strips to improve grip. On the very end of the handle, Andrew has tied a little metal raven-skull charm to it, taken from his girlfriend Melissa's body to remember her.


As he sees everybody and someone out to get him, Andrew makes a point to work alone. However he has tagged with people in the past, if he is certain that they wont betray him or needs to get to a bigger criminal.

Friends and Allies:

Melissa Miyagi:

Andrew's girlfriend, Melissa was murdered in cold blood by arms dealers when her and Andrew tried to leave the operation, pushing him to murder all those involved and move to sector IV as a vigilante. Andrew doesn't like to bring up Melissa to anybody as her death still haunts him, but it is clear that their relationship was a loving one, as her death haunts him to the point his mind flashes back to it on multiple occasions.


Andrews parents; Haru and Yuka Taiyō, were both publicly executed by the government for being suspected RWA collaborators. It is not known how stable their family relationship was (due to Andrew moving out at the age of 15 to live with his brother) however their deaths was one of the things that prompted him and Melissa to contemplate moving away.

Kenji Taiyō:

It is known that Andrew and Kenji got on reletively well, he seemed to support his ideals about the PDC and moved in with him at the age of 15, eventually inheriting his brothers flat. Kenji's death defending their street from the RWA was the final straw that made Sol and Melissa decide to leave.

Florentine Faible:

As the first hunt member Andrew encountered, not to mention saving him from being murdered by drug dealers, Flow and Sol became good friends fast. Even after Andrew abandoned the hunt, they still chat every so often, though he has made it known that if Flow betrayed him, he'd kill him on the spot.

Jack White:

Due to a misunderstanding when he first arrived at their primary meetings place, The relationship between Jack and Andrew have always been bad. When compounded with the amount of times Andrew has screwed up (Killing Henri Vaurien, leaving the gangs' unconscious bodies in the marketplace to hunt Li-pau (a confrontation he lost, allowing lipau to escape) being his primary irritations), its easy to see why Jack feels frustration towards Andrew. Andrew saw him as virtuous at first, looking up to him, but after a while he became disillusioned with Jack and realized he was as corrupt as everyone else.

Matt Chant:

As far as Andrews concerned, Matt's an Ok guy. He's the only one of the group who tries to take a peaceful method, preferring to knock them out using sound blasts rather than outright murder them. Andrew did see this as cowardice at first, but began to respect him. Matt, on the other hand, really doesn't care about Sol, seeing him as simply another member.

William McNeil:

William never liked Andrew in the first place, mainly because he was new and therefore couldn't be trusted. Likewise, Sol hated William, seeing him as arrogant, smug and pompous. Of all the gang members, Andrew was the least saddened by Will's death at Li-Pau's hands.

Amy Young:

The new guy by all respects, Amy is ok with Andrew's involvement in the group. Andrew slightly fancies her, but knows its more trouble than its worth with Jack over protectiveness over her. Amy, however, is totally neutral towards Sol, not really caring too much one way or another, so long as he just pitches in.

Danielle Lloyd:

Andrew respects Danielle purely for trying to be a vigilante while in a wheelchair, however that's where it ends. Danielle is rule, irritable, angry and constantly lashes out at Sol simply for having the mantle of FNG.


Li-Pau Nao:

Early on in his vigilante career, Andrew Sol met Li-Pau, a high level Lightning elemental and communications officer at Ghost_K. Andrew, being a vigilante, found the capture or killing of Nao to not only be profitable, but gave Sol the chance to rid the world of more "vermin". Because of this, Andrew has strove to capture Li-Pau and kill him not just as a matter of profit, but as a matter of pride.



There is no sun out tomorrow, no light at the end of the Tunnel. We were born into a world that seeks to tear everything you have fought to grab, and we shall die in that world. But if I can kill even one of them, I have made the world a slightly better place.

–Andrew Sol to an unknown man.

I could kill you without lifting a finger, but that would be too painless...

–Andrew Sol to another vigilante who decided to try and fight him instead of running.

You may think of me as a amoral villain, but all humans are the sum of their life experiences. It is people like you who have made me into this, and that is why I must kill you.

–Andrew Sol to a criminal begging for his life.

You can either choose the easy way, in which we just bring you in quietly. Or go with the hard way, where we bring you to the police station piece by smoldering piece. Which will it be?

–Andrew Sol when he met Li-Pau Nao.

Don't worry, we'll get out of here...And when we do, we'll go to a park and watch the world go by, just like always...Cause I'm here, and Ill protect you, no matter what.

–Andrew Sol as Melissa lay dying.


Andrew Sol is a dangerous psychopath with a long history of violence. A criminal and wanted terrorist who is not to be approached without elemental suppressing agents. It is paramount that the status of Sol as an amoral murdering criminal is regularly reiterated.

–Official Euro Zone security brief.

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