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Amy Young
Aliases None known
Language(s) French
Role(s) Vigilante, Unlawful Prostitute (Formerly)
Aligned sector France
Nationality French.
Element SigilLightning Lightning
Keidis rating Eta(781) / Epsilon(501)
Gender Female
Relatives Markus Young - Father (deceased), "Ethan" - Boyfriend/Pimp (deceased).
Born (age 24)
Physical Description
Skin colour Caucasian
Hair colour Brown (Dyed Pink)
Height 5'5"
Weight Unknown

If your staring at my ass, Jack's gonna break your nose.

–Amy Young to a new member of the hunt, said member of the hunt didn't last long.

A member for a relatively short time, Amy Young is part of a vigilante group in France, hunting down many morally corrupt members of the society at the time. She is also a very capable lightning elemental and one of the characters in the story K21 - Bitter Reality.

Character History:

Amy Young grew up around the streets of Rue Lamartine. Her mother died at childbirth, while her father was alcoholic and violent towards her. Causing her downwards spiral towards her teen and adult life. By 16 she was an alcoholic and heavy drug taker, eventually forced out her house by her violent father, she rented a flat. To afford it she had to eventually resort to prostitution, until she was taken in by a pimp named Micheal. He often beat her even raped her several times, keeping him under her heel by use of hard to get drugs, making her addicted to them and unwilling to leave through dependence.

During a particularly rough beating, Amy's elemental power unlocked, frying Micheal and shorting out a large portion of the electronics in the house. Leaving in a hurry, she continued as a prostitute, until she was saved from a violent customer by Jack White, who murdered him and took her to his house to treat the bruises. Upon learning that she was an elemental, he asked her to join him as a vigilante, and she has remained ever since, seeing Jack as the father she always wanted.


Amy has long, bright pink hair, which is often tied into a ponytail. As the whole she is very thin, possibly stemming from her days as a prostitute, where she ate little to make herself more appealing. Her ayes are blue and she often wears a pair of square rimmed black glasses due to eyesight problems.

Despite leaving her old life behind, Amy still dresses the same as she did, often opting for an implausibly small pair of denim shorts, black tights and a red, long sleeved, tight top, often exposing her stomach and printed with the word “Isolation”. When acting as a vigilante, she also ties a blue scarf around her mouth to hide her face.

Abilities and Attributes:

Lightning Elemental Power:

Amy seems to enjoy using her power more offensively than anybody else, often opting to electrocute enemies instead of just shooting them. Due to this constant practice, her power has blossomed at Eta (781)/Epsilon(501), the amount of control she has over this element is worthy of note.

Other Talents:

Amy's thin frame does lend her a good talent for flexibility. However her best skill is her persuasion, which makes her invaluable at gathering information (and a potential answer as to why she dresses the way she does).


Amy is an easy going and flirtatious person, much to Jack's irritation. The only thing she seems capable of truly focusing on is her job as a vigilante. However she also has a cruel streak, due to her love of killing people using her lightning element.


Andrew Sol:

The new guy by all respects, Amy is ok with Andrew's involvement in the group. Not really caring too much one way or another, so long as he just pitches in. In contrast, Andrew slightly fancies her, but knows its more trouble than its worth with Jack over protectiveness over her.

Jack White:

After Jack rescued her from her old life, Amy took to the vigilante lifestyle with gusto. She looks up to Jack like the father she always wanted, and likewise he constantly looks out for her, once severely injuring another gang member who made a pass as her. Despite her closeness to Jack, he has explicitly stated that she has no interest in him sexually, presumably to his dismay.

Florentine Faible:

Barring the perpetual cycle of arguments with Danielle, Amy bears no grudge against Flow, knowing that he's just a kid trying to please everybody. Flow also hasn't done anything to massively irritate her yet. Likewise Flow doesn't seem to try as hard with Amy.

William McNeil:

Amy doesn't like William at all. He is often arrogant, spiteful and tries to get her in bed at almost every opportunity, though Jack doesn't know this yet. William often calls her a bitch for this, which she often retaliates by calling him a "wannabe ninja".

Matt Chant:

Amy likes Matt's choice of music, often sitting with him listening to rock in their spare time. Many have asked if there a couple, which Amy strongly denies every time, stating they are "just friends".

Danielle Lloyd:

Like a lot of the gang, Amy finds Danielle a chore to deal with, often to the point where she prefers to stay away from her altogether. Danielle seems to have no beef with Amy, rarely bickering with her, in contrast to several other members.



These little fucking pills were the reason I was forced to fuck people for so long! Even if you don't come with me, I will go in there and kill Everyone!

–Amy to Jack during a mission he was unsure of progressing on.

The atmosphere right now is electric, wouldn't you agree?

–Amy to a drug dealer she electrocuted to death.


Pretty face. Nice ass. Good tits. The day she gave up prostitution was a sad day for men indeed.

–William about Amy.

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