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Amala Pillai
Sound Only
Sound Only
Aliases ████
Language(s) English
Role(s) ████████
Aligned sector V
Nationality Indian
Element SigilMagnetism Magnetism
Keidis rating █████ plus by █████ minus (████-████)
Gender Female
Relatives Unknown
Born ██ █████ ████
Physical Description
Skin colour ████
Hair colour █████
Height █' █"
Military Service
Service Branch Ghost_K
Years of Service 21██ - 21██
Rank Ghost_K India (Tertiary Division), Captain
Expanding the triad of the body, mind and soul for the betterment of humanity.

–Tertiary Division Mantra

Amala Nitwa Pillai is a member of the Ghost_K Tertiary Division in India, charged with leading the detachment. Little is known about her involvement with the organisation and her current whereabouts, along with that of her entire division, are currently unknown. Even the current Chief Information Officer was only privy to the knowledge of the Third Division's existence but not to any of those involved.


The current Commander of Ghost_K is aware that she was recruited by Damien Anderson in 2101.


All images and descriptions of Amala Pillai have been removed from Ghost_K records.

Abilities and Attributes

Information on Amala Pillai's Ghost_K performance evaluation has been redacted at all security levels.


Information on Amala Pillai's Ghost_K psychological evaluation has been redacted at all security levels.



Is a known associate of the group as a section head of the blacklisted Tertiary Division.





  • Amala Pillai was created as a parody of Ouboa. Taken to the logical conclusion of course.

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