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Alison Katsura
Aliases Alisa Engalychev
Language(s) English, Russian
Role(s) Guardian of Fire
Aligned sector VII (Born II)
Nationality Crimean (East Ukraine)
Element SigilFire Fire
Keidis rating Theta plus by Theta minus (890-803)
Gender Female
Religious beliefs Orthodox Christian
Relatives Roksana Engalychev (Mother) [Status unknown]

Yakov Engalychev (Father) [Status unknown]
Laurence Valentine (On/off boyfriend)

Born 9/12/2097 (Age 24)
Signature AlisonSig
Physical Description
Skin colour Fair
Hair colour Brown
Height 5' 5" 2/3 (167cm)
Military Service
Service Branch Ghost_K
Years of Service 2117 - Present
Ghost_K Lieutenant
Ghost_K Personnel Trainer
Battles/wars Ghost_K Retaking of Elder Sanctuary

You're going to be okay. Because… you're not alone. We are just like you. We all are. And we'll all be here to protect you.

– Alison, to Jacinta Hansen, in Episode 1

Alison Catherine Katsura (/kat.SOO.rah/), born as Alisa Yakovovich Engalychev,  (Russian: Aлиса Яковович Энгалычев) is a moderately experienced member of Ghost_K and guardian of fire who has been given the responsibility to train new employees and ensure the safe retrieval of new selected guardians within the team. Currently, she has seen two and a half years of active service, making her the second newest member since the arrival of Jacinta Hansen. Alison's elemental skill has only been prominent in the past year, resulting in an excellent grasp of evasive weapons and non-elemental combat, perfect for hit-and-run attacks.


Alison's history is for the most part, a clouded mess of loose evidence. She rarely, if at all speaks about her birthplace and where she grew up, and it seems to be a great source of pain for her. The employees of Ghost_K have learnt not to bring it up.

From current evidence, it can be assumed she was born near the autonomous republic of Crimea within the Sector II Pan-Russian Zone and raised within an underemployed working class family. Suffering at the hands of long-term unemployment and the effects of Ukrainian-Russian civil conflict, her father emptied the last of the family savings to move to Turkmenistan in search of work within the nations biodiesel industry. Alison was forced to spend the next seven years in the care of her mother prior to the activation of her guardian gene at twenty years of age.

K21 - Detrimental Adversity

Because of Alison demonstrating "apathy" in the event of her guardian gene awakening, with some typical symptoms of such including the temporary paralysation of lower body mobility for weeks on end, Alison found herself expelled from her workplace. In the event of her elemental abilities manifesting itself, she was temporarily imprisoned, where she was placed before an operating theatre and simultaneously sterilised and elementally handicapped through artificial means. Scheduled for to be relocated to labour camp, her elemental capability once again flexed, breaking all artificial constraints and freeing her of witnesses in a tide of uncontrolled fire.

With her already powerfully growing sense of individuality, it is believed this led to Alison escaping from her home sector. She escaped into the Sector I middle eastern colony, eventually finding herself within the relatively refugee-friendly Sector VII. In an attempt to disassociate herself with her past, she changed her surname and began referring to herself as "Alison".

Within a matter of weeks she was located by Ghost_K.

K21 - Shattered Endeavours

K21 - Clouded Rectitude

K21 - Тов. Далтон ОЧИЩАЕТ землю от нечисти (working title)


At the most basic level, Alison is someone who relies greatly on feelings in favour of rationality. Rooted in an overlying desire for morality, humanitarianism and social acceptance, throughout the course of her existence she has developed a sanguine, unashamedly emotional personality. Driven by her heart before her head, it is often where she must devise personal systems and coping methods simply to survive daily life without her emotions getting the better of her.

However, her attitudes have somewhat devolved over time to result in her becoming heavily sculpted by her society's overarching oppressive tones, resulting in her becoming judgemental, superficial, overbearing, fiercely individualist, and at times even condescending in a manner akin to moral and social superiority.

Putting great worth into social presence, Alison constantly seeks to establish good ties with almost everyone she comes into contact with. Regarding first impressions as crucial, she can at times make a great deal of effort to appear as societally acceptable as possible. The cost of this attitude can in many regards have dangerous results to her desires. With her contemporary society favouring white males in social and economic circles, the most typical of which manifesting itself as demeaning sexual objectification in media for women, economic disadvantages such as lower wages and job opportunities, as well as the constant expectations to fill stereotypical social roles such as motherhood or second-class roles in romantic relationships, Alison is ever gradually influenced to become the very kind of victim of oppression that she seeks to dissolve.

Evidently, she is a victim of exploitation, having been out of work for several months and living off the surplus funds of Ghost_K much like all of her fellow team members simply on word of personal principle and an inability to stand the sterile nature of Upper African workplaces. However this is a minor issue in affecting her psychological makeup. Despite personally combatting and succeeding against some gender stereotypes, i.e. becoming greatly confident in her position as an individual, Alison is oblivious to the majority of the subtle issues women still suffer from the world over, regardless of the how anti-sexist it advertises itself to be. For instance, she embraces the ways in which women are presented in media, seeing gender identities and femininity as something entirely natural and non-constructed in its extremes. Being a fairly superficial person, Alison is one to be easily graced by these aesthetics of fashion and popular culture, and this can be a key explanation for how she dresses like she does: be it her having been graced by its perceived social acceptability, its socially affected aesthetic desirability, or even the result of desperation to get attention from them. But in some regards, this can achieve the opposite of what she desires, resulting more often than not in confusion and detachedness from society.

Influenced by media's portrayal of love and relationships, with roots traceable to the years before her adolescence, Alison seems to place romance to a near unobtainably high regard, to a point where it appears unbound by sexuality. She often attempts at drawing sympathy from others through methods of blackmailing and inducing guilt. She abuses alcohol when she's the most distressed, especially when certain people don't pay attention to her, with a particular emphasis on Laurence Valentine.

She has a tendency to be rather irrational, with an evident violent and vengeful streak within her. She will often make no hesitation in employing emotional blackmailing when things don't go her way, even down to basic everyday events.

Worst of all, she's hypocritical. She promotes being a happy person, yet rarely makes the effort to apply her own philosophies to herself.

Despite her irrationality, in a professional environment she has a capability to (for most of the time) push aside personal feelings and act surprisingly emotionally stable. It appears she knows how to control sadness in the event her immediate need to survive overrides the needs for comfort, and this avoids letting it consume her too easily. It seems that the worst of her pain is largely concealed, which leaves room for what others judge as simple, silly moodiness.


Whilst on duty, Alison has a tendency to wear rather basic, revealing clothes - usually as fashionable as she can get them - accompanied by twin elemental stabilisers, which are used in conjunction with her E-Accelerator. She likes to keep her hair short and with it's natural colour, tying it back with a black hair band.A criminal serial number was once tattooed on her lower left chest, however it has since been removed through surgery.

Abilities & Equipment

Linguistic Ability

Alison is fluent in English and Russian, with an average proficiency in Arabic and any fragments of Ukrainian that survived within her parents' memory. Whilst slow, her skill in languages is constantly developing over time, required both by the demand of career and basic functionality within the multi-lingual Upper African society.

Elemental Ability

E-Accelerator fE55.4

Alison's E-accelerator fE (Fire Element) is a conventional assist-type Elemental Magnificator which magnifies both the power and durability her element, a tool which has been essential for her slow-developing elemental ability.

The weapon resembles a black mechanical glove with a central magenta core in the centre of the outer hand, as well as twin elemental magnificator rings that envelop her wrist, spinning with the aid of anti-grav plates. Also, on her belt are two elemental pooling devices, which glow pink, which are an essential component to the device's functionality.

Alison has recently gathered the funds to repair this item. Her E-accelerator has changed to a porcelain white on some components, and glowing a bright, fiery orange.

Alacron F4.VT Series Motorcycle

A typical V-twin piston biopetrol powered model motorcycle manufactured by Alacron Motors. A discontinued make since the dissolution of the company, it is built primarily for speed and manoeuvrability, powered by a internal combustion engine with a inbuilt liquid cooling system and low surface friction air brakes. Matching her sword, the bike was ordered with a magenta and black paint job.




To think I miss my parents is a grossly understated generalisation. They were disgusting, bigoted people. I hated them with every waking moment, ever internal conflict that arose from every reactionary, elitist and xenophobic thing that spurt from their mouths. And yet all the while, I still cannot understand why the memory of them being gone makes me feel this way.

–Alison, c. 2120


I'm quite amazed that I managed to find someone even more unstable and abusive than my father.

Eric Lysander (c.2121)

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