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Alisa Engla
AlisaEngla ColourPortrait
Aliases Glass Alice
Language(s) English, Russian
Nationality American
Gender Female
Born c.2050
Physical Description
Skin colour Fair
Hair colour Red
Height 5' 5"

Don't take it personally when I tell you not to waste my time.


Alisa Engla (b.2050) is a side character and ally featured primarily in Cleaned Rats.

Introduced as a getaway driver in the employ of Kenneth Lysander's criminal outfit, Alisa later becomes involved with Damien Anderson's vigilante group.

Alisa is the alternate counterpart to Alison Katsura, one of the protagonists of K21 Squared.


Early Life

Gutter Rats


Alisa typically sports long red locks (tied back with a turquoise hairband), a leather jacket, short skirt and fishnet tights.



A hedonistic firebrand, Alisa lives every moment as if it were her last. If others can't keep up then they're just not worth her time.


Kenneth Lysander

Kenneth recruited Alisa as his driver after recognizing her talents behind the wheel.

Matt Dalton

Through Kenneth, Alisa became acquainted with Matt.

Claude Faité

Alisa has known the bent cop for as long as he's been handling Kenneth's laundry on the inside.




Main Characters
Alisa Engla · Claude Faité · Damien Anderson · Kenneth Lysander · Matt Dalton
Minor Characters
Arik Travers · Mitch Ochoa

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