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Alice Alexandria Valentina
Valentina in her normal police uniform.
Language(s) Spanish
Role(s) Police Officer
Aligned sector XI
Nationality Nicaraguan
Gender Female
Religious beliefs Hussite
Born Unknown (Age 34)
Physical Description
Skin colour Fair
Hair colour Blonde
Height 5' 2"
Military Service
Service Branch Central American Navy
Central American National Police
Rank Officer

There's good in this world, good in everyone. We just need to show them where it hides.


Alice Valentina is a cheerful optimist working in the Central American National Police.


Alice was born into a normal Nicaraguan upper-class family. Though her parents had high hopes of a doctor or lawyer after she was discovered to be a child prodigy, her coasting straight through primary school and most of secondary school ensured she never built up the proper study habits for the necessary grades. Not that it mattered to her, considering she was forever captivated by the romantic notion of seafaring life.

At the age of nineteen she signed up for officer training in the Central American Navy. She was found to be an exceptional leader, although being lost in thought frequently was a negative mark against her. Despite that, she had a moderately successful career in the Navy until she married.

After marriage, she wished to seek a job that would allow her more time around her spouse and less time far away at sea, not matter how much she enjoyed it. She joined the CANP out of a sense of duty and an urge to help the common person.


Alice is short with blond hair and green eyes set with flecks of hazel. The uniform worn by the National Police is of a conservative nature, but outside she wears whatever she feels comfortable in, generally loose-fitting brightly coloured clothes (generally a shade of blue). She continues to wear the six medals she earned in the Navy on her civilian clothes, though with the risk of losing them she doesn't wear them on the police uniform except on special occasions.




I thought the older and smarter you got the more cynical you got. Looks like I was wrong. The more you know about politics and economics the more cynical you get.

–Vamana Uldericks

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