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Alex Fleance Domingo








San Salvador

Past Occupation:

Central American Army, Central American National Police


Violence, investigation, spewing nonsense


El Salvadorian

Blood Type:



5' 7"

The future... It whispers to me, sneering and snivelling, writhing behind my skull... They don't know, they laugh at me, call me mad. But they don't understand. They can't understand.


Alex Domingo is an unemployed man claiming to have been gifted with the ability to see snippets of the future residing within the Central American Zone.


Never... Never again


Domingo used to be a joker, always coming up with a pun or able to tell a good joke. During his military career, he was considered integral to the morale of everyone around him, as while he kept cracking jokes everyone's morale remained high. Later, after he was forced to switch jobs to civilian law enforcement, he was described to obsess over his military days, focusing on it so greatly that many were convinced he still lived in that era.

Finally, after recovery from the 2120 Damascus Bombings he underwent a quite extreme change in personality. When alone, he would often stare off into the distance, sometimes shaking and other times squeezing his hands tightly, usually accompanied by muttering under his breath. When people attempt to speak to him, he lapses into ranting about "the future" and how it tells him things. Despite that, he is possessed of a burning, single-minded desire to tear down the IWU and RWA. He doesn't care who he hurts in the process, believing that all the suffering they inflicted so far and will inflict if they are left to their own devices is vast compared to anything he can do throughout the rest of his life.



I was a hero once. Now they've forgotten me. But I'll show them there's still fight in these bones.

–Domingo, prior to 2120

I was there... Damascus, 2120, I was there... I saw the shells burst, I saw the yellow-brown gas fall through the sky. I watched the gas blister my own skin, blister men, women and children alike. I stared until my eyes too stung and I went blind, blisters pressing my eyes shut. I remember falling to the ground and choking up pink, frothy blood mixed in with a foul yellow liquid. I remember the burning, the smell of horseradish before my nose finally fried.

I was there, and I'm there every night.

–Excerpts from Domingo's diary.

It vomits forth the truth. The future shows me so many things... what might happen... I need to learn how to understand! That is the key... the key to everything.


You only get one chance to die.



Again and again and again. His dogged determination makes no sense. Again he tries to take up arms against me. Again I crush him beneath my heel. What does he want? Money? Power? Fame? I could give him every one of those but he never listens.

–Arekusanda in a characteristic moment of not knowing the motivations of his enemy.

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