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Aeris Aéronautique Magna Bomber


Long Range Strategic Stealth Bomber


Aeris Aéronautiques

First Flight

4 June 2096




Active service

Primary users

Imperial European Air Force

Number built


The Aeris Magna is a jet powered delta wing strategic intercontinental stealth bomber designed and produced by Aeris Aéronautiques for use in high altitude atmospheric operations that smaller aircraft cannot be relied upon to undertake. They have been designed to be able to be capable of long distance on hydrogen fuel cells.



Victory Bomber Program

Advanced Prototype Deployment


Aeris Aéronautique Lares

A proposed successor to the Aeris Magna that has seen a single prototype model completed.



The Aeris Magna makes use of advanced hydrogen fuel cell technology so that it can maintain a longer range than bio-kerosene dependent aircraft while ending its dependency on expensive foreign imports of the fuel. While capable of deploying a nuclear payload, if a warhead of more than 10 megatons is used, then it is not reckoned that the Aeris Magna would be able to escape the blast.


An Aeris Magna is capable of being armed with a variety of conventional and nuclear weapons. It is known to be regularly armed with eight air launched ballistic missiles, each capable of housing a nuclear payload between 500 kilotons and 10 megatons. However, it is more typically armed with strategic conventional weapons that include air-to-ground guided bombs.


All avionics are EMP hardened so that they can keep the aircraft in the air in the event of a nuclear weapon being deployed by the Aeris Magna or if an enemy nation utilises nuclear devices in the vicinity of the aircraft.

Flight controls

Fuel System

The Aeris Magna is reliant upon advanced hydrogen fuel cells for powering it's jet engines. With this fuel system in place, it appears that it has an operational range of 15000 km.


The Aeris Magna is textured with alternate high-frequency material (AHFM) to enhance its radar-absorbent properties.

Operational History


Imperial European Air Force

The IEAF have been using these for bombing missions for close on two decades. While calls have been made for the development of a new bomber to replace the current fleet, they have been deemed reliable enough not be considered for decommissioning in the near future.

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