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AAC 52 Drongo


Multirole Combat Fighter


Sector XII Oceanic Zone

First Flight

14 January 2102




Active service

Primary users

Australian Air Force
Australian Navy

Number built


The AAC 52 is a twin-engined variable-sweep variable-incidence wing fighter aircraft manufactured by the Australian Aircraft Consortium. They were designed to fight in the Australian Unification Wars where they met success. They were designed to be the most effective and capable aircraft prioritising competency over cost. The AAC 52's variable-sweep variable-incidence wings allow it to be safely and efficiently stored on aircraft carriers, reducing transport costs and allowing said aircraft carriers to store 15% more aircraft than other ships of their size. The AAC 52 also notably broke airspeed records during a test flight, being clocked at 4,182 km/h at its peak. Furthermore, the AAC 52 is capable of outmanoeuvering all of its contemporary aircraft. The use of vacuum tubes also resulted in an aircraft highly resistant to electromagnetic pulses such as from nuclear weaponry. Internal components also dampened the g-forces acting on the pilot, allowing the aircraft to make full use of its superior design and especially the manoeuvrability. The exterior is also capable of surviving and landing after short-term exposure to LASERs, missiles and cannon fire, and can make emergency landings after 48% of the aircraft is compromised.

Despite this it has no stealth capability and is incapable of engaging aircraft with proper stealth which is seen as a crippling weakness by some detractors.

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