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Ömer İşnan
Sketch of Ömer, c.2120 (artist unknown)
Aliases Numerous
Language(s) English, Turkish
Role(s) Ghost_K Secondary Division Commander
Aligned sector IV
Nationality Turkish
Element SigilGravity Gravity
Keidis rating Zeta minus by Delta plus (605-565)
Gender Male
Religious beliefs Islam
Born Born 9/1/2074 (Age 48)
Signature OmarSig
Physical Description
Skin colour olive
Hair colour black
Height 5' 8"
Military Service
Service Branch Ghost_K Second Division
Years of Service 2111 - 2121
Commands Ghost_K Greenland Forces
Isolation ensures security.


Ömer İşnan (/uh.mer/ /eesh.narn/; sometimes misspelled as Omar) is a member of the Ghost_K second division in Greenland, charged with leading the detachment. 

His other known associates include Daymon Hiruman, a bizarrely gifted but talented elemental, and a female plasma elemental named Elise Thurston.


Ömer İşnan does not like talking about his past for various reasons. It is known that he wound up in Greenland in 2111 for undisclosed reasons. Some believe that he is wanted for war crimes in another sector due to his background in nuclear weapons research. Others believe he is former European Military due to his more militaristic approach to running his division of Ghost_K. All that can be certain is that he always refutes any allegations made about his past and his unwillingness to allow the organisation he now works for to falter.


Ömer is of olive-skinned Turkish complexion with shortly-cut, grey-lined black hair and grey eyes. Records of individuals claiming to be Ömer operating outside of Greenland after 2116 seem to have him sporting white hair and red eyes.

Abilities and Attributes

İşnan is extremely resourceful with an innate knowledge of nuclear physics and a keen interest to develop its practical application. Widely heralded as the father of the Fast Breeder Reactor for the part he played in commercializing the device, Ömer fell onto the radar of several intelligence agencies that aimed to bring him down and he eventually resolved to fake his own death in order to resume a normal life. After being picked up by Ghost_K, Ömer was employed to install a fifth generation fast breeder reactor under Secondary Division as a means of generating power that would also provide the organisation with a ready supply of weapons grade plutonium.


Isn't much of a people person. Enjoys being isolated in cold wastelands that bear no resemblance to his temperate, hearty homeland.


Alex Domingo

Ömer and Alex go back a long time to when they were both involved with ███████ ████ ███████ ██ then ████ ████ ███████ ██ ███████, started bleating loudly, ██████████████ ███ ████ containment procedures failed as ███ ██████ ███, attempted to reproduce ███████ ████ █ with ██████ ███ rectal-cranial inversion ████ ████ ██████████, leaving eight cities █████ ███████ before it was finally sent back to where it came. No further attempts were tried. The pair have been firm friends since.

Elise Thurston

The leader of Secondary Division is extremely protective of his adoptive daughter and will go to extreme lengths to ensure that she is fully prepared for the harsh reality of service life. He has invested a lot of time into her training and conditioning to ensure that she is completely loyal to him. Ömer ensures that a thorough check up is preformed on her every three weeks.

Daymon Hiruman

Daymon is regarded as a necessary nuisance by Ömer, who tolerates him and aims to improve his lot in the world. Ömer also maintains a keen interest in developing Daymon's military application further in order to realise his dream of creating a living weapon.



A paranoid mind is a healthy mind.

–Ömer in a good mood.

You don't have to hurt someone to efficiently torture them.

–A grain of wisdom from Ömer.

Trust me I am a qualified medic.

–Ömer, after pointing to his basic first aid certificate.

If you hate me, I'm doing my job properly.

–Ömer, to his subordinates

It would seem that they are the kind of people that would ruin my faith in humanity. However, if that was the case, it would imply I had any faith in our worthless species to begin with.

–Ömer, on Calypso Industries Board of Directors.


Increasingly seems like a catastrophically dangerous person to know. I mean, seeing as he's a man capable of designing nuclear reactors who also happens to be exceedingly careless...

Miki Albraun

Ömer is something of a political, moral and social extremist

Mathieu Dalton

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